101 Facts About Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is the third major installment of the popular game series fall out okay before you come at us in the comments. The first full-out game in the series was released in 2008 but it didn’t include tactics or wasteland okay release. The third major title doesn’t have tactics but it’s the fifth installment overall.

  • fallout brotherhood of steel 3 is the first game in the series that uses 3d graphics as opposed to the 2d graphics from the previous two installments which trust me is a good thing number three you play as the lone wanderer who’s lived in a vault their entire life with their father after their mother died of childbirth.
  • Nintendo has revealed that it bought the franchise in 2004 and thus a new age of the post-apocalyptic wasteland was born but not until they finished working on elder scrolls oblivion so full-scale development didn’t begin until 2006. number seven in the lead up to its release refused to give it an age classification due to its realistic representation of drugs in quotes.
  • A review copy of fallout 3 got leaked on tolerance only three weeks before its release. A lot of the damage including information about the main quest line was already done number 11. fallout 3 is the first 3d fallout game but it’s also the first one to use a first person perspective.
  • The first thing you’ll encounter in Fallout 3 is the ability to create your own character in this introduction. You can pick your appearance your race and gender as well as your name neato number 15. However, you can also change to third person if you so desire number 14.
  • The third instalment of the video game series ‘Fallout 3′ has been released in the US. The game is set in the same universe as the first two games in the series. It features a new multiplayer mode that allows up to three players to play together. It also introduces a new turn-based combat system called the’vat saw-tec assisted targeting system’.
  • People in their travelling team one is themselves obviously the other is dog meat. The third is an npc companion so what’s saying though dog meat and the nbc companion are entirely optional if you’re a lone wolf pack number 21. Let me tell you it’s heart-wrenching if dog meat or any of your other companions die because they can they can die just leave dog meat at home.
  • The overseer of vault 101 locks the place down and sends guards after you so naturally you escape the vault and go looking for papa the outside. After some wandering you can end up in megaton which is where the adventure really begins number 25. You go around a lot of the map looking for daddy dearest.
  • The ending of ‘The Last of Us’ ends with the character having to sacrifice themselves to purify the water or contaminate it with a modified fev. The game actually completely ends there for your character unless you have the broken steel dlc if you don’t though even though forks sarge and charon are all resistant to radiation would survive the chamber.
  • As per John harry eden’s instructions which would theoretically kill all life in the wasteland except for pure humans, anyone who picks that is a red flag would also be affected as well as the ghouls including the sentient ones and super mutants say what you want. This sounds like some pure aryan nonsense to me number 32 if you choose to do nothing the entire purifier will explode.
  • The voice of the player’s baby voice in the video game ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ was actually the voice of game director todd howard’s son jake lead designer emil pagliarullo’s sons cullen and timmy. cullen also voiced timmy newspam in tranquility lane honestly nepotism number 38 as we said earlier you can have two companions with you one must be dog meat.
  • The other npc companion could be any of the following seven-star paladin cross forks butch deloria sergeant rl3 jericho and charon number 39 starting at the top star paladin cross is well a paladin and the second highest ranking soldier in the brotherhood of steel. forks is another companion that requires a good karma level to unlock an original dweller of volt87 forces exposure to the fev.
  • The figurehead of the gunpowder plot in London in 1605 was guy fawkes who mewti fawks clearly took a liking to number 43. Butch deloria the leader of the tunnel snakes and resident bully of vault 101 can also become your companion provided you don’t give in to temptation and murder him brutally during your escape from the vaults.
  • Amarta is another companion that can be bought from eulogy jones as she’s a slave in paradise falls. She’s also motherless cementing your friendship in the dark isolated vault. If you want to be a murderer and make the most of that evil karma you’ll unlock and jericho is a retired raider. He’ll turn hostile if you kill moira at any point.
  • The daughter of vault 101’s overseer amateur saves your arse in the beginning and if you choose you can save hers in return later in the game number 58. activating the quest that trouble on the home front will send you back to vault 101 to help martyr if you do she’ll banish you forever if you don’t.
