101 Facts About Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The video game ‘Vice City’ was released on October 27, 2002 and was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. Vice City is an action-adventure video game developed by rockstar north. It was released as the number two game in the series after ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’.

  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a video game developed by Rockstar Games and published by Microsoft. It was released on May 12, 2003 for Microsoft Windows and on October 31, 2003 for the Xbox for the game’s 10th anniversary in 2012. It was remastered for mobile platforms number 3 in 2012.
  • Lazlo Jones, the real-life writer and producer who has portrayed a sensationalised version of himself in various Grand Theft Auto titles, has revealed that the script for ‘GTA Vice City’ was over 1,000 pages long. Lazlo added that the game contains over 8,000 line recorded dialogue this is roughly four times that of its predecessor ‘Grand Theft Auto 3’.
  • ‘Goodfellas’ actor Ray Liotta has lent his voice to the main character in the upcoming video game ‘Isis’. Liotta, who’s known for portraying real-life mobster Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese’s classic gangster movie Goodfellas, said that he agreed to lend his voice because he’s “honest” with the game’s creators. The game will feature many other celebrities including Danny Dyer, Burt Reynolds and Danny Trejo.
  • As many as 14 details of the finished game have been different to how they were conceived early on in production. Ricardo Diaz was originally named Fernando Diaz, Mike Jones was initially named Mike Jones and BJ Smith’s original name is BJ Smith. Tommy’s Hawaiian Church was originally a much darker shade of blue and according to early hablo for the game Ricardo Diaz or a suit.
  • A screenshot of the original PlayStation 2 game ‘Vice City’ has surfaced online. It shows that the original color design was white with red and blue stripes resembling the Miami Beach Police Department’s cars in the 80s number 19. The game files also reveal that the Steyr AUG number 20 tear gas was included in the PlayStation 2 version.
  • ‘Vice City’ has removed the ak-47 tear gas gun from the game, making it the only 3d Grand Theft Auto game not to feature the gun. It was removed from all other versions of the game as well. The gun can also be seen on the wall of any ammunation gun store, why would they have a gun on display that you can’t buy sports advertising?
  • Vice City’s logo sequence is a direct reference to the real-life Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar who reached the peak of his success during the 80s and was the richest criminal in history. There are numerous references in Vice City to the 1983 crime movie Scarface starring Al Pacino. The narrative itself is highly reminiscent of the film following a violent and bloody ascendant of a flowery shirt.
  • The DA’s mansion in ‘Scarface’ has several striking similarities to the mansion of Tony Montana in the film’Scarface’. The mansion’s security monitors were actually showing images of the inside of Montana’s house. The final shots of Scarface featured the curb staircase small swimming pool and the world is your statue in the foyer of the mansion at number 31 not only that two nightclubs.
  • The game Malibu and the pole position club are essentially clones of the two nightclubs in the film namely the Babylon and a Little Havana Club number 32. The game also references the classic American television crime drama Miami Vice which Brown from 1984 to 1990 probably the most obvious connection the game apart from the vice city bitten Miami Vice similar word in there.
  • According to the official by City strategy guide Tommy is 35 years old during the events of the game which would mean he was either born in 1950 or 1951 that would mean today he’s old number 39 there are two missions in my City which are notable for their titles no escape and Copland these are the names of two films.
  • Rockstar Games has revealed the names of the targets in Grand Theft Auto V’s ‘Mission otter’. Tana is a referent for John Tanner from the driver series Nick Kong and Mike Griffin is likely a reference to the main protagonist of Mesa Griffin bounty hunter Marcus Hammond. Franco Carter and Charlie Dilton are all obvious references to mark Hammond Frank Carter andCharlie Johnson from the getaway.
  • A video of actor Tommy Lee Jones wearing a Hawaiian shirt with inflatable armbands has gone viral on social media. In the video, Tommy can be seen wearing a pair of armbands that have inflatable hands. The shirt also has a picture of Tommy with the caption, “Tommy’s got big hands mate look at him wha number 43 all the buildings at the film studio.”
  • GTA 5’s ammunation shooting range is a direct reference to the 1956 film of the same name which starred John Wayne in his final role as an ageing gunfighter diagnosed with cancer number 44 86 number 46. The cardboard targets appear in the second and third rounds of this mission to pick two characters in the game.
  • Actor Keanu Reeves has revealed that he was forced to drive a bus at over 50 miles per hour to stop a bomb from detonating number 49 during the mission to bits hit Avery Carrington. He added that he asked his associate Donald loved to write down karagin state then brings down real estate prices quicker than a good old-fashioned gang war.
