101 Facts About Playstation

PlayStation is the most popular gaming console in gaming history with over 100 million units sold, according to Guinness World Records. PlayStation 2 is the world’s most powerful gaming console. It was released in 1998 and was the first gaming console to have a built-in supercomputer.

  • PlayStation Co-founder Ken Kutaragi has revealed that he impregnated a lady who gave birth to a games console. “She must have had a really hefty always see not not literal butcher number 5,” he added. KutaragI was fascinated by Sony’s system G which was a workstation that could render 3d graphics on to TVs in real time.
  • Nintendo’s Co-founder Satoru Iwata, who passed away on Sunday, was known for his work in the video game industry. He was the first person to make a video game console, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). He was also the first to make the Nintendo DS, which was released in 1996.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEA) was formed in Japan in November 1993 and SCEA aka the Yankee one was founded in May 1994 number thirteen before releasing the console PlayStation. Kutaragi knew that he needed some bangin games to attract the public because they weren’t established like those traitors Nintendo number 14 Sony set up a campaign to meet with game development companies.
  • PlayStation was the first video game console to offer grip before then controllers were flat and just had nothing really to grip on to man so many jokes that Sam won’t let me say running through his head. The console was released in December 1994 in Japan nine months before its release in the wicked wicked world Wild West year boy Devvra wada number 16.
  • The Nintendo Power glove was released in 1998 with the glove they wanted to achieve oneness with the game which basically meant players could control the character on screen by tilting and moving. The controller was 10 percent larger than the controller in Japan this was because it was believed hands were bigger in the West unless you’re a future president.
  • Sony has filed a patent for a gaming glove that would fit in with the PlayStation VR. The patent was filed in 2014 and was first reported in March of 2016 by The Verge. The glove is reportedly meant to be used with the PS VR.
  • Late Animal Crossing character taro was the mascot for playstation in Japan number 29 the mascots for PlayStation in North America on the other hand was polygon man aka the worst superhero on earth he was dropped how after cooter rocky hated him oh that’s not very nice don’t be down late they’ll regret it no more fortune.
  • Nettie Rosa was a console for aspiring game designers to create and play their own games. Designers would make their game on a PC and then transfer the coding to the console itself personally. It was limited space to do this however creators couldn’t burn or run discs and had to try to cram and fit their game into the machines ram.
  • PlayStation’s mascot Tamagotchi was the main face of promotional material right opposite Nintendo in the early promotional stage of PlayStation crash. He later became somewhat of a mascot for PlayStation. The PlayStation exclusive number 38 for instance there’s this stable of characters from Naughty Dog of which crash is one others include Nathan Drake and his Uncharted friends and the mushroom hating Last of Us pair number 39.
  • The first PlayStation game was released in Japan in 1998 and it was called ‘LSD dream’. The game was based on a dream journal the developer had kept for over a decade before he decided to make hits playable and as you can imagine it’s horrifying. It was released on the PlayStation 1 in Japan and the PlayStation 2 in the US.
  • Sony’s PlayStation 2 was released in March 2000 and is the best-selling console in the history of the world. It was the first console ever to have either standing horizontally or vertically and boasted a DVD ROM instead of cd-rom format making gaming media all the more detailed. It also had a backward compatibility.
  • PlayStation 2 sold over 50 million units in one day in Japan alone number 51 worldwide Alex Jones body boy it sold 250 million in oneday that means four percent of the earth bought one in one Day. Sony released Linux in 2002 an operating system that allowed players to use their PlayStation 2 console as a PC the pack came with an Ethernet adapter a keyboard a mouse.
  • Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was the first video game console to have three buttons on the controller. The three buttons were activated by clicking in the analog sticks normally while being terrified you’re breaking your precious console it was mainly used to sprint and Crouch number 57 remember these weird white tower block things that appeared when you turned it on like some kind of weird Jenga.
  • Sony has apologised for the error that led to some of its PlayStation 2 consoles being recalled last year. The company said the error was caused by a software glitch and that it has fixed the issue. Sony also offered affected customers a free game and a free repair or even a new console.
  • Sony’s PlayStation 2 console was launched in the US in 1994 with a price tag of $699.99. It was followed by the launch of the PlayStation 3 console in Japan in 1995. The PlayStation 3 was released in the UK in 2007 with a launch price of £199.99.
  • PlayStation 2’s best-selling game was Grand Theft Auto San andreas followed by Vice City in second place. FIFA 14 and PES 2014 meaning they were even making games for the PlayStation 2 while making the PlayStation 4 number 67. Sony officially discontinued PlayStation 2 in 2013 and the PlayStation 3 number 16 now the beginning of a new dawn.
  • The number 73 is a technical term by the way you know TM coined it number 73 that being said it did have a big hard drive we could store videos photos and music as well as a blu-ray player but no backwards compatibility for ps2 well for some people anyway for some reason the 60 gigabyte and 120 gigabyte versions contain the correct chip that could run ps 2 discs.
  • Sony has revealed that it changed the design of the PlayStation 3’s ‘boomerang’ controller in 2005 after some users complained about it. “There was a joke about the whole the boomerang controller and there yeah I don’t think it even make sense Sam it doesn’t make sense number 80,” Sony said.
  • Scientists at the University of Alabama actually built a supercomputer out of 16 ps3s known as the gravity grid to measure how a black hole would vibrate that of course was back in 2009 if it was these days it would probably have microtransactions or some. It was the 33rd largest supercomputer in the world when it was built.
  • Sony has announced that it will be releasing a special edition PlayStation 1 console with classic ps1 colors retro number 89 for the 20th anniversary of PlayStation. The console will be available in a limited number of colours and will come with a PlayStation VR headset. The PS1 was first released in 1998 and has over 50 games available in its first year.
  • PlayStation 4 was launched in Japan in 2004 and the rest of the world in 2005 94 entender was dominating the handheld scene with its DS back in the day and the PSP was considered the legitimate competitor to Nintendo in the handheld market by an IDC analyst number 9. The PSP sold 80 million units in its 10 years of being sold 80 millions number 96.
  • Sony has announced that it will be releasing a new UMD-based video game console, the PSP vita, in Japan. The console will be available to purchase from the PlayStation Store and will be priced at around 12,000. It will also be available on the PlayStation Network in the US and Canada.
  • Top selling console brand worldwide and that with all the PSV arse pros and fours shows no signs of stopping high speed no brakes can’t stop the PS train chuka chuka [Music]
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