101 Facts About Silent Hill

The silent hill is a series of games that’s set in the fictional American town of well silence hill. It’s not particularly action-packed but it’s the series that was originally going to be based on scrubs. The pyramid head is meant to represent which silent hill game was originally planned to bebased on scrubs how come nobody’s invented a washing machine for people yet it would be like a mix between a fairground ride and a shower.

  • The first four games in the Silent Hill franchise were made by a group of developers and creatives within the company konami called team silent. It was headed up and directed by kichiro toyama number four and it influenced one of the biggest series of the current century stranger things its creators the duffer brothers cited as a direct influence.
  • Silent Hill is a survival horror game that was released on the PlayStation in 1986. The game is set in a town called silent hill and the year it’s set in is not known. The game’s setup consisted of a little bit of combat but that wasn’t the sole focus there’s also an emphasis on exploration and solving puzzles too.
  • The official strategy guide for ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ was wrong because it was focused on solving puzzles from within this older version of the game that simply did not exist anymore number 10. The game’s also heavily influenced by certain American tv shows and movies too for instance the aforementioned david lynch’s twin peaks is pretty similar.
  • Actressryl lee, who plays the mysterious laura palmer in ‘Twin Peaks’, has made a reference to the elementary school in silence hill midwich. The school has many similarities with the school in the 1990 schwarzenegger and small child vehicle kindergarten cop. The teachers of the school are also pretty cool and the thank you staff seem to be named after the members of the rock band sonic youth.
  • Eight references to real life burger king and 7-eleven have been made to parody the franchises that appear to dominate our lives all over the world to point out how everything is standardized these days. The first reference to burger king was made in 1996 by the group of konami staff known as team silent who were told to create a game that would be successful in the US.
  • Silent Hill is a horror video game that was released in 2012 by Ubisoft. The game is set in a small town called Silent Hill, where the player is tasked with solving a series of puzzles in order to find out what’s going on in the town. It was released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.
  • The final boss in the game will automatically die if you have no ammo cycling through your weapons with no ammunition will cause it to just die on the spot. It probably means something number 25 one enemy is a hashtag exclusive to the American version of the game. The grey children the little frankly annoying demon things are as tall as a child.
  • Silent Hill 2 was released in 2000 for the PS2 and was the sequel to the original silent hill game released in 1999. The sequel was based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. The game’s plot revolves around a widower who journeys to the town after receiving a letter from his dead wife informing him that she’s waiting there for him.
  • Silent Hill 2’s creator masahiro ito has revealed that the pyramid head in the game isn’t fog this time. “The pyramid head is a physical manifestation of how silent hill works,” he said. The pyramid head was first seen in Silent Hill: Silence Hill, which was released in 1999.
  • Actor Eddie Dombrowski, while talking about his wife and what he feels about how she used to be before she was, said, ” ill can’t have been a looker then number 34’s first encounter with pyramid head in which he hides in a closet is very similar to a scene in the david lynch movie blue velvet.”
  • Japanese directormatahiro ito has revealed that the vomiting scene in ‘Eddie’ was a lot grosser and had a lot more sound effects. He added that the computer making the scene crashed and so they had to remake it this time making the decision to have it less graphic number 39 in vance.
  • Silent Hill 2’s sound wizard Akira yamaoka has revealed that he recorded over 100 different types of footsteps for the game to make sure it didn’t get repetitive. He further said that silent hill 2 plays randomized noises while playing through the game which can be different on every play through just to keep you on your trotters.
  • A handgun can be found in a supermarket trolley which is apparently a little satirical dig at the fact that guns seem to love guns to the point that you can buy them in supermarkets. The game also has six different endings three of which can be achieved when playing through it for the first time.
  • A dog named meera has been the one responsible for your torment in the ‘Silent Hill’ series, according to a Reddit user. meera is a shiba inu dog by the way and actually appears in other games in the series including silent hill origins and silent hill shattered memories. She appears as a hostage in silent hill book of memories number 50.
