101 Facts About Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is an open-ended social simulation game series originally created by Electronic Arts. It’s the first game in the series to have over 100 million copies sold worldwide. It was released in the US in 1998 and was later released in Europe and Japan. Animal Crossing has been played by more than 100 million people worldwide.

  • Katsuya Eguchi, the creator of the ‘Animal Crossing’ games, has said that the latest instalment of the series was released on March 20. “There’s no specific objective to the games players are encouraged to perform a number of activities throughout the village these include things like fishing collecting items socializing with fellow residents fossil hunting and slaying demons,” he added.
  • One of the main goals of the games is to increase the size of your house and acquire the nicest possible furniture to fill it it can be customized in lots of different ways like the color of the roof the furniture what music is playing and different wallpapers.
  • Animal Crossing is a video game that allows players to collect things like fruit from trees, seashells and various other bits of garbage. They can then sell these things for in-game currency which they can then use to either get better tools or specialized jobs or alter the appearance of their character or house.
  • The original Animal Crossing was released on the 14th of April 2001 and tender 64 and later re-released on in tendo’s in December of 2001 this is all in Japan by the way it was then released in 2002 in North America 2003 in Australia and 2004 in Europe number 13 originally though the game was called the bots uno Mori which translates from Japanese to animal forest.
  • Nintendo’s ‘Animal Forest’ game was released in Japan in 2003 as an e-pass. It was later re-released in Japan as ‘Animal forest epass’ in June of 2003 selling over 1,000 copies in its first week. The game’s translation team had to create new holidays and objects that would be relatable to Western audiences outside of Japan this resulted in the game having far more text than its Japanese counterparts.
  • The dog in ‘Animal Crossing’ is number 17 in the original game. He plays fifty-five songs, plays 17 world world 75 and city folk and 91 in new leaf. He also makes a cameo in ‘Super Smash Brothers’ as a trophy and can appear on the side of the stage too when really he should be in the center shredding his brains out like the Buckethead dog.
  • Nintendo has released an update for its Animal Crossing game that will allow players to play games within the game through emulation. The update will let players collect up to 15 different Nintendo games which were playable through emulation, including balloon fight Donkey Kong and Mario’s woods number 23 in North America. The Legend of Zelda also exists within Animal Crossing’s code.
  • Animal Crossing: Wild World was the second major title release for the franchise. It was released on the Nintendo DS in late 2005 and Wii U in 2015 or 16 depending on which bit of Earth you live on number 26. The Wi-Fi function was shut down in 2014 so if you’re still playing on the retro console you can only play with your upper called es friends number 27.
  • Animal Crossing: Wild World is the ninth best selling game on the Nintendo DS with 11 million copies sold worldwide as of March 31st 2016. The clock doesn’t matter number thirty elements from wild world are featured in the 2008 crossover fighting game Super Smash Brothers Brawl for the Wii such as the stage based on a village from the game named Smashville.
  • An anime film based on the game series ‘Animal Crossing’ was released in 2006 in Japan. The movie was only released in Japan and in tend of America have no plans to release an English version so yay number 34 jouji shamora was attached to direct having previously worked on manga to film adaptations like shin and Yohan.
  • Video games themselves number 36 those who pre-ordered tickets for the movie were eligible to receive vouchers which could be redeemed for hard top 10 gold tools in the wild world. The movie was released theatrically in Japan earning over two million dollars by the end of 2006. It was the 30th highest-grossing film that year in that region.
  • The Wii game ‘Wild World’ was released in November or December of 2008 depending on which country you were in and was only available on the Nintendo Wii number 40 in this game. Players can decide whether or not they want to start afresh or move in their Nintendo DS character from wild world if they choose to move in as their old character you’ll move over all your catalogue of stuff.
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf became the first 3ds game in Japan to pass two million units sold doing so in just under two months by December 2019 all versions can buy had worldwide sales of 12.45 million copies. The game debuted in Japan with sounds of over 800,000 units sold with 200,000 of them being digital downloads.
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s Queen Isabel has become the game’s official mascot number 50. Isabelle’s appearance in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate number 51 and in Mario Kart 8 has also made her a de facto mascot number 52. Isabelle is also a playable character in the crossover fighting game SuperSmash Brothers ultimate number 51.
