101 Facts About Destiny

Destiny’ is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game set in a post-apocalyptic future as all good video games are number two. It mixes elements of RPGs and mmo’s with a fully explorable experience. The game’s music was written by British musician Mark Ronson, who wrote music for the game.

  • The interactive world of the video game ‘Destiny’ has been shared with gamers talking about humping each other’s mothers from all over our planet number three. The game tells the story about how earth is visited by an alien ball thing known as the traveler who gifts humanity with far more advanced technology than we currently possess this catapults mankind into a golden age allowing us to expand into the rest of the solar system.
  • Bungie has released a new trailer for its upcoming video game ‘Halo: The Master Chief’. The trailer shows the game’s Guardian class which includes three classes of Guardian. The first class of Guardian is the hunters who are agile bounty hunter esque fighters they described as survivalists as well as assassins and outlaws developers Bungie have cited roguish bad boys like han Solo and Clint Eastwood as inspiration for these Guardian classes.
  • Bungie’s upcoming video game ‘Destiny’ will have four primary enemy races, the Fallen bipedal humanoid with four arms and four eyes who loved invading earth and long walks on the beach following an event in their history. The second enemy race is the awoken blue-skinned descendants of humans who attempted to free the earth during the collapse.
  • The society of the fallen is divided into houses none of which are on good terms with the others that’s right those guys you kill all the time have a deep backstory apparently the sole exception is the house of judgment whose members wanted to live alongside other houses to maintain peace.
  • number 15 the hive are a race of moon dwelling pseudo zombies who fought humanity towards the end of the golden age they serve the darkness directly and dedicate their very existence to exterminating other forms of life to them invasion and killing is in itself a form of worship. number 16 the hive primarily live on the moon where they have constructed a large gothic underground fortress.
  • The Cabal is a large race of bulky tank like space tortoise rhino things who are surprise surprise intent on expansion and conquest they appear to have black oil like blood and imbue their technology machinery with a thick black sludge they’re just toxic to those lucky enough to have not been born into their unpleasant oily sludgy species number 21.
  • Peter Dinklage, who played Tyrion Lannister in ‘Game of Thrones’, has voiced the mechanical ghost companion in ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’. The mechanical ghost is a drone-like device that acts as the player’s companion throughout their journey. The game was released in 2014 and was later updated to include a multiplayer mode.
  • Nolan North, who re-recorded all of his lines as Bungie wanted to create a consistent storytelling experience, was replaced by Peter Dinklage in ‘The Last of Us’. North’s voice was introduced as the ghosts they were affectionately known as dinklebot by players. North said he preferred Nolan BOTS number 26.
  • Ubisoft has released a series of t-shirts featuring the meme wave number 29 dead ghosts from the video game ‘Assassin’s Creed: Unity’. The shirts are available for purchase on the game’s official website and will be available for sale on the Ubisoft Store. The meme is a sentence that can be found throughout the game and reviving them reward you with snazzy little grimoire cards number 30.
  • Hundreds of years of war and conflict only to remain sad Bigley sad number 33 another interesting character in the game is that of the speaker the speaker well speaks on behalf of the traveler while it lies dormant and is voiced by the one and only Bill Nighy number 34 the last cities governed by a government known as the consensus.
  • The representative of a future war cult is an EXO who’s been active since before the founding of the last city she’s so old that she was even present when the House of Devil’s a group within the fallen burnt down London I lived there number 37 the representative of dead Iraq Jalal is at least somewhat familiar with the poetry of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poetry.
  • Bungie, the developer of the upcoming video game ‘Destiny’, has said that they view the game as a shared world experience which is what an online multiplayer game is. Bungie added that the game will be a “shared world experience” and not a “massively multiplayer online game”. Bungie further said that it will likely cost $500 million to develop the game.
  • Bungie has revealed that ‘Destiny’ has over 13 million players across all platforms, with 22.9 million players playing the game. It added that the game had accrued an incredible 3.2 million players in that time. Bungie further said that players were spending an average of 3 hours a day destiny in their little faces off that leaves only 21 other hours to do other stuff.
