101 Facts About Dark Souls

A YouTuber named Sam has shared 101 facts about the video game series ‘Dark Souls’. “Dark Souls is a dark fantasy role-playing video game developed by from software and published by Namco Bandai Games on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows the game was first released in Japan on the 22nd of February,” Sam said.

  • Japanese video game director Miyazaki Miyazaki is also the president of the games development company from software what a coincidence number three Miyazaki draws inspiration for the design of his video games from a wide variety of sources such as novels manga other video games even architecture particularly Asian and European styles that’s right Dark Souls is honey culture number four Miyazaki’s games particularly the soul series are known for their strong visual themes environmental storytelling.
  • Dark Souls is the second instalment in the Souls series number six. The original demon souls was a PlayStation 3 exclusive whereas Dark Souls the ho that it is has been multi-platform since release if a PlayStation3 the Xbox 360 and PC number 7 Miyazaki had several sources of inspiration when creating demon souls chief among them was the manga berserk.
  • PlayStation Network in 2007 number 10 Dark Souls takes place in the fictional realm of Lordran where players take control of a cursed warrior on a quest to unearth the fate of his kind. Dark Souls was meant to a near universal acclaim and is now considered to be one of the best video games ever created.
  • Director Hayao Miyazaki has said that he had no intention of deliberately creating a game that was any harder than any other titles. Miyazaki added that the games tough in order to create a sense of accomplishment by overcoming tremendous odds like Han Solo as well as to incentivize player to experiment more with character builds and weapon loadouts.
  • Japanese video game developer miyazaki has revealed that the crystal ring shield was inspired by the Japanese TV show ultraman ultraman’s ultra slash attack. The shield was used to attack a character named Seath who appeared in King’s field as seek the white dragon. Seath was driven insane between the two timelines by his vain search for the scales of immortality.
  • Dark Souls creator Hayao Miyazaki has revealed that he put the pendant in the game as a prank. “It doesn’t do anything at all for months players tried to figure out what the pendant is for,” he added. Miyazaki further said that the artists to which he explained it too didn’t understand the Ultraman reference.
  • A screenshot of the game ‘Destiny’ has surfaced online, showing the game’s character Celaya being referenced in various other games. The screenshot shows an armored item called the heart of the praxic fire, the description of which reads in that last moment she seemed his holy luminescent as the Sun and I wish to be so brave this is a classy nod to one of the best loved lines in which he earnestly yearns.
  • A man named solitaire has been barred from using the name of a follower named solare number 25 in World of Warcraft. The man’s name is meaning little dark one which is appropriate as she is in fact little and dark representing the classic thief character number 28 some of the creepiest enemies that players encounter and dark souls of the New Londo ruins according to lore.
  • The banshees are holding the corpses of their murdered infants because Dark Souls is creepy and morbid and that is very indeed very creepy and very morbid number 29. The lightning bolts actually come from a dead baby told you creepy and macabre number 30. Oscar the night of astora initially had a more prominent role in the game Oscar was originally going to help you in Darkroot garden.
  • A weapon called the black knight greatsword has a completely different name in many of the foreign versions of the game in the German version it’s instead called vert des drew cantatas. The French and Italian names have roughly the same translation this is likely a reference to the popular manga and anime berserk in which the main character wields a Dragonslayer sword to kill demons.
  • There’s a coffin you can actually get into if you’re into that sort of thing like coffins everyone loves coffins I mean ever gonna be in one Sunday move on number 36 during the optional boss fight with Gwendolen you’ll find yourself in a never-ending hallway as you attempt to rough up the teleporting Serfaty got in front of you.
  • The Crow is an invisible bird who wants to train something warm and soft with you if that isn’t bizarre enough you may be interested to know that the name the krob is never actually mentioned during the game. The character got her name when someone called her during pre-release playtesting and the name stuck number 38.
  • A video of a wolf named SIF has gone viral on social media. The video shows SIF carrying a massive sword in her mouth. The wolf’s name comes from the Arabic word safe which means sword which would be appropriate considering the massive sword that SIF carries in her or piers or bear or its mouth.
  • A character named ‘Chester’ in the upcoming video game ‘Dark Souls’ has been named after the Cheshire cat from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Chester’s mask is similar to the one worn by V in the film ‘V’ and also bears a significant degree of similarity to Eva Vendetta’s character. Chester also utilizes throwing knives shaped like roses which mirrors one of these most recognizable symbols.
  • The character Chester in Miyazaki’s ‘Dark Souls’ is based on a character from the 1986 manga ‘Jo JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’. Chester’s character number 46 is thought to be a reference to the principal antagonist on the manga, Tarkus. Tarkus and Chester have the same name, so they’re basically the same person number 47 additionally Tarkus also happens to be the estonian word for wisdom congratulations you’re now 0.0007 percent fluent in estonian.
  • The character of big hat Logan didn’t always have his hat but during the design stage a number options were considered for his iconic head we’re including one that curled up like a snake shell and another word to Peaks instead of one. The designers also thought it necessary to flesh out what kind of underwear he wears.
  • The moving staircases at the duke’s archives walls are based on those found at Hogwarts number 53, according to Miyazaki Tory, the game’s designer. Miyazaki added that the character of Guinevere probably because he is a ventriloquist. He further said that the designs for Glinda of Catarina’s armor and helmet were inspired by Hogwarts number 52.
