101 Facts About The Last of Us Part 2

In this edition of 101 facts about ‘The Last of Us Part 2’, we learn that the last of us part two isn’t a particularly weirdly named animal. We also find out that the game was inspired by the director’s real life and how members of the band ‘Aha’ and guns and roses helped out with the game.

  • A video game that hit the scene in 2020 developed by naughty dog for the fourth playstation the playstation 4. number two given that it’s called part 2 you’re correct in thinking that it is a sequel to another game called the last of us in fact it is set five years after it even though the game was released seven years later number three okay.
  • The story for the last of us part two started to develop into fruition as early as when the first of us was actually being made these were vague concepts but nothing more concrete those naughty dogs started making part two in 2014. The team thought this was good for fan service but lacked the same heart as the first game number eight.
  • Naughty Dog’s ‘The Last of Us’ director neil mann has revealed that the game’s concept art was cut from number nine. “It was unclear why this was cut number nine according to concept art at one point ellie would have had a little dog companion to aid in a quest however this was removed,” he added.
  • Two people named Anthony Newman and kurt marconell were selected as co-directors on part two of ‘Lost Legacy’. They both worked on previous naughty dog projects on melee combat and directing respectively. drukman wrote the story which we’ll get to don’t worry it’s an internet favorite with hallie gross the goal of the writers according to growth herself was to explore the different signs of ellie.
  • Talking about the video game ‘naughty dog’, which is based on the book of the same name, the game’s developer, Naughty Dog, said, “We’d watch documentaries that involve vengeance as a theme among these was the paradise lost documentary series which followed the aftermath of child murders in west memphis number 20 drunkman.”
  • ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ director Treyarch has revealed that he was crying in public when the game’s story topic number 21 was discussed. “I was crying…I was like, ‘I’m so sorry’,” Treyarch said. He added that he found it interesting that the parents of the victims expressed their desire to kill or even skin alive the teenagers accused.
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment’s ‘Naughty Dog 2’ has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a report by kotaku said. It added that the developers were working 12 hour days for months as well as working overtime in order to meet the unrealistic deadlines set for them. The report further said that the team also had a very high employee turnover rate.
  • Naughty Dog is looking for a developer to help design and tune the game economy and progression, according to a job advertisement. This comes after the company’s Co-founder said that he would seek external assistance on larger projects in the future. “I feel I failed to find a good balance for employees,” he added.
  • The last of us part two cost over 100 million dollars to make though an actual figure hasn’t been confirmed. The game is banned in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates because of the sexual content in the game. The voice actress for the game’s new character is Shannon Woodward, who’s an actress that appears in ‘Westworld’.
  • A YouTuber named dina has claimed that she’s the number 35 youtuber on YouTube. dina wore a hamsa bracelet, which is good luck charms worn throughout the middle east at the house ellie and her have towards the end of the game spoiler alert. The name dina means judged and vindicated now if I really thought hard enough I could try and figure out a way that’s relevant to the story in its themes.
  • ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ makers have said that the game was meant to be a “shocking event” to galvanize the plot and make ‘Ellie’ and ‘Abby’ mirrors of each other. “Abby killed Ellie’s father figure because he killed her actual father number 41,” they added. “This is also somewhat inspired by something that actually happened in my real life,” they further said.
  • A video of a man getting stitches in his head after playing as abby for most of the second half of the game has surfaced online. The man was standing behind Joel, who was being attacked by abby. The video shows Joel’s head being treated like a pinata in an interview.
  • A video game designer has said that the way ‘Abby’ dies was meant to look pathetic and sad by design despite the fact that abby has made herself physically imposing in order to fight him. “The idea was to show joel dying in an unsatisfying way which didn’t accomplish anything for abby number 46,” he added.
  • Video game ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ has been criticised for its early scenes, which showed the game’s protagonist ‘Abby’ breathing shorter and labored another classic sign of panic number 48. The game had almost 30 000 user reviews with an average of just three, with most of the people reviewing this hadn’t actually played the game at all number 49.