  • Shih Tzu is a suit dog that’s what she is number 53 Isabelle’s name changes depending on countries though like I do in Panama for example I’m known as Derek anyway her Japanese name is Shizu which sort of means quiet branch it also sounds a bit like Shih Tzu doesn’t it ain’t that fun number 54 in Spanish she’s called kanay Oh which means cinnamon.
  • IGN and GamesRadar have listed Tom Nook as one of the top 100 video game villains. Nook has also made several appearances in Super Smash Brothers games, in melee and brawl he has also said he’s a mentor. IGN has listed Nook as a kingpin or a pimp while GamesRadar has listed him as a pimp.
  • A character named ‘Scumbag 62′ has appeared in the video game’brawler’ based on the ‘Animal Crossing’ stage. The character appears as a collectible as well as being a background character on the smash fill stage. He reportedly donates 90% of his earnings to an orphanage located three towns over which leads to a wing being named after him there.
  • Some people have questioned the real identity of Gracie the sassy giraffe in Nintendo 64’s animal forest. Google says it means hot pot number 65 speaking of Gracie, the characters one of two the other being Sahara who had their gender centered or change when the game was adapted for other countries in fact in Japanese versions of the games Gracie’s an effeminate male number 66.
  • A man named Triforce has dressed up as The Legend of Zelda character Zelda on Halloween between 6 pm and 1 am. He has lots of Zelda themed outfits number 68 on Halloween. A gentleman named Jack will appear who has a pumpkin for a head he gives you spooky furniture and can even play tricks on you like a right annoying little div his name is alleged to be a reference to both jack-o’-lanterns.
  • Princess Diana’s house is styled after a bathhouse mirroring a Roman legend about a hunter spotting Diana in the bath number 72 a new leaf due to their unfit nature frogs don’t carry umbrellas when it’s raining and make unique comments about how they enjoy the rain. A character called planker who will almost always be referred to as a strange or suspicious looking cat.
  • Animal Crossing’s Luna is the only character in the game to pay in Japanese culture. She’s the only one to have a Japanese name and a Spanish name. Her Japanese name means dreaming a German name contains the word serenade her Spanish name is a play on a la cama which means go to bed and her Italian name Sonia is a fan of the Italian word Sano.
  • On April Fool’s Day, some tricksters in the village will attempt to pay tricks on you with varying degrees of success. This range from Tom Nook selling bikinis to even rumors of alien life-form was being found one of those is far more terrifying than the other. I’m not going to say which number 78 Animal Crossing also celebrates your birthday.
  • An egg that references the first animal crossing, on the train, there’s a cat called Rover who seems to also be on thetrain from beginning of the first one. Rover even says he hasn’t done this much traveling since you asked them to or so man that’s not I mean it’s weird they haven’t gotten a train since 2002 anyway number 82 similarly if you buy a pink dresser in what seems to be a great deal.
  • Nintendo’s new game ‘New Leaf’ has been criticised for allowing a character named Rossetti to reset the game. The character was made optional in the game because he was so scared beforehand. The game’s creators even alleged that Rossetti even made some of them cry. However, Rossetti later said he’s joking.
  • An animal crossing number 89 and one point in new leaf Gulliver the seagull mentioned somewhere called the over there have surfaced online. Donkey Kong Country tropical freeze and idle animation shows DK playing some 3ds if you listen very carefully you can hear one of the games he’s playing is Animal Crossing new leaf.
  • A man named Brian MP 16 has become the first ever player to earn 1 billion bells through legitimate means once he achieved the billion bells mark. He was able to afford the most expensive item in the game a post-office model that contains 999 million nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine bells to do this.
  • Ubisoft has announced that New Horizons will begin with the player living on a deserted island. The player is able to choose an island layout and whether they want to live on the northern or southern hemisphere when creating their island at the beginning of the game the hemisphere that they pick will alter the seasons in-game to reflect what they’d be in the real world.
  • Animal Crossing has been rated 91 on Metacritic, making it the best game of the year so far, according to the video game review website. The rating is the highest for a video game this year. It’s also the highest rating for an animal crossing game in the history of the game.
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