How many levels does it take to get 12000?

Are you an Apex Legends player who is looking to purchase a new Legend but don’t have enough Legend Tokens? If so, you’re probably wondering how many levels it takes to get 12,000 Legend Tokens. While it may seem like a daunting task, it’s actually not too difficult to reach the required level. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can quickly obtain 12,000 Legend Tokens in Apex Legends.

In Apex Legends, each level requires you to gather a certain amount of XP (experience points). As you progress through the levels, the amount of XP required to reach the next level increases. To reach level 20, the minimum level required to purchase a new Legend, you need to gather a total of 12,000 XP. This means that to obtain 12,000 Legend Tokens, you will need to reach level 20.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get XP in Apex Legends. You can earn XP by completing daily and weekly challenges, playing in ranked mode, and playing with friends. You can also earn XP by completing story missions and playing in ranked mode, which can significantly increase your progress.

Additionally, you can purchase XP boosts using Apex Coins, the game’s premium currency. Boosts can increase your XP gain by up to 40%, making your progress toward 12,000 Legend Tokens much faster.

Overall, the amount of levels required to get 12,000 Legend Tokens in Apex Legends is relatively low. With the right strategies and a bit of luck, you can easily reach level 20 and purchase your desired Legend in no time. So, if you’re looking to purchase a new Legend, make sure to take advantage of the strategies mentioned above and get 12,000 Legend Tokens quickly.

How many levels does it take to get 12000?

If you’re an avid player of Apex Legends, then you’re likely familiar with the Legend Token system. This system allows players to purchase new Legends by collecting these tokens over the course of their gameplay. But the question is, how many levels do you need to reach before you can get your hands on 12,000 Legend Tokens?

What are Legend Tokens?

Legend Tokens are a form of currency in Apex Legends that players earn by playing the game. The tokens are earned through completing challenges, ranking up, and purchasing Apex Packs. The tokens can be used to purchase new Legends, as well as cosmetic items such as banners and weapon skins.

How Many Levels Does it Take to Reach 12,000 Legend Tokens?

The short answer is that it takes at least 20 levels to reach 12,000 Legend Tokens. This is because the cost of a new Legend is 12,000 Legend Tokens, meaning players will have to reach at least level 20 before they will have enough to purchase a new Legend.

How Can I Earn Legend Tokens?

There are several ways to earn Legend Tokens. The most straightforward way is to simply play the game and complete challenges. With each level you reach, you’ll earn a set amount of tokens. This means that you’ll need to reach level 20 in order to get the 12,000 tokens required to unlock a new Legend.

You can also purchase Apex Packs to earn Legend Tokens. Apex Packs are loot boxes that contain a variety of items, including cosmetics and Legend Tokens. You can purchase packs at varying levels of rarity, with the rarest packs containing the most tokens.

Which Legends Can I Unlock with 12,000 Tokens?

With 12,000 tokens, you’ll have enough to unlock any of the Legends in the game. This includes some of the game’s most popular characters, such as Wraith, Octane, and Pathfinder. You’ll also have enough to unlock the game’s newest characters, such as Crypto, Revenant, and Horizon.

Should I Unlock a New Legend?

Now that you know how many levels it takes to get 12,000 Legend Tokens, the next question is whether or not you should unlock a new Legend. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Some players prefer to save their tokens for cosmetic items, while others prefer to play as the game’s newest characters.

Whichever you choose, make sure to pick one wisely. After all, you’ll need to reach at least level 20 before you can unlock another one. So, consider your options carefully and make sure to use your tokens wisely.

How to get 12000 legend tokens fast?

Legend tokens are a great way to unlock new characters, outfits, and emotes in Apex Legends. But with so many battles to fight and so few tokens to collect, it’s understandable that you would want to accumulate them as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to get 12000 legend tokens in no time.

Play as much as possible

The most straightforward way to get 12000 legend tokens is to simply play lots of games. Every match you win gives you 50 XP points, and the higher you finish, the more XP you get. So if you can survive for longer in games, you’ll be able to get more legend tokens.

Party up with friends

Another great way to get legend tokens quickly is to party up with friends. You’ll get a bonus 5% XP for every friend you play with, and if you can get a full squad together, you’ll earn an extra 10% XP every round. This is an easy way to get more XP points and will help you get your 12000 legend tokens faster.

Complete daily and weekly challenges

Another great way to get legend tokens quickly is to complete daily and weekly challenges. These challenges often reward you with extra XP points, legend tokens, and even exclusive cosmetic items. So it’s definitely worth your time to complete them whenever you can.

Spend real money

The quickest way to get 12000 legend tokens is to spend real money. Apex Legends offers several packs you can purchase that come with a variety of items, including legend tokens. So if you’re short on time and want to get your legend tokens quickly, this is the best option.