  • The game ‘Naughty Dog’ has received a 93 on Metacritic. The game received a claim for its looks and content with a whopping 93 on metacritic and that’s despite the review bombing the user score is a now more respectable five by the way number fifty three till out two is the longest game that naughty dog has ever made.
  • ‘Savage Starlight 2’ has released its first set of collectibles. The collectibles include trading cards of characters from the same comics as the ones you collect in the first game. There’s also a new type of infected mushrooms introduced in the game that’s called shamblers tough old fellas. The game is set in a world that has been taken over by zombies that were infected by mushrooms.
  • The rat king in the upcoming video game ‘Rat King’ was inspired by the horrific eldritch creatures from the movies, the game’s co-directors said. “The rat king is a fusion of stalkers clickers and a blow turn like some kind of fungal transformer number 61,” they added. “It’s what people in olden times used to call a bunch of rats,” they further said.
  • ‘Rat King’, the upcoming video game based on the video game of the same name, was inspired by ‘Bloodborne’ and ‘God of War’, according to a report. The report added that the directors didn’t like that they wanted to build to him through horrifying sound and context clues like how in annihilation you hear the monster before you see it number 63 in terms of the actual fighting bits.
  • A video of a rat saying “screw this rat king” in ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ has surfaced online. The video was cut for time number 66 speaking of rats rabbits. It’s a reference to the meme of m reacting to ellie killing the rabbit in the first game.
  • The game ‘Jack and daxter: Last of Us’ has been revealed to be a precursor to the game ‘Uncharted 3’. The game’s precursor orb is a reference to another game called ‘Jack x combat racing arcade machine’. It was actually the title at one point for the idea that truckman had which eventually evolved into the last of us.
  • The number 74 is a reference to the number 74 in the movie ‘Dawn of the wolf’. The number 73 is also the number 73 in the game ‘Dong of the Wolf’. Giraffes are a big motif from the last of us as they appear in a classic scene in the first game this is mirrored in the mural in the aquarium.
  • A poster for the pearl jam album that the song comes from called ” lightning bolt” has surfaced online. The poster shows a poster for pearl jam’s album titled “future days by pearl jam”, which is actually a real song named future days by Pearl Jam. It’s actually by Joel number 81 in fact in Joel’s music shop.
  • Pearl Jam’s Joel played a song that hadn’t even been released yet in the video game ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’. The song was played before the second game in a live sort of play called one night live which had the actors on stage as the characters this wasn’t actually broadcast anywhere but journalists who were there reported it was played number 84.
  • The second trailer for the upcoming video game ‘Dead Island 2’ has surfaced online. The trailer shows the game’s protagonist ellie as she tries to track down her former lover nora. The game is scheduled to be released on November 27 in India and on November 29 in the US.
  • A new video has surfaced online, showing a group of seraphites communicating with each other in whistles. The video, which was posted by a user on YouTube, shows them communicating through 26 different whistles with different meanings. The whistles have at least two variations each so see if you can decode and understand them all like some kind of psycholinguistic pokemon trainer number 91.
  • A safe at a gate in downtown has to code 0-4-5-1 this code is basically an easter egg across loads of different games as being a special code so chances are if you need to put a code in somewhere for a game these are the numbers you’ll probably need number 94 also in. If you venture inside a bank and find some ill-fortuned thieves you can find a safe deposit box.
  • ‘Hbo depressathon’ has set a new record for the amount of BAFTA game awards it was nominated for with 13 nominations. The game has also been nominated for 13 awards in the Best Game category. It’s also the first game to be nominated in 13 categories at the BAFTA Awards.
  • ‘Game of Thrones’ has released a new trailer for the second season of the game. The trailer, which is set to mainly cover the events of the first game, has been shared by the show’s official Twitter account. The second season will be based on the events from the first season.
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