101 Facts About Death Stranding

In this week’s 101 facts about video games, we’re talking about Hideo kojima’s death stranding. What real life events inspired the bananas world of this game. Why is it if I carry around a baby in a little glass jar it’s considered weird but if sam does it he’s just doing his job unfair two out of three those questions are going to be answered.

  • Hideo kojima’s death stranding is a post-apocalyptic adventure set in a world ravaged by death mainly due to creatures called beached things who are human souls of the dead that have not passed over into the realm of death yet you with me so far strap in cause that’s just the surface of it number three in order to avoid the bts that are trying to kill the living.
  • In the video game ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, a character named Sam walks from one place to another as a character who looks a lot like walking dead actor normanus number six. He’s played by walking dead actress normanUS number six and sounds like him too. The first indicator of a bt encounter is when it starts to rain and your mechanical flower thing called an oddra deck always faces the direction of the nearest bt.
  • Sam can hold his breath in order to stop the bts from hearing him the issue with that is he has a stamina meter and it goes down if he holds his breath so it’s not a perfect fix but it comes in handy number nine bTs aren’t difficult to fight but it can be done you can use a number of bodily fluid based weapons seriously to stun and deter them.
  • Nintendo has released a new trailer for its upcoming video game ‘Super Mario Odyssey’. The trailer shows the game’s main character Sam in a room where he can do a range of things from using the sink taking a shower examining the weapons rack checking on his bridge baby and much more.
  • ‘Sam’ is a first-person shooter game in which players have to carry less than they need to carry. They have to constantly re-evaluate their load as different configurations work better on different terrain. They also have to hold down a variety of buttons just to walk for example if you’re holding any object in your hands you’ve to hold them down for the whole journey.
  • The chiral network is a communication network providing coverage for strands across the continental united cities. It’s a portable chiral constructor they allow sam to create various structures and areas connected to the chiral network number 22. The network also allows sam to get a better view of his surroundings so you’ll be able to spot things like that before you leave on route number 21.
  • The chiral network is a key part of the story as it’s what sam wants to connect the remaining cities to to allow them to communicate with each other and be linked like a big fancy internet. However, the downside to this is that some people don’t really want to be connected to the united cities and prefer to be isolated.
  • Sam uses blood to get health back and to make grenades but he can also make bullets out of them too. He can also use gold for ammunition for high-grade weapons. He doesn’t have a golden gun but he does have a number of ways he can use gold to make ammunition. golden rubber rounds golden rubber shells are coated with chiral crystals to make them more powerful.
  • Low-grade ammunition is only very effective against humans and not bts and the like whereas high-grade weapons are more effective on Bts as well as humans number 31 not all weapons in death stranding use bullets the ones that do though include a shotgun and non-lethal assault rifle handgun assault rifle anti-bt handgun and a lot more number 32.
  • A non-lethal assault rifle which fires rubber bullets so no dead people to worry about is one of the first underneath the weapons you come across number 35 by the way you unlock the shotgun from somebody called the photographer. The rocket launcher would unlock a rocket launcher during the game which you’ll need to use at specific points.
  • Japanese video game developer Hideo kojima has said that the themes of isolation and connecting with bridges instead of building walls were important for his game ‘Hideo’. He added that the game was directly inspired by the 45th president of the US. “The theme of isolation…was important for the game,” he further said.
  • Actor troy baker, who has appeared in almost every video game ever made, has been roped in to play the role of ‘Higgs’ in the upcoming video game. The game will be released on November 15. The video game will also feature a ‘dead man’ and a ‘heart man’, who have a condition that means they die every 21 minutes from heart attack.
  • Actor Hideo kojima, known for films like ‘Drive’ and ‘Soho’, has revealed that he has seen 218,549 times in his life or death. “I guess in fact but a number on it it’s around 218, 549 times so he’s in a unique position to study the beach and the death stranding,” he added.
