101 Facts About Final Fantasy

Square Enix has revealed that Michael Jackson made an appearance in ‘Final Fantasy’ as a baddie in the first game of the franchise. “The character was meant to be…baddie witty how did Michael Jackson make…appearance in the games and why did Aries have to die she was such a good white mage,” it added.

  • The first game in the ‘Final Fantasy’ video game series was released in 1987 and it was titled as ‘FinalFantasy’. It was later changed to ‘Finalfantasy’ and was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988. The series has released over 20 games and has sold over 130 million units worldwide.
  • Japanese video game composer Nobuo Uematsu has revealed that Elton John is one of his biggest influences. He added that John’s honky Chateau was the first album he ever bought number nine soundtracks from the game. He further said that concerts featuring music from the Falla fancy series performed by an entire freaking Orchestra regularly sellout around the world number 10.
  • Sakaguchi studied electrical engineering at Yokohama National University but dropped out in 1983 to Joyce where along with Hiro Tanaka who also played a major role in the creation of various Final Fantasy games he was best known for his work on final fantasy xi. Sakaguchi wasn’t sure if his choice to become a video game writer was the right decision.
  • The first game in the ‘Final Fantasy’ series was made by just seven people known not at all Langley as the a-team compare this to Final Fantasy 7 which wasmade by a hundred and twenty people and final fantasy 12 which was worked on. Sakaguchi became a producer for the future games in the series number 17.
  • The lead programmer of the original game was the very influential Iranian American NASA gabelli the creator of groundbreaking first-person shooters like horizon 5 and zenith for the Apple 2 in the early 80s gabelli would ultimately program the next two installments in the final fantasy genre. The original Final Fantasy was heavily inspired by donors and Dragons with designer akitoshi kawasu saying he wanted to make far fancy as close to it.
  • The active battle system or 80b is similar to the previous battle setup but with the added elements of time and speed characters have engaged that when full allows them to perform an action such as an attack after said action is executed the gaiter depleted and must recharge number 22 one of the most legendary pieces of music in all of gaming.
  • In the original Final Fantasy game, a secret sliding number puzzle game can be accessed by pressing a and B together 55 times and when completed will gift you a hundred Gil. It can be played as many times as you want so if you have some time to kill you could theoretically.
  • There’s a gravestone in the town of Alfheim that reads ‘Link’, an obvious reference to link from The Legend of Zelda as all the inhabitants of the town are elves who bear a striking resemblance to Zelda’s not really but can an on-again-off-again bf link in other versions of the game. The gravestone reads may Eric rest in peace or here lies a drink referencing a character in the Dragon Quest series.
  • Final Fantasy 4 features a bizarre glitch dubbed the 64 door glitch hierarchy essentially. The glitch allows players to open 64 doors in the game. The 64 doors can be opened by pressing the left and right buttons at the same time. It can also be unlocked using the right and left buttons.
  • Final Fantasy 5 is the only game in the main fantasy series to feature more playable female characters than playable male characters you go girls in that one game anyway number 35 funnelin c5 has a unique skill called coin toss also known as denna Nadja this is referenced to a series of popular Japanese novels from the 1930s about zenigata.
  • According to early concept art he was once a cent or number 37 Limit Breaks which are powerful attacks connected to damage inflicted upon the user. Limit Breaks differ slightly from game to game in Summit they only become available when HP is lowered to a certain point whereas in others taking damage fills up a parameter number 38 remember smooth-faced Sabin from Final Fantasy 6.
  • The rating for the handheld version of the video game ‘Final Fantasy 7’ which would not have been possible with the inclusion of violence against a restrained human number 40 moving on to Final Fantasy 7 has been given a rating of ‘G’. The rating was given for the game’s main character Cloud Strife who was originally supposed to be black and slicked to the side dodge Dyneema bullet.
  • Japanese samurai martial artists rivals Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro number 44 chocobos were first introduced in pharmacy too but finally 7 was the first installment in the series to introduce chuck of erasing and breeding number 45 chocobos created by game designer Koichi Ishi. They are thought to be inspired by the horse claws from Studio Ghibli’s 1984 anime Nausicaa.
  • Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the video game ‘Final Fantasy’, has said that his mother’s death forced him to think more about life. Sakaguchi’s mother had passed away during the development of the game. “I’ve been thinking about life a lot since my mother passed away,” he added.
  • Japanese video game developer Square Enix has released an easter egg for the game ‘Final Fantasy 7’. In the English localization of the game, Sephiroth’s attack on a supernova was accompanied by an animation lasting over two minutes long. The easter egg is actually stuffed full of Star Wars references, including the characters of biggs and wedge.
  • One of the hardest foes you encounter in Final Fantasy 7 are super bosses that are notoriously hard to defeat and funnily enough didn’t appear in the original Japanese versions of the game number 55. The game’s energy started life as an early concept of FINAL FANTASY 7 but it was ultimately deemed to be too dark and complicated for her fantasy.
  • The appearance of squall Leonhart the main character in farm fancy 8 is based on late actor River Phoenix Phoenix was the brother of Joaquin Phoenix and died of a drug overdose in 1993 number 59 during India’s parade in dealing city in Falcon z8 there are a group of masked dancers throwing shapes around her float if you look closely they’re actually performing the dance from Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
  • Japan has become the first country in the world to declare a national holiday to celebrate the country’s national day. The national holiday is celebrated on the last day of the year in Japan. The holiday was first declared in Japan in the year 2000.
  • Producer Hironobu Sakaguchi has revealed that his favourite game in the ‘Final Fantasy’ series is ‘Fantasy 9’ which was the last title he worked on as a producer before leaving square number 66. Sakaguchi further said that the game soundtrack is his favourite of all the fire fancy titles in the main series.
  • Final Fantasy 10 is also the first Final Fantasy game not to feature a drivable airship end of an era guys end of a helium-filled error number 73 follow fuzzy 10 was the first title in the main series to spawn a direct sequel in the form ofFinal Fantasy 10 – hmm sequel II drools away the stage Direction number 74 funnily enough.
  • A US man who tried to cancel his online subscription of ‘Final Fantasy 11’ found out that it was really really stupidly absurdly difficult to do so. He only managed to get ahold of a phone number after finding one of his parents credit card statements resulting in a 45-minute called just to cancel the subscription displeased with the unsatisfactory customer service.
  • As many as 3,500 separate enemies in Final Fantasy 11 more than any other game in the entire series. The character of Vaughn was originally meant to be older and scruffier but was reportedly changed to appease Japanese preferences for younger more androgynous characters. Vanille was originally planned to be the protagonist of the game even fewer people know what I do terrorist.
  • Final Fantasy 15 has the longest development time of any game in the series having been announced 10 years before it was released. The game has one of the largest map per square mile in gaming history at a staggering 780 square miles. It was released in 2012 and has been rated ‘E’ for Everyone.
  • The map for Grand Theft Auto 5 is a mere 31 square miles so it’s pretty big number 84. A version of the car used in the game known as regalia was actually produced the regalia is based on the Audi r8 and cost roughly four hundred and seventy thousand dollars. Noah’s number 85 following a recent file fancy 15 update.
  • Banaszak and the Barry Vitali from ‘Final Fantasy 8’ won a bronze medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The duo won the medal by playing the music from the game. ‘Final fantasy 8’ is the eighth game in the series, which was released in 2004. The game was released by Square Enix in 2004.
  • The animated film ‘Final Fantasy the Spirits Within’ is the most expensive video game movie of all time. The film, which was released in 2001, was the first full-length film featuring CGI animation and the character of Akira was animated with over 60,000 individually rendered strands of hair. Aki Ross was meant to be the world’s first virtual actress appearing in multiple films.
  • A character made to resemble Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy series, has made it to the list of the world’s 100 most computer-generated characters. The character, named Aris, has been made to look like Sakaguchi in the anime version of the final fantasy stories. The anime version follows the sections of the storylines of two of the main series games.
  • Japanese company Centauri has created a brand of energy drinks based on the healing item from the Final Fantasy game. Centauri said that the potion will only heal like 150 HP 50 in some games. “My head might help her energy go up a little bit I mean it’s not by allies it’ll probably only heal…150 HP 50,” Centauri added.
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