101 Facts about Horizon Zero Dawn

In this video, we learn 101 facts about ‘horizon zero dawn’, a role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game was released as a playstation 4 exclusive in 2017 and is the sequel to ‘horizon forbidden west’, which was released in 2018.

  • ‘Killzone Shadowfall’ was released in 2020 and was later released on pc in 2020 number two in the game you play as eloy a young outcast hunter in a post-apocalyptic united states who sets out to uncover her mysterious past to do that she not only has to prove herself to those who made her an outcast.
  • Sony’s independent developer initiative headshuhei yoshida has revealed that he was worried that people’s reactions to having a female lead focus testing gave positive results. He added, “The nerves were made among senior staff at sony who pointed at assassin’s creed syndicate and mirror’s edge catalyst as negative examples they needn’t have worried though because alloy is an absolute babe number seven.”
  • Japanese video game developer kojima has released a new trailer for its upcoming open-world video game ‘horizon zero dawn’. The trailer shows the game’s engine, decimate, which was used in the original ‘horizon forbidden west’ game. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic united states in order to uncover more about the protagonist’s past whilst fighting or avoiding big scary creatures.
  • Aloy’s focus is a triangle thing on the side of her head which when activated reveals a number of interesting things around her number 12. It can also be used to analyze the deadly machines around her revealing their paths their strengths and weaknesses their vitality and the weak parts in their armor giving you a much needed advantage in combat number 13 right we’re going to talk a bit about the story now.
  • Scientists have developed a robot that can repair the Earth’s surface in a matter of minutes. The robot was designed by British scientist Elizabeth Sobek to repair the planet’s surfaces. Sobek designed the robot as part of a project called ‘Project zero dawn’ to repair planet earth.
  • The former chief scientist of farah automated solutions, Elizabeth Sobek, has revealed that she told pharaoh he’s really messed up and this swarm of robots are going to have stripped the planet of all the resources and life within 15 months within days. Sobek said she got faro to fund project zero dawn number 20.
  • An artificial intelligence (AI) robot named gaia has been launched into space to repopulate the Earth. The robot is equipped with nine subordinate functions and has been developed by a team of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. gaia was launched from the International Space Station (ISS) and is expected to be operational by the end of the year.
  • The gaia prime facility where sobek fara and all the project zero dawn stuff was sealed itself to avoid detection by the plague of course there is malfunction at one of these hatches and their signal is leaking out to the plague machines who are coming for them. Sobek goes outside to fix this and of course she gets trapped out there but it works.
  • A code that would destroy the pharaoh’s swarm with this one eliminated guy was able to begin building the hestus cauldrons which in turn would create machines that would create the environment number 21 8 number 28. professors did that for a couple of centuries whilst other subordinate functions also did their jobs aether and poseidon detoxified the earth’s atmosphere and the waters.
  • The guy of prime facility which gave all guys subordinate functions their own artificial intelligence began creating aggressive machines that viewed humans as a threat. He also infiltrated hades another of the subordinate functions of gaia which acted as an emergency fail-safe in case a guy was unsuccessful in the repair of earth and its environment it had remained on standby.
  • Aloy was created by gaia in the moments leading up to her self-destruction for the purpose of stopping hades number 36. She is in fact the genetic clone of dr rost a nor tribe outcast. She can gain access to cauldrons and cradles that have been sealed off to other humans this means she can reach a gaia prime and rebuild the system core.
  • ross was a normal nora child who competed in the proving and became a brave he found a mate and had a child called alana but when she was six years old alana was kidnapped by outlanders and her mother was killed.ross asked the high matrix to make him a death seeker with his only goal to seek vengeance and murder those who took his family from him.
  • An outcast from the nora tribe took his life in solitary amongst the mountains of the sacred land and though he wasn’t spoken to as is normal for an outcast he was given respectful silent acknowledgements number 41 tears. The high matriarchs often shows compassion particularly in the case of ross and especially when it comes to aeloy.
  • A new trailer for the upcoming video game ‘Zero Dawn’ has surfaced online. The trailer shows the game’s main character, lancer, with a bigger headdress than the other two. It also shows lancer’s wife and son being abducted by a cult known as the eclipse number 46. lancer was sent on a diplomatic mission to the norah tribe from his tribe.
  • Eloy discovers that olin was helping the eclipse by feeding information from his focus eventually you would the player get the choice to either kill olin or spare him. He only asks you that you rescue his family number 48 on your journey as aloy you’ll encounter a character named silence the founder of the eclipse and the creator of the focus network that connects them.