  • Director Hayao Miyazaki has revealed that his upcoming film ‘Guinevere’ is based on a manga called tranquil mansion in which a highly strung CEO joins an exclusive club to be soothed by an enormous woman who acts sort of like their mother mangas. Miyazaki further said that this is sort of a personal fantasy of his okay number 54.
  • The crestfallen warrior in Demon Souls has his name misspelled in the game’s credit as crest fallen warrior. The greeting used by Donal of Xena jahmai is an informal greeting in Welsh equivalent to hi how are you and he also speaks with a Welsh accent that being said the name dono is a Eurasian origin equivalent with the English name Donald.
  • ‘Dark Souls’ character ‘Vamos’ is a strange character not the rest of the cast of Dark Souls aren’t an unholy parade of massive weirdos. No other character even acknowledges his existence and his physical appearance is a bulky skeleton with a beard which is made of bones by the way it’s also the name of a small town on the Greek island of Crete.
  • An online video game show bounty break has discovered a village in Dark Souls that was so far off the normal boundary to the map that players would not even be able to see it. The village was built in full 3d complete with various houses and towers and even horse stables 64.
  • Namco Bandai has constructed a ‘prepare to die edition’ coffin for the 2012 PC release of the game ‘Dark Souls’. The coffin was created for a competition during the era of the original Dark Souls game and featured a padded interior with a large LCD screen at one end allowing players to comfortably recline and play dark songs to their heart’s content.
  • Former US President Barack Obama has revealed that he took a supervising role in the development of ‘Dark Souls 2’ as it was far too busy working on ‘Demon Souls’. “I hate it when that happens forcing them to venture out into the dark unforgiving world drag leaked in search of a cure number 69,” he added.
  • Nintendo has revealed that the enemies encountered in ‘Dark Souls 2’ have updated their positions and behaviors to ensure that it isn’t just another boring playthrough of the same extremely challenging and well-loved game number 71. The enemies have also been updated with new behaviors, such as raising their sword in front of them and thrusting it straight to their gut performing the old samurai ritual.
  • A character known as seppuku number 73 one character in Dark Souls 2 known as tailored morale can be found during your quest and even offers her assistance if you make the right decisions. She ruled a great sword and shield in the game but early concept art depicts her with a thrusting sword.
  • Actor and comedian Peter Serafinowicz, known for his roles in ‘Shaun’ and ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’, has provided the exertion effects for player-created male characters in ‘Dark Souls 2’. Every time you take damage in the game the Oh reaction you hear from your character is in fact a mr. Serafina which I can do it to ready Oh all manie’s Oh number 77.
  • The death rate of virtual dogs in ‘Dark Souls 2’ is 23 times faster than the real-world death rate, according to a report. Within 24 hours, a combined deaths across both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game totaled 4.3 million. The report added that 1074 hounds were killed every single minute in the immediate period after the game’s release.
  • Hannah John Clayman the British actors who play Sonya in ‘Black Mirror’ actually did some voice acting in ‘Dark Souls 2’ lending her voice to the character of sweet shell choir a sentient cat capable of speaking English number 83 in early 2016. Clayman played the character in the second episode of season 3 of Black Mirror.
  • Dark Souls 3 has become the first game in the series to cross the 100 million-mark in sales. The game’s first boss, blue decks gun deer, was the first boss to be defeated within the same time frame as the first Dark Souls game, which was released in 2014. The game has also become the second-highest-selling video game of all time.
  • Dark Souls 3’s blacksmith Andre will be returning to the game as the blacksmith manager in the central hub number 88 speaking of andrei your faithful blacksmith friend. Andre was originally intended to be the mysterious son’s firstborn and assist the player on their journey. He was even drawings crated early on in the game’s development detailing how he was to help the player.
  • Some of the most beautiful locations in the entire soul series can be found in the painted world. The toxins and invest some of them are super annoying luckily view your friends at one-on-one facts. All you have to do is burn them any fire weapon will suffice so get burning and those pesky toxins will be gone before you know it number 91.
  • The recurring character patch in Dark Souls 3 is a reference to the character patch from another game titled armored core. Both characters are cowardly and opportunistic both of them employ the use of ambushes and a quick to grovel when they’re out. Both of them are opportunistic and use ambushes.
  • A fan took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the trailer of Dark Souls 3 and wrote, “Smarted number 95 another delicious reference in Dark Souls 3”. “Soul Mass”, a metal band based around Dark Souls law with song titles like hollow and Jenner all metal enos about dying in hell, is in fact a clear reference to the spell homing soul mass number 98.
  • Dark Souls creator Hayao Miyazaki has confirmed that the game series will end after Dark Souls 3. “It’s time we take a step in a new direction however less than two months later I keep it to contradict his previous statement on the issue,” a user commented. Miyazaki had earlier said that the series won’t return from software.
  • Dark Souls 3 marked more a turning point for the series than an ending, Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki said. “It’s not the final product for the Dark Souls series,” he added. The remastered version of the game will be released on May 25 on various platforms of various frame rates and will also be available on the Nintendo Switch.
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