101 Facts About James Bond

James Bond is a character and a franchise that has been around since time began well if you count 1953 as the dawn of time days as that’s when the first Bond book was released number 2. Yes, the Bond movies are based our series of books written by Ian Fleming.

  • James Bond’s creator Ian Fleming, who passed away on November 11 at the age of 91, wrote the first James Bond book ‘Casino Royale’ in 1952. He also wrote ‘Birds of the West Indies’ that covered 400 species of the feathery buggers from all over the Caribbean Sea. James Bond was born in London on November 11, 1927.
  • Roger Moore, who played James Bond in the first 24 films of the franchise, has revealed that he was partial to a Vespa martini. He added that the drink consisted of gin vodka and wine that he himself invented when he was working as a doctor. He further said that the martini was served in the same way he likes to be woken up in the morning shake.
  • James Bond has had over 75 implied sexual encounters come on in locations varying from a bed to a space shuttle number 14 Bond has driven a lot of automobiles in his time but the one he’s most partial to owning for himself are Aston Martin’s in the books. He’s also able to drive tanks mini yellow helicopters icebergs crocodiles and Wow jetpacks.
  • James Bond has changed his face several times in his life regenerating more times than a Time Lord going through an identity crisis, according to a fan theory. Sam Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig have portrayed him on the big screen. David Niven portrayed James Bond in the original ‘Casino Royale’.
  • Actor Christian Bale has revealed that he was asked to play the role of James Bond but he declined saying he’d already played a serial killer. “I for one don’t really know what he’s talking about over the course of the series Bondi Boy has killed 362 people,” he added. Bale further said that he had no interest in doing action movies.
  • Sean Connery’s ‘Thunderball’ was the first of the series released in 1962 number 24 the budget for this film was 1.5 million dollars which is peanuts really although don’t eat 1.5 million dollar as it will probably cause terrible indigestion number 25 doctor no Goldfinger and From Russia With Love are all joint highest rated on Rotten Tomatoes with a 96% approval rating.
  • The first scene in the James Bond film ‘From Russia With Love’ was shot with a glass screen between Sean Connery and Rosie number 30. The scene was shot using a tarantula, which can’t actually kill you it can cause the same amount of pain as a bee sting but little rosey there is zero percent deadly it’s a shame she was nearly one of bonds first femme fatales.
  • The helicopter in the chase scene in ‘Spectre’ was actually a remote-controlled mini helicopter in fact director Terrence Young used a lot of props from his toy box in this film. In this scene bond is actually being played by a teddy bear. The helicopter thing is actually true honestly number 34 though it only takes up mere minutes of screen time.
  • An explosion in the boat scene of the 1964 film ‘Thunderball’ got very out of hand very quickly and burnt one of the actors eyelids which is a terrifying thing I didn’t even consider good happen until right now. Goldfinger played the whole body including finger of auric Goldfinger but his lines were redubbed because his English wasn’t that great number 40.
  • ‘Thunderball’ was the first film to be directed by Ernst Stavro Blofeld and it was released in 1967. The film was based on the novel of the same name by Roald Dahl. Blofeld also directed ‘Charlie in the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘You Only Live Twice’. The film’s budget was 9 million dollars, which is more than the previous three movies combined.
  • An actual cat reportedly became so scared by the noise being made while shooting the finale of ‘Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ that it ran away and wasn’t found for days. Galore an actual cat became best friends with George Lazenby’s number 48 bond. The Connery flavoured bond made his exit and the Connery flavoured Bond burst onto the screen.
  • Actor Sean Connery, who played the role of Grolsch in the 1971 film ‘The Gambler’, has revealed that he was asked to return to the film after his absence in order to be convinced to come back. Connery added that he earned a record smashing at the time 1.25 million dollars some of which he donated to his charity Scottish international education trust.
  • A video of a car going through an alley on two wheels has gone viral on social media. The video shows the car coming out again on the other two wheels after a stuntman did it on the wrong wheels of the car. The scene was originally shot in an alley but was later re-recorded with a different stuntman.
  • Roger Moore, Jane Seymour and Geoffrey Holder all had phobias of snakes and the script supervisor even refused to be on set with them the snakes that is well it had to be snake you’ve got it but wait a minute number 60 the crocodile was the bond hot steps over. The stunt was performed by Ross Kananga the owner of the real-life crocodile farm.
  • US customs officials have seized the number 63 Fang Yi from a beach house in Thailand where Scaramanga beach house is located. The beach house was named after Fang Yi, a character in the James Bond film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’. The number 63 was seized by US Customs officials who probably just wanted it as a souvenir number 63.
  • ‘Star Wars Moonraker’ was shot next in 1979 number 68 this cable that jaws is biting through is actually made of licorice yummy yummy number 69 double-o said my god what’s bung doing I think he’s attempting reentry sir this happened number 70 this scene in which Bond and the pilot are fighting for the parachute like it’s the last donut in the box.
  • Albert Broccoli, who used to hit the Mafia bribed people in this way Bond probably wouldn’t make a great deli owner anyway so it’s probably best he didn’t take up on the offer number 75. Steven Spielberg was interested in directing a Bond film but the producers said they only wanted British directors to helm the project.
  • Connery probably did just say never again never again number 78 accompanied by Duran Duran singing at us the dancin to fires which by the way we at 101 facts do not recommend doing a view to a kill appeared on two screens in 1985 number 79 at just 34% on Rotten to my chose a view-to-kill is the worst critically rated of all the official Bond films number 80 Roger Moore turn 906 sorry I mean 57 during filming.
  • The first James Bond film, ‘License to Kill’, was released in 1989 and was the first Bond film to be rated pg-13 in the US of A number a25 Benicio del Toro was a mere lamb at just 21 years old making him the youngest Bond villain number 86 Goldeneye. The tank chase sequence took about six weeks to film.
  • Actor Pierce Brosnan, who played James Bond in the first film ‘Casino Royale’, has revealed it took him three hours to look like a homeless man in the film. “I don’t normally look like that after three hours,” he added. Brosnan further said he was unhappy with the final project saying for the next film they should go with a darker and more grounded approach.
  • Actor Daniel Craig’s fingertip was sliced off during the filming of ‘Quantum of Solace’. The film’s director Ian Fleming had written a short story that Ian Fleming wrote decades ago number 96. Daniel Craig played number 97 in 2012 film ‘Skyfall’ which is now the 13th highest-grossing movie of all time at one point $1 billion number 98.
  • Daniel Craig said he wanted Skyfall to be his last Bond movie and that he wanted out of this as soon as he got in but they wouldn’t let him go number 101 Spectre is the name of the 24th official Bond film the rumored budget for Spectre is three hundred and fifty million dollars.
  • hive being in such a big movie to being you know nothing and everyone being scared of you or just I just pity er I just feel sorry for that’s all anyway to Lu
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