101 Facts About Red Dead Redemption 2

Video game developer 2K Games has revealed that the male character in its latest game ‘Wild West’ is actually voiced by a woman. The game’s art was improved on the near perfection they produced on the first game, which male character is actually voice-overed by a female. The female character is voiced by an actress who has appeared in films like ‘The Internship’.

  • The late 19th century in the US was known as the ‘deadwood period’. It was a period in the American West when there was a lot of violence, murder and banditry. Deadwood was a fictionalised representation of the western Midwestern and southern United States. The period was also known as ‘The Deadwood Period’.
  • ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ developer Rockstar San Diego has revealed that the game began as soon as the game his predecessor Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010. The game’s script is derived from a script detailing every set-piece and conversation present in the finished game its main story.
  • Dan Houser, the Co-founder of Rockstar Games, has revealed that the script of ‘Red Dead Redemption’ is roughly 2,000 pages long. “If you were to include all the side missions, an additional dialogue present in the game and assemble the pages vertically, the stack would be eight feet high or just under two and a half meters for everyone else,” he added.
  • A number of missions were also cut from ‘Red Dead Redemption’ due to them being technically unworkable or narratively superfluous, the game’s director Daniel Houser said. The team ultimately decided that Arthur’s secondary misses didn’t work in the game and thus she was removed forever doomed to languish in videogame obscurity. Arthur was originally going to have two love interests.
  • Rockstar Games has revealed that ‘Red Dead Redemption’ takes up 99 gigabytes of space on your PlayStation 4 hard drive or 107 gigabytes on Xbox One making it the largest game for either console number 15. The soundtrack of the game was composed by Woody Jackson, a well-known American composer producer and session musician.
  • American singer-songwriter Jackson Browne has revealed that the state of California detested the music he composed for ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ by obtaining a gun license buying period guns and listening to the soundtrack on headphones while firing set period guns at a shooting range. He added that he used instruments used by the wrecking crew to create the music.
  • A group of over 110 musicians produced all the music heard in the video game ‘Red Dead Redemption’. Lazlo Jones, who worked on the game as a writer number 21, is known for being the long-suffering radio DJ from the Grand Theft Auto series. Other characters featured in the game include John Marston’s wife Abigail and her son Jack.
  • ‘Saturday Night Live’ alum Fred Armisen has lent his voice to a pharmacist in the first ‘Red Dead Redemption’ game. Armisen returned for the prequel in which he voices all bridge-t all Benton an emcee. The rest of the returning characters are voiced by new cast, including ‘Game of Thrones’ actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.
  • Robin Kaminski the theatre ruler in ‘Sandin II’ has said that theatre is voiced by American singer Robin Adele Anderson a former member of the rotating musical collective that reworks modern songs into different vintage genres. He added that the game’s emphasis on detail and sheer number of characters present within it helped in bringing the world of red devil option 2 to life.
  • Rockstar Games was the largest employer of actors in New York City by miles not not not by a guy called miles when it is in pipe like a lot number 27 Red Dead Redemption 2 represents the work of roughly 2000 people which is a lot of people just think how good one one fax would be if we had that kind of manpower.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 was originally set to release in autumn or the fall of 2017 but twice the release was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The game was originally scheduled to be released in November 2017, however, it was delayed twice due to coronavirus. The second delay was caused by the pandemic.
  • Rockstar Games has refuted claims that its employees have been overworked for working 100-hour weeks in order to finish the game ‘Red Dead Redemption’. The claims were made after the game’s co-founder Sam Houser was accused of working 100 hours a week to complete the game. Houser said he was only referring to members of senior writing staff and that these periods of intense work constituted only several weeks.
  • Rockstar Games, the developer of the video game ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’, has been criticised for low wages, long hours and overtly strict security measures following public criticism of the company. The company instituted various changes that have reportedly improved work conditions number 34 before the game was released.
  • Arthur Morgan, the main character in ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’, is likely Welsh, a Reddit user wrote. Arthur’s first and second names are Welsh in origin despite the fact that Arthur is completely Americanized his inclusion in the game. Arthur also named a former horse of his Boadicea after the rebellious Queen at the Celtic icy knee tribe who famously battled against the invading Romans.
  • Rob viajar, who voices John Marston in all the Red Dead Redemption games, has stated that Arthur is his favourite character in the series. “Arthur is the best character in… games or is there another carrot who deserves more credit like in the first one,” he added. Rob further said that Arthur’s clothing and facial features bear a striking resemblance to that of Ian McShane’s character Al Swearengen in ‘Deadwood’.
  • Red Dead Redemption’s Arthur has the option to greet or antagonise those around him including his fellow gang members most of the time if a player decides to aggravate people in the camp they will try to be the bigger person and walk away. If Arthur keeps up with this mean streak those around you may intervene or even take a swing at you.
  • Arthur gets himself covered in blood either by killing an animal picking it up or being shot in a good old-fashioned Mandie gunfights said blood will linger on Arthur’s clothes until he takes a bath or goes for a dip in a river. The blood will also linger on his clothes until Arthur takes a baths.
