101 Facts About Xbox

Xbox is a video gaming brand created and owned by Microsoft, it ain’t Xbox. It’s a video game console created by Microsoft and released by Microsoft. Xbox is the first video gaming console to be released in the world, it was released in November 2006.

  • The first Xbox console was released on November 15, 2001 in North America. It was released in Japan on February 22, 2002 and then in Europe and Australia on March 14, 2002. The Xbox was originally pitched to Sony as a partnership but Sony declined and so Microsoft decided to walk a lonely road the only road that I have ever known don’t know where it goes.
  • Microsoft’s first gaming console was designed by Otto Burks and Ted Burks, who all wanted to create the console number nine initially there were two teams of Microsoft he wants to make the console the first wanted to Create a traditional gaming console number five initially there was another 35 name suggested before Xbox was picked these included mind e to a o and face ah.
  • Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates has revealed that he wanted to build an Xbox console with a built-in hard drive. Gates said, “I wanted to make a console that would run on Windows and have a hard drive.” He added, “It would have eight PCs in disguise and a Windows-based operating system.” Gates further said that he was threatened to quit if the hard drive was removed.
  • Microsoft CEO Bill Gates has revealed that Dwayne Johnson helped promote Xbox at the Consumer Electronics Show 2001 namely Dwayne Johnson sold number 16 AMD was going to be the processor manufacturer for Xbox but when Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Gates in 2001.
  • Intel has announced that it will be powering Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console. The console will be powered by Intel’s Nehalem architecture and will be available in the first half of next year. This comes after AMD was dropped from the Xbox lineup last year. AMD’s representatives had found out they’ve been dropped while listening to gate announcement.
  • Microsoft’s Xbox One has become the first video game console to sell 20 lakh units in its first week of release, according to data from NPD Group. The console sold over 1 million units on its first 24 hours of release. The previous record was held by Sony’s PlayStation 3, which sold over 20 lakh consoles in the first week.
  • Microsoft’s ‘Halo’ has become the fastest-selling console game ever, selling over 1 million units within 5 months of its release. The game sold 2.5 million units in the first 24 hours after was released second time’s the charm. It was also the fastest selling console game in the Jonassen generation.
  • Microsoft’s corporate vice president of interactive entertainment business division Peter Moore has revealed that he got a halo 2 tattoo in honour of his son, who claimed it was fake. Moore also worked at Sega before Xbox as Sega’s relevants in the gaming industry decline. Moore worked for Reebok for almost two decades and even spent time as a PE teacher.
  • Yujinaka, one of the guys who created Sonic the Hedgehog, has revealed that he once accused him of falsifying the responses of a focus group in which young people compared Sega to a granddad who used to be cool upon hearing this message back to nacre God number 32. Moore he once got a vitriolic email from Bill Gates after he wants took down the service of Microsoft.
  • Liverpool United’s new CEO Ian Ayre has been given the number 35 as a tribute to the club’s former owner John Henry. Ayre, who took over the role in January, has previously served as the CEO of Premier League side Aston Villa and as the head of EA Sports. He has also served as a director of Liverpool United.
  • As many as 39 people came up with a variety of fixes including wrapping the Xbox in towels and pennies to the circuit board. The recall costs over this mistake was 1.15 billion dollars 240 million of which was FedEx delivery costs. The red ring of death problem would require a recall costing over 1 billion dollars CEO Steve Ballmer approved it without hesitation.
  • Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has been named the world’s most popular video game console by IGN. It’s followed by Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii. The Xbox 360 is followed by the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 3 is the most popular game console in the world with over 100 million units sold.
  • Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates has said that he felt Sega no longer had the clout to benefit the Xbox brand. Gates added that Sega had a small push to make the main character pumplinx the time sweeper the mascot for Xbox but the game performed so badly that blinks never really materialized as a brand cute and fuzzy cheerleader ultimately halos Master Chief emerged as Xbox’s facto mascot.
  • Microsoft’s head of Xbox Bill Spencer took to Twitter to share a picture of himself with his children and wrote, “My favourite original Xbox game is voodoo Vince as it’s the first game I completed with my children.” He added, “The game features a cute little voodoo doll who harms himself in order to harm others.”
  • World number 54 Shamus was a games designer early on in his career and made the PC game flight unlimited. The reason he was able to mirror sophisticated physics systems in flight unlimited is because he is in fact a physics expert and an experienced pilot. It’s like Indiana Jones number 55 likely himself as a collection of over 500 old arcade games.
  • The world’s first morbidly obese console controller, the Xbox controller number 60, was released in Japan in 1994. It was the first console controller designed for users with small hands such as children or the President to go to States however it was later rolled out elsewhere number 62 the first Xbox.
  • The original Xbox controller weighs eight pounds more than the PlayStation 2 and peppier than the average newborn baby, according to a report. The controller had built-in vibration motors for an even more sensory gaming experience. It also had a huge 40 button control system with two joysticks and no chill whatsoever could grease.
  • A user by the name of stallion 83 was the first to reach 1 million gamers score and held the record for the highest gamer score for 11 years. stallion 83 got a gold Xbox live membership card and a lifetime membership to the service see it is economically worth your time don’t listen to your parents or bounce number 68 however stallion 83 score was recently toppled.
  • Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has revealed that the total number of gaming hours that players have racked up is a staggering 100 billion. He added that the number of achievements that people have worked their fingers and thumbs of a bone to get in order to make them feel big and special inside is a whopping over 30 billion.
  • Microsoft has revealed that it has sold over 60 million Xbox 360 consoles and over 40 million Xbox Live accounts in its first 15 years. It also revealed that Apple originally passed on the technology for the Kinect as they said it was unproven technology. The original code name for Kinect was project natal named after the Brazilian 15.
  • Cirque de Soleil performed on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ to announce the release of the connectors and all-round glitz the affair involving various celebrities including neo musical one not the matrix one Jimmy Fallon the real one of the matrix pond and Oprah Winfrey thank God Oprah I thought she was a strictly Commodore 64 girl number 80.
  • People have used to make 3d video to build robot and not surprisingly at all to make porn which I mean how does that even work connect the porn I mean not the usual porn. I first I’ve heard of that way number 83 the connectors when user scan dinosaur bones for some reason so if you ever dig up a t-rex in your back garden and want to study it on the cheap Kinect.
  • Microsoft’s Xbox One controller cost 100 million dollars to develop that’s right 100 million of them number 88. However, Microsoft Xbox One console sold for 10 million units during its first year of release so maybe those 100 million dollar were probably versus number 89 apart from games such as Gears of War and halo Xbox doesn’t have that much in the way of exclusives.
  • Around 20 million of those are Xbox one consoles number 91 playing Xbox can see a very healthy activity apparently if you’re in the army that is the US Army is developing an airborne sniper robot that’s controlled with an Xbox 360 controller. Around 42% of Xbox one owners are female whereas 58% are male girls Paulo whoo don’t hate the player hate the game number 95.
  • According to a survey by Microsoft, 45% of gamers live with their spouses whereas 23% live at home with their parents. The survey also revealed that the Xbox One’s colour is liquid black, which is the blackest black the team could achieve. The new Kinect for the Xbox one can remotely detect your heart rate by using an infrared camera to measure the blood flow in your face.
  • Microsoft has revealed that it considered adding a scent element to the Xbox One controllers but it didn’t make it into the final design. “Who wants to smell Marcus Fenix ripping into a locust falls all back what we keep going on about that number 101 the codename for Xbox one the next Xbox console with project Scorpio,” Microsoft said.
  • how exciting I’ll do it again there without even realizing oh I need to stop
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