Getting 12000 legend tokens doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process. By following these simple tips, you can quickly and easily get 12000 legend tokens without too much effort. So don’t wait any longer and get started on your journey to unlocking all the great rewards Apex Legends has to offer.

Who is the best Apex legend?

Apex Legends is a fast-paced First Person Shooter (FPS) that has taken the world of gaming by storm. With its high-octane action, intense battles, and an ever-growing roster of characters, it’s no surprise that the game has become a fan favorite. But with so many characters to choose from, it can be hard to decide who is the best Apex Legend.

Bloodhound: The Best Apex Legend

Bloodhound is undoubtedly Apex Legend’s best legend and one of the characters always present at the highest tiers of play. The reason is that he is the most effective scout in the game’s roster, thanks to his robust skill set that focuses on detecting and hunting down prey. Bloodhound is great for players who like to be in control of the game and take initiative on the battlefield.

Passive Ability

Bloodhound’s passive ability is known as “Tracker”. It allows Bloodhound to see the tracks of enemy players and NPCs, giving them an edge when it comes to tracking down opponents. This ability also highlights enemy footsteps and makes it easier to identify where players are located.

Tactical Ability

Bloodhound’s tactical ability is called “Eye of the Allfather”. It’s a pulse that scans the immediate area and reveals any enemies or traps in the vicinity. This ability is great for scouting out the surrounding area and helps to identify any threats before they can cause any harm.

Ultimate Ability

Bloodhound’s ultimate ability is “Beast of the Hunt”. This ability allows Bloodhound to enter a heightened state of awareness, enabling them to move faster and detect enemies from further away. This ability also increases Bloodhound’s damage output and makes them more effective in close-quarters combat.

Why is Bloodhound the Best Apex Legend?

Bloodhound is a powerful character in Apex Legends, thanks to their versatile skill set that makes them an invaluable asset in any team. Bloodhound’s passive ability makes them the ideal scout, allowing them to keep track of enemy movements and plan accordingly. Their tactical ability is great for scouting out the surrounding area and identifying any threats. Finally, their ultimate ability gives them an edge in close-quarters combat, allowing them to move faster and deal more damage.

For these reasons, Bloodhound is the best Apex Legend and an essential part of any team. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, Bloodhound is a great character to have in your squad. In the right hands, Bloodhound can single-handedly turn the tide of battle and lead the team to victory.

Which legend should i unlock apex 2022?

Apex Legends is an incredibly popular battle royale game, where players from all over the world come together to fight for victory. Every season, new characters are added to the game, giving players more options for their team. With so many different characters to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which ones are worth unlocking.

Fortunately, Apex Legends offers a wide variety of powerful legends, each with their own unique abilities and playstyle. Whether you’re a new player or an experienced veteran, there’s a legend that’s perfect for you.


Horizon is currently the most popular legend in Apex Legends, and for good reason. Her abilities are incredibly powerful, allowing her to quickly traverse the map, gain a tactical advantage, and escape danger. She’s also great for area denial, allowing her teammates to hold down areas or defend objectives.


Gibraltar is a tanky legend with some of the best defensive abilities in the game. He can deploy a shield to protect himself and his allies, provide cover fire with his mortar, and even call in an artillery strike to deal massive damage. His ultimate ability, Defensive Bombardment, gives his team an excellent opportunity for a team wipe.


Wraith is an incredibly versatile legend. Her tactical ability, Into the Void, allows her to quickly reposition and flank enemies. Her ultimate, Dimensional Rift, is great for aiding her teammates in a pinch, allowing them to quickly traverse the map. She’s also adept at scouting, as her passive ability, Voices from the Void, warns her of incoming danger.


Bloodhound is a great pick for any team, as they are one of the best trackers in the game. Their tactical ability, Eye of the Allfather, reveals enemies nearby, while their ultimate, Beast of the Hunt, gives them an extra edge in combat. Their passive ability, Tracker, allows them to track enemy movements, making them a valuable asset.


Caustic is a defensive legend with some of the best area denial abilities in the game. His tactical ability, Nox Gas Trap, can be used to slow down enemies and prevent them from entering certain areas. His ultimate, Nox Gas Grenade, is great for zoning enemies out of an area and dealing massive damage.


Pathfinder is a great pick for any team, as his mobility and scouting abilities are second to none. His tactical ability, Grapple, allows him to quickly traverse the map, while his ultimate, Zipline Gun, is great for providing his team with a fast escape route. His passive ability, Insider Knowledge, reveals the next circle location, making him invaluable in endgame scenarios.

