101 Facts About Spyro The Dragon

Spyro the Dragon was the first video game to feature a purple dragon. The game was released in 1989 and was based on the 1989 film’Spyro: The Dragon’. In a recent interview, the game’s creator, Spyro himself, revealed that the purple dragon was inspired by ‘The Lion King’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ films.

  • Spyro the Dragon was created by game studio insomniac games first appearing in the eponymously titled PlayStation game in 1998. The game was released in 1998 a fairly mediocre year for gaming with forgettable titles like half-life Legend of Ocarina of Time Resident Evil 2 Metal Gear Solid and banjo kazooie clogging up the game.
  • Universal Interactive’s President Mark Kearney has revealed that the company is working on a video game aimed at children. Kearney said that the game would be about dragons. He added that the team initially started with big scary medieval looking dragons they have claws like this teeth like this and they spit fire like this before transitioning to the happy friendly purple dragon wing.
  • The team behind’Spyro the Dragon’ was originally going to be a green dragon and had the placeholder name Pete in reference to the 1977 film ‘Pete’s Dragon’. The team and insomniac never watched the film because the dragon in Pete’s dragon is called Eliot’s Pete is the sad little orphan boy who befriends the dragon.
  • Disney has revealed that they initially considered the names ‘Spitfire’ and ‘Pyro’ for their fire starter character Spiro. However, they decided these names sounded too adult and kept brainstorming Chief Creative Officer Brian Hastings had heard from mark Kearney that five letter names like Sonic that ended with the letter ‘O’ worked best for these types of mascot characters.
  • During a recent interview,’Spyro The Dragon’ designer Kirsten Vance revealed that the team tried many different colors for Spyro from green to pink to red purple ended up being the one that stuck as it stood out the most in the game’s environments. The team also tried green which blended in with the grass or blue which was too similar to a blue sky number 50.
  • Activision’s Brian Hastings has revealed that the most impressive technical achievement in developing Spyro was working around the PlayStation’s limited tech to achieve their large open levels. “Most games at the time were restricted to indoor environments or use the infamous fog effect to limit the draw distance because the PlayStation couldn’t render enough textured Spyro achieve this by rendering a textualist,” he added.
  • Jennifer Lawrence was unable to voice anyone in the game and she was both a years old and also entirely unknown to the entertainment industry, according to reports. She was also a year older than the game’s character Sam, reports added. “Sorry Sam wasn’t meant to be maybe she can play Sheila in the live-action adaptation,” an official said.
  • The music for Spyro the Dragon was composed by Stewart Copeland who you may already know is the drummer from the police depending on how elderly you are Copeland actually worked on the Spyro franchise right up to enter the Dragonfly which we’ll get to in due time. Copeland would play through the level multiple times to get a feel for each theme.
  • Stewart Copeland’s son Patrick now works for insomniac games. Stewart’s theme for Wizards of the Coast was used as an intro for the TV series The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon starring hot mess amanda Bynes number 28 in the game’s opening TV interview seen the dragon aster card recall if they had 12,000 treasure or 14,000 this is because there is 12,000 treasure and tenable in the main game.
  • The original Spyro the Dragon game was released on November 2, 1999 on the PlayStation 1 console. It was followed by the Spyro 2 game on November 3, 1999. The game’s principal antagonist rip toga is named from the way the logo of the original Spyro appeared in the Japanese version with the characters appearing to spell out ripped open number 34 according to a behind-the-scenes video released by PlayStation underground radical dude.
  • Director of animation Oliver Wade has revealed that the design of the video game’Spyro’ was based on him. Wade revealed that he was working on a level design for the game when a co-worker and friend of his named Caroline Trujillo who worked as a level designer on the game asked him to model the character’s face.
  • The Japanese voice of Charlie Brown in the Charlie Brown and Snoopy show and Edith in Despicable Me number 39 are some of the credits to her name. The orange gear grinders and their accompanying little robots apparently served as a basis for Ratchet and Clank. The gem cutter all he knows his name suggests that the lovable jerboa has either met spire before or learnt of his name through some form of psychic ability.
  • The name hunter on the super portal keypads in the video game ‘Spyro: Year of the Dragon’ refers to his birthday. The game’s developer insomniac games has confirmed that hunter was using the European date format making his birthday the 22nd of April 1975 number 43. This information produces a number of bizarre implications as it would suggest that hunter is 24 at the time of the game.
  • The year 2000 was in fact the year of the dragon in the Chinese zodiac noise number 45. It was released less than a year after riptos rage had been in production for a little over ten months. The spice of life guys get on board number 47 in an early version of the game ruby one of the babies dragon was known as Lockeford.