  • The video game ‘Silent Hill 3′, which was released in 2003, is a sequel to the 2003 game’silent hill’. In the first game, heather walder was a baby in the incubator at the end of the game. She wakes up in the mall after being hit by a roller coaster in a dream but it’s not quite how she remembers it.
  • Silent Hills 3 is a direct secret of the first game as we already said which the second one had nothing to do with confusing right well originally again it wasn’t supposed to be but there were quite a few loose ends in first game which was meant to be the point.
  • Silent Hill arcade game was released in 2007 under the name silent hill arcade. It was not well received and even called an extremely unnecessary spin on the classic survival horror series and like playing vomit by destructoid ouch number 58 again they were quick to start production and it’s worth noting that simultaneously a different horror game was being developed by team silence named room 302.
  • Silent Hill 2’s heather beam is based on the character of julianne moore, who played the role of claudia in ‘Claudia’. In the game, heather thinks about putting her hand in a toilet and then sensibly says no referring to a scene in which does exactly that number 63 when you beat the game. heather beam can fire from right out of our eyes.
  • The map for the church looks like it was drawn by a child and that’s because it was Drawn by a Child specifically by the son of a friend of one of the designers of the game to be fair. It’s pretty astronomical for instance medium only needs you to recognize patterns but hard assumes you have in-depth knowledge of shakespearean plays to figure out certain puzzles.
  • Silent Hill 4 is the fourth game in the Silent Hill video game series. It was released in 2004 and was a spin-off of the first three games in the series. The game was set in the fictional city of ashfield which is nearby and follows henry townsend as he attempts to escape from his lockdown apartment.
  • Silent Hill 2’s soundtrack contains a second disc that features akira tamoka reading spooky classical stories to the accompaniment of his music. This could be a reference to the holes that henry uses to travel between the realms he really should get a landlord or superintendent to see to that number 74.
  • simon hill origins was originally planned as a dark comedy, but it was completely changed into a comedy inspired by scrubs of all things this was called bizarre which it is and so it was entirely changed imagine if the main character stopped and daydream to mid-battle madness number 78 and then after silent hill origins or silent hill zero.
  • Japanese video game developer Akira Yamaoka has revealed that the upcoming game ‘Homecoming’ will be a silent hill game. “The psychological horror this time would take place in daylight which doesn’t really look like it panned out does it number 81 by the way this is the only silent hills game where the protagonist is actually experienced in combat to an extent,” Yamaoka said.
  • Silent Hill:Shattered Memories is a remake of the first Silent Hill game, which was released in 2009 and 2010. The new game has a smartphone as well as the same story and characters as the first one. In the game, players will have to remove knives from people to save them in real life as that will make things significantly worse.
  • A gameboy advance remake of the first game called ‘Play novel silence hill’ has been released. The game had a unique feature called the psych profile which warns you that it plays you as much as you play it and adapts depending on how you play and how you answer certain questions in a therapy session.
  • Hideo kojima’s silent hill game ‘Pt the game or demo’ appeared on the PlayStation Store in 2014 for free. It was set to be a playable teaser for the game. However, the game was cancelled after kojima and konami cancelled the game called’silence hills with normanus number 93′.
  • Japanese video game developer jukajima has released a new game for the PlayStation 4 called ‘Jukajima’. It’s a puzzle game where the player has to walk a certain number of steps saying the name ‘lisa’ out loud in real life into a microphone or simply standing still when a baby cries. The game was released in Japan on December 9.
  • The first-person survival horror video game ‘Science Hills’, which is being developed by Sweden’s rhodes, has been released for the PlayStation 4. The game features a male protagonist who attempts to unravel the mystery behind his missing family over five nights in a haunted town’s house in the united kingdom. It’s set to release on November 14.
  • The silent hill in Silent Hill was part of the larger game but it didn’t even happen. Evidence to suggest it was going to be part of…larger game at all and that game did not even happen so was it really worth mentioning probably not but hey i talked about it anyway because it’s weird silence hill’sweird and thus brings an end to our weird video.
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