101 Facts About The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

In this edition of 101 facts about skyloft, we find out that the game was the first canon game in it. It also established the extensive and sometimes contradictory zelda timeline by being the first game to do so. It’s also the game that established the floating island above a thick layer of cloud that miraculously disappears once on the surface.

  • zelda skyward sword is the 16th mainline entry in the legend of zelda video game series. It was released in 2011 as part of the 30th anniversary celebration ofzelda games. skyward sword took a whole five years to develop making it joint longest development time forzelda game alongside breath of the wild number five.
  • Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that the development team had a few ideas in the works for another zelda game on the after twilight princess. He added that he wanted the next game to appeal to casual and hardcore gamers alike number seven when e3 2008 rolled along the next year.
  • Miyamoto has revealed that the motion plus technology was originally scrapped for use in skyward sword because the controls just weren’t working very well. However, after the release of sports resorts and their implementation of motion plus, they added it back in again. The team also showed a new demo for the game at the 2011 games developers conference.
  • A demo of the upcoming video game ‘Skyloft’, which is based on a real-life place the French city of monster doesnelle, has been released. The demo gave the first look at redesigned versions of skull tula and liz alfoss from previous games and introduced players to the very first official boss enemy clocktos number 14 style of the game.
  • The skyloft sword in skywards is modeled after a real-life bird called a shoe bill so it fits right into a fancy land number 17. headmaster gabora of sky academy is also modelled after a bird an owl to be specific he also bears a striking resemblance to al gabora from ocarina of time and some theory suggests that the owl is reincarnation of headmaster number 21.
  • Nintendo has released a new trailer for its upcoming video game ‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’. The trailer shows the game’s main character, Zelda, and her companion, Link, as they travel through an alternate world. The game will be released on Nintendo’s Switch platform on November 14.
  • The game’skyward sword’, which was released in 2011, can only be played in 16×9 resolution, no ultra hd 50k fancy pixels and whatnot to be fair. The game did have full screen capability if you tried to put skyward sword in full screen it would just let a box number 26 the music in the game.
  • skyward sword is the first soldier game to feature a stamina meter which would go on to be used in various other installments like breath of the wild this makes link seem a bit more grounded even though he can do things that he certainly can’t number 30 this means that when running climbing or even swimming link will eventually get tired.
  • The first incarnation of zelda is gifted to link by the goddess hylia who also happens to be the first incarnation. hylia is the guardian of the triforce after it’s given to her by the three goddesses who make the world and then went away for some reason no one knows why. moving on number 37 hylia decides to be reborn into a mortal form.
  • One of the worst parts of the game number 39 in skyward sword link has the title of the hero of the skies because the game takes place in the sky just like the ocarina of time he’s the heroes of time and in wind waker he’ll be thehero of wind which is coincidentally my nickname after I’ve had a curry number 40.
  • Skyloft’s skydiving feature is very similar to the skydiving game and sports resort which drew a lot of inspiration from when considering the controls and motion plus gameplay number 46 on your air travels. The knights of skyloft each night wears a different colour tunic blue red or green these are a reference to the tunics you get in ocarina of time.
  • If you had certain rings number 47 the first boss you encounter in skyward sword is girohim he’s a demon and sword spirit and the counterpart of fee as well as a dark version of the master sword. He’s very dramatic and sassy and emotional which is basically the opposite of fee why can’t they swap he sounds a lot cooler number 48.
  • An ancient automaton who is in the ancient cistern his name means round one in polish or in his title means demon tated sacred instrument in other words it’s basically telling you he’s possessed by girohee’s dark energy. The most boring name in every other language is thousand armed guardian in german and in spanish, gollum of darkness.
  • Tentalist is also known as the abyssal leviathan which is a kick-ass name for such a dumb monster number 55. tantalus battle is very similar to the battle with fire tops in spirit tracks both enemies are huge and live in water and attack with their tentacles and both of them have a weakness in their one eye just a few similarities there then number 56.
  • number 58 levis was appointed as the guardian of the skies by hylia who was corrupted by evil forces and played with the bilocite a parasite who controls him and makes him more aggressive so by dealing with bile site you cure levias and everyone is happy number 59 finally after a third battle with the imprisonment in giroheim.
  • Nintendo has released a new trailer for its upcoming video game ‘zelda: skyward sword’. The trailer shows a girl named kukiel who says she was told it was too dangerous to go out alone which might be a winking or not of the now. The video also shows a callback to the very first legend of zelda game appearing in a side quest involving a little girl.
  • Nintendo has revealed that the star bits from mario galaxy were inspired by the candy con pieto. It also revealed that a chat by the name of rupin runs in the game and lets players know that number 68 is a secret to everybody. It’s a secret that appears throughout the zelda games.
  • Skyloft’s latest game ‘zelda timeline’ has been criticised for references to movies. The game has some of the most advanced technology including electricity which barely appeared in the previous titles number 71. It also references movies too as links go it’s not great is it but you know this game’s all about links anyway.
  • If you want to get intozelda’s room you can crawl through a passage that would take you inside once you’re inside, read her diary, get a heart piece and at night you can find a gratitude crystal. You can also find a tingle doll at night and at the beginning of the day you’ll see the headmaster taking a bath.
  • There’s a bathroom in the skyloft academy where you can sit on the toilet and as link gets back up it flushes. You can also enter groot’s room in the academy and if you do you’ll find a punching bag with a poorly drawn picture of link’s face stuck to it.
  • There’s a link to the past number 79 as you’re going through the sealed grounds you can see carvings going along the walls these carvings show the events from the opening cinematic scenes that are shown right at the beginning of the game number 80.
  • A video has surfaced online, showing a character named Levis, who looks similar to the wind fish from Link’s awakening. Levis is also infested with parasites like jabbo jaboo and ocarina of time jabu-jabu. The video also shows the goddess harp, which can be used during the end credits to push the game forward.
  • Players are still beating speed running records for the game as recently as April 2021 number 88 in case you were wondering by the way the record appears to be 1 hour and 21 minutes and 49 seconds by a user named sva on what’s called an any percent run. This record was set in 2021 but other ones with different categories are still being broken.
  • Eurogamer journalists for 10 out of 10 scores from ign videogamer.com eurogamer game informer and edge as well as being forty out of forty on famitsu and a 93 aggregate on metacritic number 91. It was also metacritic’s 10th highest scoring game in the year of 2011 and it’s the sixth best reviewed game of all time for context.
  • The developers of the ‘zelda’ video game series have announced that they will be re-evaluating the future of the series. This comes after the series received negative feedback on social media. The developers said that the feedback led to the development of ‘breath of the wild’, a new game in the series that will be released in 2021.
  • Ubisoft has announced that the remastered version of ‘Assassin’s Creed’ will allow players to skip tutorial messages and fast-forward through dialogue. It’ll also allow them to call for help rather than her interrupt which can only be a good thing on the downside. However, they’ll be releasing a zelda and loftwing amiibo which will allow users to instantly switch between the surface and the sky.
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