  • Video game designer Brian Hastings has revealed that the code up left left right down Square Circle Square while in the pause menu will turn Spyro skateboard into a squid. The squid was originally going to be a mini game in a Lost fleet world which involved riding a squid but it was ultimately replaced with a skateboard which was thought to be better fit.
  • The Shepherd number 55 in the first three games in the series is apparently injured during the production of the games whenever a person messed up or blundered they got the Shepherd number 54 in the year 2000 insomniac gave up the franchise after creating the first 3 games.
  • Jon Torito, one of the artists on the game ‘Spyro’, has said that making free games in three years is a surefire way to get sick of everything about it. He added that the team wanted to move on to new projects so which is your favourite game of the original trilogy.
  • The latest Spyro game, ‘Enter the Dragon’, has been criticised for its short length, poor controls and numerous glitches and bugs. The game’s title is a delightful little pun on Enter the Dragon a Bruce Lee classic 1973 martial arts action film number 59 interestingly sparrows first big buddy Canasta Connaught god damn it Christopher we originally going to be featured in the game as a secondary antagonist.
  • Developer Vicarious Visions has revealed that the first appearance of Nina cortex, a character who has gone on to make numerous outings within the Crash Bandicoot universe, appeared in two of its crossover games for the Game Boy Advance. However, it wasn’t Vicarious who actually created cortex but another development company called travelers tales who weren’t happy to learn that the character appeared in these games without their knowledge.
  • A Nintendo 64 spin-off called age at 9:00 at prime 8 which would have featured age of 9 the monkey spy from Spyro 3 and a delightful James Bond parently sadly agent 9 prime 8 was ultimately cancelled. The development process for the game was work to create the PSP game deaf Junior number 65 at around the same time spyro also appeared in crash twinsanity.
  • A hero’s tale is the fifth game in the main Spyro series and saw the arrival of the surprisingly male Jess Harnell as the voice of Spyro number 67 hour. It is also the first main series Spyro game in which the music is not composed by stewart copeland change comes whether we like it or not you can have that line take it use it in your life.
  • A video game fan working at eurocom number 74 found a creepy unfinished Hogwarts level can be found hidden in the game code at the time eurocom was also developing the video game version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Hogwarts. There is also a robot NPC named Murgat found in Reza Boccieri who wears a conspicuous outfit of a red shirt blue overalls.
  • The Legend of Spyro reboot trilogy was the first of which arrived in late 2006 entitled a new beginning because of the darker tone and a more serious storyline allowing the crater to finally corner the coveted emos who were into purple through the dragons market number 77. The voice of Spyro was provided by legitimate a list actor Elijah Wood.
  • Actor David Spade has provided the voice of sparks in a new beginning in ‘The Legend of Spyro’ series. Spade said, “You almost torched me. I’m friends with Adam Sandler. Is it just me or is that weird dude?” The Dutch translation for the European release has a different subtitle instead known as the legend Van Sparrow in Jack.
  • David Spade has been replaced as the voice of sparks in ‘The Legend of Spyro’ series by veteran voice actor Billy West. Spade was replaced by Billy West, who is known for voicing numerous characters in ‘Ren & Stimpy’ and ‘Stimpy Show’. Spade had voiced sparks in the first two games in the series.
  • The music in the Legend of Spyro trilogy was composed by Rebecca Noble and Gabrielle Mann noble actually sang on this broken soul and guide you home the ending
  • The Legend of Spyro 3d is an animated spyro movie based on The Legend Of Spyro reboot trilogy. The film was to be directed by Mark AZ tip and would have been the first time directing since 1997 spawn. It was postponed then confirmed to have been cancelled shortly after likely due to the rebranding of Spyro 4 Skylanders number 89 following the conclusion.
  • Activision has announced that it will be releasing a remastered trilogy of the Spyro franchise. The trilogy will include remastered versions of the original free spyro games spyro the dragon Spyro 2 riptos rage and Spyro Year of the Dragon number 92 voice actors Tom Kenny Richard Tatum and Greg are confirmed to reprise their roles for this free master.
  • Toys for Bob, the company behind the Skylanders franchise, has announced that it will be releasing a new Spyro video game trilogy. The new trilogy will include the original source assets for the first Spyro games which have since been lost. It will also include new music, new graphics recreateds and voice acting number 95 in order to faithfully recreate the original games.
  • Stewart Copeland, who composed the music for the original ‘Scrooge’ game, has said that he won’t be working on the soundtrack for the upcoming remake of the game. He added that the game will feature a new original track from him entitled ‘tiger tree’ which will be heard in a particular menu screen.
  • American singer-songwriter Copeland has revealed that he’ll be going on tour in 2019 with his song’spire music’. “I’m still in here because my life’s come out as the door opening a leaf sleeping,” he said. Copeland will be playing the song on his upcoming tour, which will take place in 2019.
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