101 Facts About Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is a video game series of platformers originally developed by naughty dog the company not. It is not a horrifying daytime TV item on marsupial abuse but it’s an icon of gaming. It’s a box smashing marsupial with a huge face and a surprisingly tiny waist comparatively crash bandicoot the wumba fruit munching gem nicking hero.

  • ‘Naughty Dog’ was founded in 1984 by childhood friends gavin rubin and jason rubin. gavin wanted to make a game like the 16-bit era of games like donkey kong country mario and sonic but make it 3d as a player a lot of the time you’re seeing him from behind so the game was jokingly codenamed sonic’s arse game.
  • Crash Bandicoot was released in 1996 and was the first game in the series. It was followed by cortex strikes back in 97 and warped in 98. Crash team racing came out in 1999 and was a clone of the lame mario kart just joking but way better with the naughty’s attitude it was also the last naughty dog crash game number eight.
  • crystals as he goes even fighting the occasional boss yes just like bandicoots do in the real world should really do a documentary on them number nine these are jolly varied though as in several levels crash needs to ride things including jet skis motorbikes and other animals not like that number ten now that fabled crystal which has become my main collectible in most of the crash games.
  • Clancy brown, the voice of’cortex’ in’smash riverdale’, has revealed that he stopped voicing the character because parents were writing in saying he was too mean almost like he’s a villain of some kind. He added that he was taken over by lex lang who explained at a comic-con in 2013 that he needed to change the performance of cortex.
  • The soundtrack for the video game ‘Naughty Dog’ was composed by the company’mutato musica’ run by mark motherboard of devo fame. The company also scored many movies and projects since then including yes paul ragnarok small wild day number 18. naughty dog’s relationship with martha’s bar and mutated musica would remain pleasant with them not only continuing to work together for the rest of their crash games.
  • Sony has revealed that it considered a wombat or a potter roo as a temporary name for the siren character in the first ‘Resident Evil’ game. The team considered wombat as a type of animal before choosing a bandicoot gavin and reuben even went with willie the wombat. The siren character was created by gavin, rubin and other members of the team while eating some food.
  • Sony has revealed that it allowed naughty dog to buy a development unit from them for 35 000 after which a budget was set for them of 1.7 million dollars number 26 universal interactive. naughty dog had a little bit of a fight when it came to the game, according to jason rubin universal.
  • Sony’s then-CEO ken kutaragi was not a fan of the original crash bandicoot game even going so far as to have a full-on round with a naughty dog representative over the game’s core design, according to reports. Kutaragi reportedly despised the character and the original Crash Bandicoot was the first game he wanted to make.
  • Naughty Dog’s latest game ‘Naughty Dog Crash’ has added a new feature that allows players to see the character’s expressions no matter what they’re playing on TV. The new feature, which was added to the game’s camera, allows the player to see crash’s face and lack of neck.
  • ‘Naughty Dog’ has revealed that the orange colour for their main character crash is because naughty dog wanted to find a color that would make them pop out from the already vibrant environments. They went with orange and avoided using lava initially so that crash wouldn’t blend in number 35 ever wonder what happened to crash’s girlfriend torna who’s frankly bizarrely in comparison to crash.
  • The wumper fruit may look 3d but they’re actually not 3d objects in the game at all. They’re little animated 2d sprites that always face the camera when they spin making them look 3D number 39 speaking of animated by the way there were very very early discussions about turning crash into an animated show in fact some animations were even created to examine the possibility before it was decided that 3d animation was to be focused on instead.
  • According to an xng employee, the meaning of life of the lovable floating mask aku is named after a restaurant back in their home state of Boston. The restaurant reportedly served fairly terrible food to quote him. The employee added that the restaurant should have called his evil twin that instead number 44 crash doesn’t exactly have a huge vocabulary.
  • bandicoot number 47 if you 100 complete the first game the player will get an alternate ending this though shows what happens to all the bad guys after you defeat them for instance dr n brio a bartender again. papu pathu started a shop surprisingly wholesome number 48 and then in 1997 along came crash bandicoots 2 cortex strikes back with a new game came a new engine room.