  • One of the most well-known Easter eggs in Vice City is an interval apartment named apartment 3c inside the bathroom. The walls of which are covered in a gruesome splatter players can find a chainsaw this is yet another reference to Scarface in which Tony Montana is forced to witness the brutal murder of his partner angel who’s this member in the bathtub by a chainsaw wielding Colombian drug dealer.
  • number 53 one of the posters located in the bedroom of Phil’s trailer the one tastefully captioned funbags is actually cover from a maxim magazine featuring two Anna Taylor the more you know number 54 if you search under water in the area off the shore of leaf links near downtown you can find a man wearing only underwear and a nice pair of cement shoes of course you can’t actually swim in Vice City.
  • Irish slang for male you know specifically the long bit given the more obvious illuminated reference for the male organ. Number 58 there’s a fictional private security company within Vice City with the name written as group six as group is the German word for group the name of the company is probably pronounced well use your imagination number 59 the muppet sunshine autos appears to be the early version of the actual game map.
  • A video game store in California’s Ocean Beach has been named ‘roxtor video games’. The store’s counter art works from gta3 are displayed in the store window including 8-ball El burro Kenji Kayson and Maria. There are also two posters for adult film parodies of famous Spielberg movies starring the game. The first is bite a raunchy take on 1975 coda encounters and the other is closer jaws.
  • A Nintendo 64 store in Haiti’s Vice City has a ‘Rockstar Games’ logo in the store’s window. The store has several beach balls which activate hidden keepy-uppy minigames if touched the game. A counter appears above the players head and keep score number 65 the logo for Rockstar games appears in various places throughout by cities map.
  • A picture of Argentine actor Bela Lugosi has surfaced online, showing him with a two-faced photo of himself. The picture shows him with the logo of an airline called DM air rock star. The first part of the names also a roughly two DM refers the DMA design which was Rockstar North original name number 68 Vice City also contains a couple of references to the American comedy website.
  • A Reddit user has shared audio from the radio stations in Grand Theft Auto 3 that he claims was like a radio noise number 71 on one of the talk-show stations in the game. The user named Jeremy Robert named several of his treatment tapes. He also named a masochist with an English accent who calls in to k-chat expressing it as a hard to be hit by a broom.
  • Dan Houser, the co-founder of rockstar games and writer of every GTA game ever made, has revealed that Freddie Johann, the voice of British pain enthusiast, is his best work number 75. Houser also co-founded Vice City and produced Vice City 2 and Vice City 3. Freddie Johann is also known for his role in ‘Game of Thrones’.
  • A video showing a bulletproof car being stored in a garage has gone viral on social media. The video shows the vehicle being stored during the mission guardian angels instead of helping Ricardo Diaz kill him to fail the mission. The car is bulletproof fireproof and explosion-proof and the name of the van called a top fun is an obvious pun on ‘Top Gun’.
  • Players who achieve 100% completing will also gain access to their very own personal bodyguards who can be found in the living room of the vercetti State Tommy can team up with up to three bodyguards at one time you will shoot at anyone you attack number 83. The Frankie outfit consists of white shoe stonewashed jeans and a t-shirt in blazing with the words I completed when titled Robo City.
  • Vice City has become the best-selling video game of 2002 beating out other big hitters like Madden NFL 2003 and Medal of Honor frontline. Vice City sold over 20 million copies that by the way is a lot go to a wandering number 87 as such Vice City is considered to be one of the most significant titles of the sixth generation of video games.
  • The video game ‘Vice City’ has been criticised for its depiction of certain racial groups particularly Haitians and Asian-Americans. The game was also criticised for depicting big deal jokes aside from the gratuitous violence. In 2003, a teenager by the name of Devon Moore shot two police officers and a dispatcher after being arrested on suspicion of stealing a car following his recapture.
  • Two Haitian American community groups stayed to protest at New York City Hall calling the game a cultural attack on Haitians who are stereotyped as thugs thieves and dealers number 93. They argued that the violence depicted in the game should be viewed in context however when they were threatened with legal action by then mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg all mentions of the word Haitian were removed from later editions of the game.
  • Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.am appeared briefly in the music video for ‘Vice City’, which is a prequel to the game entitled Vice City Stories which released in 2006. The game was completed in less than 57 minutes, making it the first real-life celebrity to actually appear in a GTA game you also attend. Phil Collins appeared as himself in the game.
  • The map that includes Tommy’s name along with the other GTA protagonists from the 3d universe 2 which implies they are all dead one message towards the bottom reads remember Tommy you are still my hero Rockstar later stated that this was included as a little joke for fans of the series number 100.
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