  • Death stranding has a mechanic within it called likes similar to real life social media platforms and hellscapes you want these likes from n and other real world players alike for deliveries you perform and items you build as these likes can then help you upgrade number 52 mules. They used to be porters but left because who wants to be a delivery person after all.
  • mules carry electrified poles which they use for both hand-to-hand combat and throwing for this reason don’t get too cocky if there’s some distance between you and them because they can still attack you number 55 something that can come as a shock lol pun intended is that the electric poles can stop your vehicles too so you need to be really careful around these mules.
  • The good thing about mules is that they won’t attack you if you have no cargo to steal well that’s unless you don’t choose to then creep up into their camp because you know they probably will attack you a bit number 59 mules have trucks that you can steal but on the downside the mule trucks are the slowest vehicle in the game.
  • A man has been arrested after he allegedly threw a grenade at his ex-girlfriend’s car. The man, who has not been named, allegedly threw the grenade at the car while it was stopped at a red light. The grenade was reportedly made from the man’s poop.
  • The death stranding has occurred five times and is responsible for each extinction event that earth has ever experienced number 65. It’s for the dead that are stranded in the world of the living and the way the living are stranded away from each other as a result of the death strandING. Rain turned into something called time fall which rapidly ages anything it touches.
  • Hideo kojima’s latest game,’surrounding’, has been released in Japan. The game has 14 main story chapters and a prologue that comes before them all. The prologue gives you the opportunity to complete any outstanding side content you skipped neat number 17 if you only focus on the main objective without exploring anywhere else or doing side objectives which seems like I’m not playing the game.
  • Death Stranding has asynchronous multiplayer features that means you probably won’t ever see other players but you can help others by building roads and for full requests for online supplies. It’s also a lot easier to balance the cargo on lower difficulty settings number 75 you can play death stranding offline but all player posted signposts that would normally populate the in-game world will be gone.
  • Death Stranding’s ultra deck will get a slow-mo cut scene as it deploys which is impossible to get past all the buttons you want number 78. The reason is because a lot of death strandings narrative is told through cut scenes and some last over 30 minutes. However, you can pause or skip these thank the lord above number 79.
  • Japanese video game developer kojima has said that death trending doesn’t fall solely into one specific gaming genre. “Rather, it’s largely a new genre of gaming entirely a strand game which applies to the other ones in the genre,” he added. kojima further said that metal gear solid was identified as just an action game when it was much more than that.
  • Ubisoft has released a new video for its upcoming video game ‘Assassin’s Creed: Unity’. The video features a new mazer gun, a new jet pack, and a circuit track. It also has a new soundtrack by the original composer of the game, Ludwig vasel. The game is scheduled to be released on November 14 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  • A new video game based on ‘The Simpsons’ has been released. The game, titled ’92’, has been developed by the same team behind the original game ’89’. It features vehicular races, stunts and tricks on your vehicle, customization of facial and clothing features, and more. It also has a director’s cut which will make Sam look even more like the cartoon character.
  • ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ has been rated ‘M’ for Mature and ‘M+’ for Everyone. The game’s developers said that the rating is based on the “overall quality of the game”. The developers added that the game has a lot of nods to other games and movies, including a 1914 short called 20 minutes of love which can be seen in hartman’s library.
  • Kojima Productions has released a new trailer for their upcoming video game ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’. The game will feature cameos from Hideo kojima, who plays the role of Kojima in the series, as well as the game’s lead actor, hartman. Kojima’s character will die every 21 minutes if you discover hot springs in the game.
  • Japanese video game developer kojima has revealed the 101 facts about death stranding in his latest game ‘Dawn’. The game’s in-house decimate engine was used to produce death Stranding in fact the engine was actively improved while it was being used for death surrounding two so everybody won number 101 even though the new death surrounding is called deathStranding director’s cut.
  • In the meantime hark that herald angel sing that was the wrong time of year that for that but look there’s two videos on screen that you’re really gonna enjoy just trust me on this one so why not give it a click and I’ll see you there goodbye now
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