  • Bungie has revealed the number of Easter eggs in its latest video game ‘Destiny’, which has been downloaded over 875 million times so far. The number 49 Easter egg is the most easter egg in the game, followed by the number 51 Easter egg and the number 53 Easter egg. Bungie also revealed that the game is the first game it has ever released on PlayStation.
  • Dark Souls has been released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in at least one country number fifty-four. The PlayStation 4 version of the game has an in-game description that reads, “She seemed as holy luminescent as the Sun and I wish to be so brave this is a reference to solaire of astora from dark souls who is known for saying if I could only be so grossly incandescent.”
  • Bungie has unveiled a new ‘Hall of Champions’ in the form of a football that can be found next to the tower hub in the game. The football can also be found in the shape of a big purple balloon. Bungie also unveiled a fan that allows one of the players to fly up into the air like an alien.
  • Bungie has released a new trailer for its upcoming video game ‘Destiny’. The trailer shows the game’s ‘Guardians’ and ‘S Sparrow sparrows’, a single-rider levitating vehicle that can be used by the Guardians to patrol the game world. It also features a remix version of a song that has featured in previous Bungie titles like halo and myth number 62.
  • The Star Wars franchise was also called trikes during the game’s development. Bungie created a special Sparrow called the ev32 blur which has the highly entertaining ability to roll and flip while in midair players can use the d-pad to perform tricks while astride the EB 30 tumbler and landing cleanly after performing a sick trick.
  • A video of a patrol mission in a video game called ‘Dark Souls’ has gone viral on social media. In the game, the player has to kill enemies and retrieve wire wraps from them. The video was shared by a user who wrote, “This is a reference to Omar little from ‘The Wire’ who robs a drug dealer and says it’s all in the game.”
  • There’s a bug in the game which causes a single unit of a fallen enemy called Riva vandal to fail to spawn properly eventually it does so with elevated health and attack stats making him abnormally difficult to defeat this particular enemies. During the garden spire mission on Mars, a tower looks suspiciously familiar to the helmet worn by Master Chief from the Halo series.
  • The first person to make contact with the traveller was Jacob Hardy who was gifted with an extended lifespan after being exposed to the travellers light lucky Jacob number 78, a famous glitch in the game involved a humorous dose of suicide. Jacob’s life was extended after he was exposed to a traveller’s light luckyJacob number 78.
  • Bungie has fixed a glitch in Destiny that allowed players to sustain damage from shooting themselves in the game if they’re standing in knee-deep water and shoot their own foot. This glitch has now been patched number 79 brace yourselves people this one’s a doozy destiny wasn’t originally named destiny it’s true the game was originally called project Tiger despite the game having absolutely nothing to do with stripy orange murder cats.
  • ‘ Firefly’ actors Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres have joined the cast of the video game ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’. Fillion is playing hunter trainer cayde-6 and Torres is playing warlock trainer Acorah number 86. The voice of Banshee actually belongs to the legendary voice actor John DiMaggio who’s also known for voicing bender in hey hey and Jake the dog in Adventure Time number 87.
  • Ghosts reside in containers called shells which appears to be a nod to the Japanese manga series and Scarlett Johansson movie ghost in the shell number 88. The ghost even took part in the ALS ice bucket challenge in a video that even referenced the famous that wizard came from the moon line.
  • Actress Jennifer Lawrence has said that she is for existence as well as her movies. “I like it a lot number 95 at the 2013 Game Developers Conference Bungie revealed that the last city was originally going to be a large spaceship man what could have been unloved spaceships number 96 they also revealed that they have planned to include a race of anthropomorphic felines called Tiger man.
  • Bungie has revealed that the number 99 in Destiny is a reference to Russian cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov. Komarov was a Russian cosmonaut who’s referenced in the game such as with the cloak of the cosmonaut on the edges of the map screen you’ll notice a series of numbers these may appear to be merely in aesthetic edition.
  • A text conversation between a man and his girlfriend has gone viral on social media after he asked her to play ‘Destiny’ instead of spending time with her. “I was watching her play Tetris…I was trying to shout commands from in her garden,” he wrote. “She’d never stand for that although we’ve played Tetris before together,” he added.
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