  • The game ‘Crasher’ was inspired by jason rubin’s own migraines which compared to a missile that must’ve been horrible number 52, according to the game’s artist. rubin had a missile in his head which must have been inspired by his own migraines. The game replaced its predecessor as the highest selling western title in at the time too.
  • The game ‘Crash Bandicoot 3’ was released in 1998 and it’s the third game in the series. It’s based on a video game of the same name. The game’s first game had an animation for its first game but didn’t get an actual manga for its sequel. The second game had a super sexy character next to crash.
  • The team behind ‘Spyro the Dragon’ said they only had 10 months to make the game just one month over creating a human. The team also managed to build three new engines, two of them were for the airplane and jet ski levels. They specifically programmed the enemy planes to never fire behind you and always to try and veer in front of you first.
  • The Pocket Station, a device that allowed users to download mini games on handhelds, has been revealed to be the source of the crossover event between Crash Bandicoot purple ripto’s rampage and spyro orange the cortex conspiracy. The device was first introduced in the late 1990s and was used to download games from the internet.
  • A video has surfaced online that shows the development of a video game that was deemed too similar to polo the polar bear because they’re both bears number 65 warped also had those warpedn levels. The game’s engine was actually built around the same time as warped was being made which makes sense given the driving sections of those games number 67 initially.
  • A team of just 16 to 18 staff worked for eight months on a budget of $2.4 million to create a racing game inspired by ‘Diddy kong’. The game was inspired by a statistic that measured how long the ball was in the air for the more time you’re in air in the game the more boost you got when you landed.
  • Crash Bandicoot’s main villain nitrous oxide is technically not playable and wouldn’t be until a sequel. It crashes the game which is ironic because through hacks and codes you can play as him but it crashes. The game’s plot is hard to explain and that’s just about when it takes place number 75 canonically the plot of this game is difficult to explain.
  • The first video game to feature female bandicoots was released in 1999 in the form of ‘Crash Bandicoot’. The game was made by eurocom entertainment software and released in 2000. It was a party game that radar described as more four player fun than even ron jeremy could offer.
  • Crash Bandicoot’s first full ray onto the ps2 and other non-sony consoles a year later in 2001 came crash’s second full ray on the PS2. This was changed due to argument behind the scenes and it was given to travellers tales instead number 80. this meant that travellers tales then had to start the game all over again and had just 12 months to do it in.
  • Mark hamill and clancy brown have worked together before as the joker andlex luthor respectively in several shows in the dc animated universe so they’ve got history number 84. The next game in the series was going to be a game called crash bandicoot evolution which was described as edgy apparently and clank at the time were going in a similar direction.
  • The first game in the ‘Crash Bandicoot’ series was released in 2010 and it was developed by radical entertainment. The game was supposed to be a fourth main crash title developed by the company called ‘Crash landed’. It was cancelled and the game remained dormant for a couple of years but activision decided to put a new engine in the masala train.
  • Crash and Co 92, the latest game in the Crash & Co series, has received a Metacritic rating of 80. The game’s creator, gavin gavin, had said he would love to see a hd reboot one day of the first games he made so it wouldn’t be like trampling all over the dreams of the creators and so crash and co came back with a brand new lick of paint number 92.
  • As per reports, none of the voice actors who were featured in the original games reprise their roles for the ‘nsane trilogy’. The reports added that the new kids from twin sanity and tag team racing number 96 bt dubs by the way the og’s naughty dog were referenced three times in the trilogy first off there’s an asteroid bearing the naughty dog paw print that’s been added during the introduction of cortex’s space station number 97.
  • Crash Bandicoot 3 has sold over 10 million copies in its first three months of release, making it the fastest-selling video game of all time. It’s also the first video game to reach 100 million copies worldwide. The game was developed by toys for bob, who also worked on the n sane trilogy and spyro reignited trilogy number 101.
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