  • Animals on the back of your horse which I’m sure Deputy isn’t a massively traumatizing experience for your steed the blood will also stay on him or her as well number 47. When Arthur is covered in muddled blood the reactions of those around him will be different compared to when he’s clean just like in real life when I rock up to places covered in blood and caked in muck and grime.
  • A video has surfaced online showing Arthur’s beard growing at a steady rate relative to the progression of the time in-game in ‘Red Dead Redemption’. The video shows Arthur getting dirt under his fingernails number 51 as he moves depending on how much weight it has number 53. The beard has its own physics as it can be seen shaking and shifting around.
  • ‘Red Dead Redemption’ developer Rockstar Games has revealed that corpses will slowly decompose at the passage of time until the unfortunate personal creature is little more than bones number 55. In other games dead bodies will simply disappear after a period of time especially if you walk a certain distance away in May.
  • Players will be able to build their own houses and train tracks in the upcoming open-world video game ‘Arthur: The Legend of the American West’. The game’s developers have said that players will also see people working on new buildings and upon returning to those locations later on they’ll see finish structures rather than just wooden frames.
  • Lightning strikes can cause trees and vegetation to burst into flames, according to a report by the National Weather Service (NWS). It added that lightning strikes can kill you instantly if it hits you directly number 61. It further said that naturally occurring electrostatic discharge can also cause horses to become visibly agitated during stormy weather.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 features well over 50 weapons most of which are also super customizable both in terms of added components and decoration. This allows players to really put their own personal stamp on all the crimes and brutal killings that you’ll be doing in the game. Every member of the Dutch van der Linde gang has their very own person life sidearm.
  • Rockstar Games has released a new trailer for its upcoming video game ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’. The trailer shows the game’s animals, including horses dogs cats fish vultures foxes grizzly bears alligators koi ages possums and deer number 16. It also shows how players can blow the limbs off their enemies clean off good.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2’s number 71 animal featured in the game is a hardy marsupial endemic to the Americas. The marsupial will play dead a famous trait seen in the real McCoy, the game’s developer Rockstar Games said. Arthur is not the only threat to animal kind as various different species will hunt one another as is the way of all life take a second.
  • The state of Lemoine is based on the real US state of Louisiana evidenced by the fact that when Arthur is in this area the ambient music will change from more distinct southern Creole style reminiscent of the musical traditions that are native to Louisiana number 73 the feud between the braithwaite’s and the greys.
  • The city of San Denis is based on the real world city of New Orleans sharing a number of similarities with the home of jazz music and Mardi Gras many of the buildings in San Denis are almost exact copies of real New Orleans houses. The name Sandin is a reference to the 3rd century Christian martyr of the same name who serves as the patron saint at the French capital of Paris.
  • During the development of Red Dead Redemption, the original name of new board can be seen in the 2016 action-adventure game mafia 3. During the game development upon the realisation that the name had already been used in the game, the board was renamed to San Denis. The street signs in San Denis are actually written on the sidewalks with blue lettering on white tiles.
  • A man named Arthur O’Malley found a corpse lying next to an upturned boat in the area of shoreline just south of flat neck station in Grand Theft Auto 4. The man found a letter addressed to Bonnie McFarlane, the woman who rescued John Marston in the first Red Dead Redemption game. The letter said, “I never stopped before slumping down into a motionless heap.”
  • During the Red Dead Redemption mission inside with the Mexican wagon train number 84, Ricketts told John Marston, “Keep jumping from one side of the fence to the other you might get impaled on it.” This is the very same line that Ricketts says to John Marston in the book ‘Red Dead Redemption’.
  • A video game based on the 1922 Sunim film ‘Nosferatu’ has surfaced online. The video shows a vampire with a pair of nails and fangs. It also shows the vampire’s mother being buried in Blackwater and a location between dead boot Creek and spider gorge where Arthur can find the bones of a large tusks to mammal.
  • A skeleton of a mammoth has been found on the map of the video game ‘Fortnite’. The skeleton was found by Arthur, a character in the game, on Mount Shan north of strawberry. “The mammoth went extinct around 4000 years ago yet the skeleton is just sitting on the ground like it died mere months before mmm number 89 picking up skeletons,” the game said.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 is the joint fifth highest rated game ever like of all time of any game ever made, according to Metacritic. The game received 10 out of 10 ratings from various gaming media outlets including Game Informer and IGN. It also received 5-star ratings from AGM GamesRadar and giant bomber number 94 at the time of making this video metacritic.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 has become the most pre-ordered PlayStation 4 game ever with over 99 lakh pre-orders. It’s also the most-pre-ordered video game of all time with over 20 million copies shipped as of November 20 1997. The game is also among the best-selling video games of all times.
  • ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ has become the largest opening weekend of any game in the history of entertainment, raking in 725 million dollars in its first three days. ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ had a bigger launch given that it made 1 billion dollars in it’s first 3 days. However, it doesn’t get that juicy opening weekend accolade number ahold and grow.
  • Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games you’ve ever played and what the heck would that be about. In this video, I’m going to ask you if you’d want to see a RedDead Redemption three. I’ll see you there bones, bones bones bones Bones bones bones.
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