101 Facts About Hades

In this week’s edition of one-on-one facts, we’re taking a ride down the river to a house specifically the house of hades in well hades the indie video game darling that took the water world by storm. We’ve got 101 facts about hades number one now we know you’re thinking what is hades and is sam gonna make a hades nuts joke well I just did then but hades it’s a pc switch playstation and Xbox.

  • Supergiant Games has released a new video game called ‘Zzagreus’. The game is about a man named zagReus who wants to escape the underworld but his papa doesn’t like that idea and makes it jolly difficult for him to leave number six. The video game has been released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
  • zacharias discovers who he believed to be his mother actually is not his mother at least not biologically anyway his biological mother is persephone he previously escaped the underworld seeking olympus and theolympian gods number seven no one knows if she ever made it but nyx points out that if she didn’t make it she hasn’t died because she would have returned to the underworld.
  • The audio director for the video game ‘Zangrious’, darren corb, has revealed that the game’s voice actor, corp, also voices skelly in some areas. “In some areas he’s literally talking to himself number 14 zangrious was designed to be,” darren said. “He’s a busy busy guy number 13 small side note here as well,” corp added.
  • A bisexual character named zachary, who can romance both men and women, has heterochromia, which means his eyes are different colour from one another each for one parent number 16. The idea of him being a stillborn child revived by nix came from number 17. However, other details of zagreus in greek mythology are very sparse in the game.
  • Supergiants, the developers of the upcoming video game ‘Supergiants 21’, have revealed that the game’s protagonist, zach, is inspired by the god of hunting, artemis, who appears in the game too. Artemis tells zach that his name means great hunter number 19. zang says to euradis that he’s surprised that she’s heard of him at all thesis called ‘zag a nameless long forgotten minor god’.
  • The gods of greek mythology were essentially a dysfunctional family this allows us humans to see ourselves within them number 22. The game was launched in 2018 as an early access title but was then released officially out of early access in September of 2020. The supergiant fans who played during early access actually helped shape the game into its final form.
  • Supergiant Games has revealed that it played the same version of its new video game for 90 minutes before everybody congregated in a meeting to discuss their feedback. This meant they got a variety of different play styles for instance playing with the mouse and keyboard instead of a controller number 26 this also meant they could further polish the game.
  • A video of a person who reached the end of the demo without dying in Fortnite has gone viral on social media. The video shows the person reaching the end without dying once in the game where dying is kind of the point that was a huge deal number 30.
  • The latest update for ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ has fixed a bug that caused the shield to bounce off enemies and walls before coming back to you. The bug was fixed by upping the speed of the shield’s return. The shield would hurt you upon its return because it was going so fast which would make sense physically.
  • Supergiant Games has released a new update for the video game ‘Supergiant X’, which has fixed a bug that caused the game’s main character, zagreus, to float while using the adamant rail. The bug was fixed in the latest version of the game, which was released earlier this year.
  • Nintendo has announced that it will be releasing a new version of the video game ‘Super Mario Bros.’ for the Nintendo Switch. The new version will be called ‘Super Nintendo Switch’ and will feature 43 playable characters. The game will be available on the Switch on September 18.
  • When you kill meg’s sisters they turn into bats and disappear and aren’t absorbed by the sticks number 47 you’d also fully romance meg if you give her enough nectar and ambrosia neither of them euphemisms if you video romance thanatos more on him later. You can be in a polyamorous relationship with both of them later.
  • Nintendo has released a new trailer for its video game ‘Super Smash Bros.’. The trailer shows the game’s protagonist magara punishing oath breakers and those guilty of infidelity or betrayal. magara’s name comes from the greek word mega ro which means super grudge or to envy in the game she punishes oath breakers. Those guilty of betrayal number 51 alecto is banned from the house of hades.
  • When fighting asterious and theseus there’s one shade fella in the crowd who appears to be your biggest fan with a little zacharias banner that’s hidden underneath all the others that is so pure number 59 you can actually count how many rooms you have. In greek mythology thesis is famous for not only founding but also slaying a minotaur number 58.
  • During the fight against the bone hunter and asphadel, Zagga spitted against asterious enthusiasts number sixty and finally there’s actual daddy hades himself. He has a weapon which is a bident in other words a trident. With two prongs instead of three this weapon is used symbolically throughout the underworld even in the design of hades beard number 61.
  • The bosses keep track of how many times you beat them and the conditions of it as revealed in occasional dialogue for example meg will say that some of the wins against her don’t count because of the advantages from the mirror. One number 65 thing is escaping the underworld is of course bloody hard literally bloody but luckily you have help help in the form of the olympian gods.
  • The god of thunder is the king of the olympians and greek god of lightning, while the god of the seas is the brother of zeus king. Zeus king gives you lightning boons which genuinely never fails to annoy me thunder and lightning are completely different if Zeus and thor which I know is in greek but anyway are all electric and stuff they should be the God of lightning not thunder anyway presented as a misogynistic bigot in hades.
  • The goddess of warfare athena was born when Zeus got a headache and her face just split his head open with an axe at which point she was fully grown and born. She’s best known for assisting in the creation of the trojan horse that greek warriors sneaked into troy in a giant wooden horse disguised as a gift.
  • There’s artemis the child of zeus twin sister of apollo goddess of the hunt who gives you little homing arrows thanks arty number 76. ares is the god of war not warfare like her sister in greek mythology he’s all about sadism this lad in fact athena says in hades that she finds him quite disturbing.
  • Greek mythology’s dionysus has a leopard prince draped over his shoulder in hades which is a nice nod to greek mythology. He’s also holding a stick with a pinecone on the top now this isn’t something he just made at an arts and crafts workshop at centre parks in greek mythology this is called a thesis and is a symbol of fertility.
  • In the video game ‘Zang’, zacharias’ mother persephone is simultaneously zang’s mother aunt and grandmother. This is changed in the game though because otherwise perse phone is simultaneously zacharia’s aunt and grandma. It just feels very confusing and nobody knows if that was the case or not this is referenced in game by the fact dionysus asks zack to trick orpheus the bard into believing they’re the same person.
  • A character named charon in the video game ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’ has a coin in his mouth when he dies. The coin was put in the mouth of the deceased when they were buried so they would pay charon to ferry them to the underworld. This toll payment is referenced in the skulls on a death screen too.
  • A minor god in the world of greek mythology specifically of sleep must be a dull dull guy number 89 he does have poppies on his belt though if you look carefully now this is a reference to the waterhouse painting sleep and his half-brother death. It’s also said that the entrance to hypnosis underworld cave was lined with poppies number 19 no thanatos.
  • Big Scythe in greek myth though thanos never had a big sight dun dun dun it’s likely a nice reference to the grim reaper number 93 as we mentioned earlier chaos is also in the game too. chaos isn’t necessarily a god chaos is just the embodiment of everything before the universe was made which is why they look pretty weird and confusing too number 94.
  • The fastest speed run on a fresh file for the game on normal mode currently stands at 19 minutes and 49 seconds set by American player vareem on pc. He also holds the fastest fresh file game on hell mode 2 at 23 minutes and 7 seconds number 938. number 99 when the game was eventually launched on steam in early access.
  • A dog named Higgins has three heads and is voiced by four different dogs named solo higgins regis and martipan get those dogs treats start. Higgins is a good boy who admittedly quite badly guards the gates. He has a good old try afterwards.
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