101 Facts About The Sims

The sims is a series of highly entertaining life simulation video games. It’s been a big part of our millennial little lives and has been a hidden conspiracy at the center of the sims Howard guinea pigs responsible for a sim massacre. We go through 101 facts about the sims galley gulag number one.

  • The ‘Sim City’ video game series was created by American video game designer Will Wright who also co-founded the former game development company Maxis and first rose to prominence after creating the 1989 video games Sim City number four. Wright also has the name of a supervillain but also Co-founded Maxis.
  • ‘The Sims’ was originally going to be an architecture simulator that allowed players the ability to build houses while the Sims were added to simply interact with and respond to the various objects created for the game, it would have just been build mode. However, it quickly became obvious that these Sims were one of the more interesting aspects of the game.
  • The first prototype of the Sims was created in 1993 seven years before the first game was eventually released initially involved a single sim navigating their environment and interacting with objects. The direction was changed to make these characters the focus of the project. The Sims never got made good night number nine Oh psyche was bought by Electronic Arts in 1997 and the new powers-that-be were more receptive to Wright’s idea.
  • Former US President Barack Obama’s architect-turned-game designer David Wright has said that he initially envisioned the Sims as a satire of US consumer culture. Wright added that he took inspo from three main sources, the first of which was the 1977 architecture and urban design book a pattern language which to this day remains one of the best-selling books in architecture.
  • The first object ever implemented into the Sims was in fact the humble toilette this is because of its versatile as it can be used for a variety of purposes, according to a new study. The study found that the first object implemented into Sims was the toilette, which was the first item ever implemented in the game.
  • Electronic Arts’ ‘The Sims’ designer Wright Hirai has revealed that the game’s user interface was redesigned from scratch a total of 11 times during the design process. Wright added that the Sims came across as so mundane too early tester groups that he had feared the game would never happen. The Sims was released in February of the year 2000.
  • Microsoft has announced that the first Sims game will be available on the PC on June 30. The game will feature seven expansion packs and two deluxe editions with exclusive content together these titles represent the first generation of the series on PC. It will also feature the teleport item a teleport is instead of stairs that I desperately want someone to invent in real life.
  • The currency used in the world of Sims is the Somalian a word that believe it or not actually existed already before the Sims it derives from Simon’s an 18th century British slang for six months number twenty-three samolians represented in the game by the section symbol a typographical glyph used a reference individual numbered sections of text most commonly in legal documents.
  • Simlish, the official language of the ‘Sims’, allows players to discern a sims feelings and emotional states based on their tone and tempo without the repetitive sound of dialogue formed using real languages. Simlish does actually draw from various real-life languages including UKrainian French Latin Finnish.
  • A video of a machine available to find the Sims has gone viral on social media. The machine is called the see me feel me machine and the description of which ends with by Toriko of course this is a sly of reference to the song ‘See Me Feel Me’ by the British rock band the Who.
  • The Sims is a PC video game developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. The game was released on March 22, 2002 and has sold over 63 million copies worldwide. It has become the best-selling PC game in history, with 16 million copies shipped worldwide by February 2005.
  • The Sims was the first video game to appear on the cover of Newsweek. The game was featured in the first and third episode of the fourth season of the American drama TV series Six Feet Under in which the game was played by the character of Arthur who is in turn played by Dwight himself Rainn Wilson who isn’t landing played as a sim by a twelve-year-old boy.
  • A virus introduced into the game ‘The Sims’ caused many Sims to fall ill seemingly without explanation. The virus was introduced in the game’s ‘Living Large’ expansion, which introduced pet guinea pigs to the game. Sims were getting sick after being bitten by the guinea pigs that were introduced in living large and even more specifically it was by those living in dirty cages that hadn’t been cleaned.
  • ‘The Drew Carey Show’ actor Drew Carey has revealed that he is a fan of ‘The Sims’ and even parodied them in an episode of his sitcom. Carey said, “I’m a huge fan of The Sims. It’s one of my favourite games.” He added, “It’s a game where you can take your sins on a much-needed break from guinea pig disease and being tormented.”
  • Electronic Arts released The Sims 2 on the 14th of September 2004 in some countries where this was the first Sims game released. It was just called The Sims which is bafflingly confusing number 45 here’s something weird the Sims games actually kind of have a narrative for instance even though it was released only for real life years after the Sims 1 the Sims 2.
  • The Sims 2 is set 25 years after the original Sims game, which was released in 1988. The game takes place in a fully 3D environment with fully 3d sprites this is in contrast to the first one which instead had 2d & dimetric projection.
