18 AMAZING Nintendo Switch secrets!

Nintendo’s Switch can also turn on your TV that’s right if your console is on and you plug it into the dock. In case the TV is on, the switch will switch to the port and in case it’s on, it’ll turn on the TV. The switch is using a standard called cec which is also used by other devices.

  • Nintendo has added a new feature to the Switch that will help users find the joy-con that they have lost. The feature will allow users to activate the vibration of a joy-cons that they’ve lost in this way as long as they’re within a certain range of distance. It also allows users to make a lot of random silly sounds.
  • Nintendo has revealed that the joy-con switch supports up to eight controllers at the same time. It also supports the pro controller and even gamecube controllers if you use an adapter that is sold separately. The switch also has a camera inside of it that uses an infrared sensor to detect movement.
  • A video has surfaced online showing a controller that can be used to play the game ‘Pokken’ on the Nintendo Switch. The controller has a ring-like fit and is designed to be used for exercise while playing the game. The user interface on the controller can be really bright leaving the user almost blind.
  • US-based startup Labo has developed a cardboard-based gaming console called ‘The Switch’ that lets children build their own toys and use them with their console. The console has a mobile app that gives users visibility into what content their kids are playing. It also has a vr goggles for the switch which are also made of cardboard.
  • The Nintendo Switch has an internet browser that you can use to go to any page you want. The browser has certain limitations such as which content can you play on the web but if you need to, it can be used to access any page.
  • Nintendo’s Switch has been updated to allow users to use wireless bluetooth headphones on the console. Users will be able to connect their wireless headphones to the console through a Bluetooth adapter. The adapter can be used to connect to a third-party bluetooth adapter that connected to the Switch.
  • Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One Switch will be able to use bluetooth to play games. The switch will be available in November and will be powered by Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system. The Switch will also support cloud-based games, which can be played on a server and streamed back to the user.
  • Nintendo has announced that its Switch console will support cross-play with other consoles and devices, including iOS and Android devices. It added that the Switch’s online system doesn’t allow users to talk to their friends, however, it won’t even let them text them. It also said that it’s working on a feature that would let users text their friends.
  • Microsoft has released an update for Xbox One that allows users to send and receive invitations to play with their friends just like they do with Xbox or playstation. The update is not supported by all games but more and more games implement it and make the console much more practical to play online with friends number 16.
  • The Nintendo Switch’s switch had a hidden game included in it which was developed entirely by the legend satoru iwata who passed away from cancer in 2015. The game is called ‘nes golf’ and it requires very specific conditions to play it. The first condition is that it can only be activated on July 11th and the second is that to run the game you have to make the traditional signal.
  • Nintendo has released a statement on the death of its co-founder Satoru Iwata. “We’ve lost one of the greatest gamers of all time. He’ll be remembered for his contributions to our favorite pastime,” the statement read. “Iwata created the Nintendo Switch during his final months on earth but unfortunately couldn’t be with us to see its tremendous success on behalf of all the Nintendo fans,” it added.
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