Ultimately, the best legend for you depends on your playstyle and the team composition. Some legends are better suited for aggressive play, while others excel at defensive strategies. Experiment with different characters to find the one that best fits your playstyle, and you’ll be ready to take on whatever Apex Legends throws at you in Apex 2022.

How to get Apex Coins for free?

An Informative Guide

Apex Coins are the official currency of the popular battle royale video game, Apex Legends. Players in Apex Legends can use Apex Coins to purchase in-game items such as skins, loot boxes, and more. For players who are looking to save money, there are ways to get Apex Coins for free. In this guide, we’ll go over the different methods players can use to get Apex Coins without spending any money.

Free Apex Coins from Apex Packs

Apex Packs are loot boxes that players can purchase using Apex Coins. Fortunately, players can also get Apex Packs for free in a variety of ways. For example, players can get free Apex Packs by simply completing the tutorial or reaching certain levels in the game. It’s also possible to receive Apex Packs as rewards for participating in events or by completing daily and weekly challenges.

Apex Coins from Battle Passes

Players can purchase a Battle Pass to gain access to exclusive rewards. Battle Passes come in two varieties: a free version and a paid version. Players who purchase the paid version of the Battle Pass will get the most rewards, including Apex Coins. However, those who don’t want to spend money can still receive rewards from the free Battle Pass, including Apex Coins.

Apex Coins from Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops is a feature that rewards viewers for watching content related to Apex Legends. During Twitch Drops events, viewers can receive rewards such as Apex Coins just for watching streams. To be eligible for Twitch Drops, viewers must link their Twitch account to their Apex Legends account.

Apex Coins from Referrals

Apex Legends offers a referral program that rewards players with Apex Coins when they refer the game to their friends. Players can get up to 1000 Apex Coins for each friend they refer to the game. All players have to do is get their friend to sign up for the game and complete their first match.

Apex Coins from Promotions

Occasionally, Apex Legends will run promotions where players can get free Apex Coins. These promotions are usually announced on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on Apex Legends news.

Apex Coins from Third-Party Sites

There are a few third-party sites that offer Apex Coins for free. These sites usually require players to complete surveys or download certain apps to get the coins, so it’s important to be wary of any sites that claim to give away Apex Coins for free.

Getting Apex Coins for free can be a great way to save money while still enjoying the game. By using the methods outlined in this guide, players can get Apex Coins without spending a dime. With enough patience and dedication, it is possible to get a substantial amount of Apex Coins without spending a cent.

Can you gift legend Tokens in Apex?

Apex Legends is a battle royale game that offers players a range of exciting features. One of these features is the ability to gift items to other players. However, when it comes to gifting Legend Tokens, the answer isn’t so straightforward.

Legend Tokens are a valuable in-game currency used to purchase Apex Legends cosmetics, such as skins, banners, and frames. They are a highly sought-after commodity, and the only way to obtain them is to play the game. As such, gifting Legend Tokens isn’t possible.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t send other types of gifts in Apex Legends. You can send single items, such as skins and charms, or even bundles of multiple items. You can also send Apex Coins, the game’s premium currency, to other players.

How do you send gifts in Apex Legends?

Sending gifts in Apex Legends is easy. All you need to do is open the game’s store and select the item you want to gift. You can then select the player you want to send the gift to. If you’re sending a bundle, you’ll need to select the bundle from the store and then enter the player’s username.

Once you’ve selected the item you want to gift and the player you’re sending it to, you’ll need to confirm the transaction. The player you’re sending the gift to will then receive a notification that they have received a gift.

What items can you send as gifts in Apex Legends?

You can send a range of items as gifts in Apex Legends. You can send single items, such as skins and charms, or bundles of multiple items. You can also send Apex Coins, the game’s premium currency. However, you can’t gift Legend Tokens.

Can you gift Apex Coins?

Yes, you can send Apex Coins as gifts in Apex Legends. You can purchase Apex Coins in the game’s store, and then use them to purchase items or bundles. You can also send Apex Coins as gifts to other players.

Gifting Legend Tokens in Apex Legends isn’t possible. However, you can send other items, such as skins, charms, and bundles, as gifts to other players. You can also send Apex Coins, the game’s premium currency, as gifts.

Getting to 12,000 Legend Tokens is not an easy feat, but it is certainly possible with dedication and planning. Reaching level 20 is a considerable accomplishment and with it comes the reward of a new Legend. But before players decide which Legend to unlock, they should assess their gaming style and make sure to pick one that best suits their needs.

It’s also important to remember that the grind doesn’t stop at 12,000 tokens, as further progress is necessary to unlock more Legends and increase their power. So take your time, plan carefully and enjoy the journey as you progress your way through the game. With the right approach, you can become a Legend and be the envy of your friends. Good luck and have fun!