  • ‘The Sims 2’ creator Maxis has revealed that the game’s level 51 was added to make the Sims similar to real-life people. Maxis added that the aspiration system was to give them an aspiration system now. He further said that the Sims 2 had to be recreated from a scorched Sims earth because of the evolution from 2 to 3d.
  • The Sims 2 storm number 54 has been released and it includes eight expansion packs, nine stuff packs and over 400 individual items. The expansion packs include weather from seasons and driving cars in nightlife, among other features. It also includes nine stuffpacks, nine pet packs and nine business packs, among others.
  • A fire in the server room of Maxis, the developer of ‘Simlish’, has led to the loss of data for the game’s base game and an expansion pack. The data was then lost number 55. The expansion pack was left to be released later down the line number 56 players extra realistic as possible the develops of the game somehow got real musical artists cored their songs in Simlish.
  • Actors living in an apartment with glass walls in the Netherlands for four days took suggestions about what to do from email as well as through glass walls and would be in character the whole time. The actors lived in Sturken boobs they could be viewed on a viral website. The suggestions weren’t that bad number 59 in The Sims 2.
  • The Sims 2’s expansion pack ‘Pet’ is the most successful expansion pack ever selling over 6 million copies, according to Nintendo 64. It sold over 1 million copies in its first 10 days, a record at the time. It also made it to the Game Boy Advance and was also a spin-off of the herbs sims in the city on the wall near its entrance.
  • The Game Boy Advance version of ‘The Sims’ had an unused minigame called’Yeti labs cake’. The game had unused red and green skin tones for that intergalactic feel one number 66 do with this information what you will. The Gameboy Advance version also had an Unused mini game called ‘A Yeti lab cake’ I have no idea what it is and frankly I don’t want to know either number 67.
  • The Sims 3 was released in 2009 on the 2nd of June and it was the largest release in the history of the PC with 1.4 million copies sold within the first week. The game was set 25 years before the first Sims. It had a whole litany of new features including improved sim creation tools better building tools and oodles more wishes and goals.
  • The latest expansion pack for the video game ‘Sims 3′ has been released and it’s called’Heights’. It’s a pre-made household with characters within it called Fryderyk rama lyle attorney and BOTS named Ben Doe. The expansion pack also includes an expansion pack called into the future which is weird given the sims 3.
  • EA has released an expansion pack for its Sims 3 game that includes a reference to the Mass Effect series number 77. The expansion pack also includes a beard for boys that looks similar to that of Seneca Crane that weird guy from the first Hunger Games film which is in the future.
  • A fish with three eyes can be found in the waters there this is a clear reference to blinky the three-eyed fish from the same person Simpsons never heard of it. There is a time portal in the game because remember it’s a simulation of real life which is called the well Z and time portal.
  • The Sims 4 was announced in 2013 and came out in 2014 and it’s the first Sims game to have a timeline. The Sims 3 was released in 2015 and it was the first game in the series to have an expansion pack. The third Sims game, Sims 3 Dark Ages, released in 2017 and it had armed combat in the environment.
  • sims 4 has been released with new career packs that include new careers basements ghosts pools toddlers terrain tools six things that should never ever go together number 87Predictably the sims 4 is more stuff than an Easter Bunny’s sack don’t with Easter eggs for instance. There’s a poster of Henry pufta an obvious allegory for Harry Potter there’s Mapple kitchen appliances that sound very similar to Apple.
  • If the pregnancy meets strawberries and listens to pop music on the radio it’s more likely to be a girl the same is true for carrots and alternative music for boys because remember the game is exactly like real-life number 90 weirdly you can enter a tree in this game. You can talk to the tree then enter a secret area called Sylvan glades.
  • Sims Ville, a spin-off game based on The Sims, is set to be released this year. The game will allow players to control lots of different houses at once, allowing them to control them at the same time. It’ll also feature 3d neighbourhoods which were originally from Sims Ville feature as well as number 96.
  • The French Postal Service printed three million stamps in unlimited heroes of video games collection in 2005. It featured ten different stamps including Mario and Link. It also got the record for best-selling PC game series with an estimated count of 36 to 50 million units as a franchise. The Sims has been made available in 22 languages across 66 countries worldwide.
  • A live-action film based on ‘The Sims’ was announced in 2007 by 20th Century Fox. The film was to be written by Brian Lynch, who is known for films like ‘Despicable Me’ and’Minions’. Jennifer Lawrence was reportedly set to play Bella in the film. However, the film has now been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • but it might be me so we’re both good so go for one of them bye
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