  • Aeloy survived the proving massacre number 53 of course one of the coolest and recognizable elements of the game. It’s a number of different machines you can bump into on your life number 52. The game’s open world nature is possible to visit areas before certain stories and quests are triggered for example you can visit sunflower before finding olin and silence will reveal himself.
  • The first game in the ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ franchise has been released in the US. The game is set in a world where machines are created by humans in order to recreate the earth’s biosphere. As a player, you can kill these big machines but as you go throughout the game killing these they freaking evolve the game is coded to know how many of these machines you kill.
  • The first machine class is the acquisition class which pretty much do what you think they acquire materials and resources by breaking down plant life which creates distilling water create chill water or recycling machines into processed metal blocks examples of acquisition machines include grazers charges snap mores and those absolute buttholes that are the rock breakers number 58 transport machines were designed to help acquisition machines weld move cargo.
  • Following the derangement the fester started making combat machines each of these machines are equipped with weapons and are cited as the most dangerous of the machines. The rock bricker is the worst number 63 it’s cited that stalkers and other machines. bellowbacks and shellwalkers number 60. Then there’s recon machines which were also designed to assist the acquisition machines.
  • The fifth class has only one little dude in it and by little dude I mean so freaky big what is this guy is called the tall neck and was revealed alongside the thunderjaw during early stages of development number 65. The 12 of them are able to be climbed by eloy and hacked into to get maps of the surrounding area.
  • ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ developer Ailoy has said that she doesn’t think the tallneck is even registering her attack number 67 in the opening scene in the game. She added, “It would go against alloy’s character traits to want to kill this completely peaceful machine if you do try to hurt it like an absolute masochist ailoy.”
  • A video of two bunnies together near a mining camp has gone viral on social media. If you scan them it reveals their name are jack and jazz, a reference to jazz jack a game series from the 90s which gorilla games Co-founder arjan bruz worked on as a lead coder niche.
  • A video has surfaced online showing a player finding a climbable ledge in one of the late game facilities after jumping on boxes they got on the ledge and into a room inside this room was a giant skeleton with a box of tissues. The ledge was removed added to that if you use the camera to shimmy around into the room.
  • Ubisoft has released a new trailer for its upcoming video game ‘Zero Dawn’. The trailer shows the game’s main character, eloy, who is voiced by video game legend burch. It also shows a hidden secret on the top of a cliff in the south of the map to get to it. The music takes a sweet somber turn and the design is woven in number 77.
  • Actors John Hopkins and crispin freeman have been named among the top 79 voice actors in the video game and movie voice roles. Hopkins has previously featured in shows like ‘Bridgeton’ and voiced many game characters, while freeman has voiced many video game characters. The list also includes ajo ondo voices sona.
  • The original ‘Killzone’ game has sold over 20 million copies worldwide, making it one of the top five best-selling ps4 games of all time. The game’s lead composer joris deman won the 2018 ivor novella award for the best original video game score for his work on the game. It also sold 2.6 million copies within a fortnight of release a year later.
  • Sony has released its first-ever PlayStation 4 game, ‘horizon zero dawn’, on the platform. The game, which was released in 2017, was the biggest launch of a new franchise on the ps4 overtaking previous record holder ‘no man’s sky’. It was also the biggest release of any type of franchise since ‘uncharted 4’.
  • An air attack chieftain of the largest banuc clan has revealed that they’ve been battling a so-called that has been turning machines against them. This has been happening on thunder’s drum and nearby mountain, he added. He further said that the banuk tribe has been battling dangerous machines since a load of dangerous machines have rocked up to cause havoc.
  • The sequel to the video game ‘horizon forbidden west’, which was originally scheduled to release in 2021, has now been delayed until 2022. The game was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic which restricted access to talent through the development process. The map is larger allowing players more opportunities to explore and ailoy who is back as the main protagonist is back.
  • Electronic Arts has released a new update for its post-apocalyptic video game ‘Yosemite aloy’, which includes new underwater machines and new weapons. The update also includes new mechanical creatures like mechanical otters, tremotusks, covered sun wings, shell snappers and mechanical ninja turtles, among others. It also introduces new weapons like smoke bombs and adhesive bows.
  • The upcoming video game ‘horizon zero dawn’ is the biggest piece of media ever to have been produced in the netherlands with a budget of 47 million euros. Actress hannah hoekstra also lent her likeness to guerilla games to use for ailoy. The game also features a new system for weapons where players can upgrade their arsenal via alloy.
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