  • A video has surfaced online that shows how to unlock Sarah Lyons, the only member of the hood to achieve sentinel rank. She’s also one of the only three characters in the game to have very good karma the only two are her dad and a martyr number 55. She can also be totally cowardly and force her to sacrifice herself at the end of the game.
  • vault dwellers with US citizenship number vivid eos are considered to be the genetic successes of pre-war Americans. They have access to the most secret information of the US government and military. They created this hella cool power armor cool number 58 so that brings us nicely into john henry eden an advanced pre- war ai unit built by vault-tec.
  • A massive superhero nerd running into the antagonizer and the mechanist quest simply made my day. The ant agonizer is born from the tragedy of her parents death and subsequent obsession over grognak comics number 61 anti also manages to tame the giant ant which must have been a ball lake and uses them to attack the canterbury commons.
  • crowley is also a reference to the ozzy osbourne song of the same name 64. crowley’s tree was once growing on his head called bob but it happened to take root in the capital wasteland number 65. The location of all this oasis is one of the most diverse lush and stunning areas of the whole map crammed with trees plants and even wildlife.
  • vault-tec are evil and every vault was made with an experiment in mind the ones that don’t have them are just control groups vault 101 where you start in the game was designed to study what would happen in a vault that never opened to the rest of the world number 68 now obviously that didn’t work because the second overseer created a secret tunnel to communicate and visit the outside world.
  • Vault 92 was created to preserve musical talents from nuclear annihilation or at least that’s what they thought the true vault 92 experiment was testing whether super soldiers could be created using subliminal messages hidden in white noise played into the vault number 72 boiler alert it didn’t work. The experiment was actually showing good signs of success until one of the subjects went and tore three people apart.
  • The virtual reality experiment ‘Geck Garden of Eden’ is not fun now gamers it’s not fun in the traditional sense Dr stanislaus braun creator of the geck garden of eden creation kit also.
  • A simulator which housed 85 occupants at least to begin with number 78 braun was in control of the entire simulation and vault dweller’s ability to leave said simulation was rescinded then in his boredom braun started murdering the occupants wiping their memory and restarting the simulation and then hunting them down again so pretty dark.
  • Washington DC’s National World War II Museum is home to non-feral ghouls from across the wasteland humans are allowed in as long as they behave but the brotherhood are banned because of their hostility number 82. The iconic hallway can be found here with the tricycle in a blood-stained corridor number 83.
  • An underground town run by children under the age of 16 is the only passage to vault 87 after its entrance was nuked. It’s also the main site of project purity, a water filtration plant and where project purity will either save or condemn humanity depending on what you want to do number 85. number 86 city is a largely developed city found in a grounded aircraft carrier.
  • There are multiple references to the works of hp lovecraft in the game for instance its scariest building the dunwich building is itself named after the dumbwitch horror. The horrors inside are also inspired by his cthulhu mythos number 91. There are a couple of monty python easter eggs too but the best one is when squire.
  • The Republic of dave is a small republic in the northeast of the map and everything is named after well dave however because it’s now a republic and no longer the kingdom of tom the leader is voted and you can become leader if you’re convincing enough number 93 after being exiled by his father tom dave became an expert mercenary and returned to the kingdom to take it over and make it a republic.
  • The developers of the upcoming video game ‘Destiny’ have revealed that the game is inspired by ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ and ‘Bruce Banner’. In the video, the developers can be heard saying, “I’m starting to get angry you won’t like me when I’m angry just like the hulk’s iconic catchphrase.” The game is scheduled to be released on November 14.
  • The ‘Friday the 13th’ franchise has a few references to ‘Star Trek’ such as in characters like captain cosmos saying captain on the bridge and all systems normal captain which are commonly used in the series. The downtown dc ruins in fallout 3 were twice the size at one point the team decided it was too large and confusing though and cut the area space in half.
  • A video of a man spray-painting a message on the side of a building has gone viral on social media. In the video, the man can be heard saying, “You’re missing out on a lot here in the meantime though why not give one of these videos a little click and uh it’ll make your day I promise don’t believe me well click on one and I’ll see you there goodbye.”
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