101 Facts About Dreamworks

DreamWorks Animation was originally a particularly colorful wing of DreamWorks SKG which was born on October 12 1994 not true before you get as confused as I was. The three founders Steven Spielberg Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen never heard of that. DreamWorks Animation is the number one animation studio in the world.

  • DreamWorks SKG released seven live-action movies before releasing their first animated film including ‘Saving Private Ryan’. The studio released its first computer-generated feature film ‘Prince of Egypt’ at the end of 1998 and flopped making a loss of 19 million dollars at the box office. It also released its third film ‘El Dorado’ in 2000 and created DreamWorks Animation.
  • DreamWorks Animation was founded in 2006 by Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg as a studio dedicated to producing purely animated feature films. The studio’s first film was ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, which was released in 2007. The studio has released over 30 animated films, including franchises like ‘Shrek’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda’.
  • ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ is the highest grossing film from the studio with an average of 419 million dollars per film or think of a swamps you could buy with that number 14. ‘Shark Tale’ received an approval rating of 35% on Rotten Tomatoes, while ‘Finding Nemo’ scored 99% on the site.
  • DreamWorks Animation, the studio behind ‘Shrek’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda’, reported a net loss of $32 million in the second quarter of 2015 as an attempt to restructure the business 500 layoffs were made and they were only able to release one film in 2015 called ‘Home’. The studio was first released in 2001 and is actually based on a children’s book by William Steig.
  • Nicolas Cage was offered the part of Shrek however he turned it down saying he didn’t want to look like an animated character. “It was gonna be you know animated that’s an insane thing to think,” he said. However, he understood that he wasn’t actually gonna be in it and it was going to be animated.
  • A video of the magic mirror co-directed ‘Shrek 3’ has surfaced online. In the video, the three bears of ‘Goldilocks Fame’ are captured at the beginning of the film. The mama bear appears on the floor of Lord Farquaad’s castle which means she’s fallen down that poor thing had someone help her up number 27 the name Shrek is actually based on the Yiddish word for monster number 28.
  • Shrek was designed to look ugly but appealing at the same time to get this effect after spaces appearance of a bulldog number 31 Shrek was their first movie to win an Oscar for Best Animated Feature beating rival Pixar’s film Munsters Inc. Shrek is just one of 15 fictional characters to have a star on the Hollywood Hall of Fame alongside other examples such as Tom Cruise.
  • A poster of Sir Justin Timberlake can be seen a few in his childhood room in track 2 coincidentally in ‘Shrek 3’. In real life, Cameron Diaz who voiced Fiona’s house has a crescent moon Cardon to the door just like the DreamWorks logo what a coincidence. Shrek 3’s shop signs include coffee baskin-robbins and Abercrombie and which number 37 the paintings that adorn the walls in Far Far Away Castle.
  • A conveyor belt marked ‘Trek’ has been found on a conveyor belt in the UK. The conveyor belt was found by a man who found a bottle marked’Trek’ on the conveyor belt. The man said the bottle was marked with the name of a magazine called pork Illustrated along with a disturbing picture of a pig wearing a bikini.
  • Walt Dohrn who voiced Rumpelstiltskin in ‘Shrek Forever After’ was so good at it that he was eventually cast number 51 Kattan Berg Satan in 2007 the Shrek inko had saved the company financially so he was later cast number 47. The donkey pulled two covers off Shrek’s legs the Okies leg hair to be trimmed because they look too gross wait.
  • ‘Shrek Forever After’, which released in 2004, has been named as one of the top 10 animated films of all time. It’s followed by ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Toy Story 3’, among others. The film was directed by Tim Burton, who also helmed ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.
  • Actor David Schwimmer, who voiced Melman in the ‘Madagascar’ films, has revealed that he used to swear at his character Marty. He said, “I like to move it move it I like to moving it move…I liked number 57 when private tries to set the command of an oil tanker.” “I wish my life was anything like this,” he added.
  • Aardman Animations’ ‘Chicken Little’ is the only stop-motion animated film to win Best Academy Award for Best Animated Feature number 61. The film won 12 awards and got 13 nominations of various ceremonies. ‘Wallace and gromit the curse of aware of it in 2005’, ‘Over the Hedge’ and ‘Dreamworks’ are the other three films to win the award.
  • Tabitha’s room where you can see some of her stuffed toys one of them is shot from wallace and gromit which was released a year later Alex the lion from Madagascar can also be seen on one of her shelves. Wallace of Wallace and Gromit fame wears all the time number 67 when Roddy and Rita are in the fridge freezer.
  • The idea of ‘B-movie’ started off as a joke Seinfeld joked about it when he was at lunch with Steven Spielberg. Spielberg said, “I’ll make similar jokes on my next lunch with him and I’ll be loaded too if he answers my calls that is number 72 the faint titled flower was given to avoid the film leaking number 73 the original slogan for the movie was give peas a chance.
  • ‘Kung Fu Panda’ director Riley Riley, while talking about his six-year-old son Tai Lung, said, “I’m glad she flew sent you hmm.” He added that his son studied classical Chinese art which gave them inspiration for the film’s design number 81. Riley further said the animation department participated in tai chi classes and kung fu workshops to understand the mechanics of the art.
  • The voice of baby Tai Lung is a six-year-old. The scene where Oogway disappears into the flower petals alone took six months to complete it was probably you know clearing up all those flower petals afterwards that took most of the time number 84 kg shore and JR Shore are named after the short brothers creative group a studio that made several kung phoo movies in the 1970s.
  • The animators for ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ went to flight school for two weeks so that the flying scenes were as accurate representation as possible. The various noises that toothless makes were generated by real sounds from elephants Tigers and domestic cats. Toothless isn’t actually toothless which can be seen when he tries to get to fish from hiccup false advertising.
  • A chihuahua named Paco Paco was found by a sound designer who got in contact with his owners the dog was paid $100 for his role which I’m sure he invested very wisely. Gloria the hippo from Madagascar apparently makes a rather morbid cameo appearance you can see her being carried by one of the Dragons on their flight to Dragon Island number 99 asteroids character.
  • ‘Megamind’, the upcoming film based on the book of the same name, was created specifically for the film because the production team felt the film should have a strong female role model, according to the film’s official website. The film was released in Norway in 2010 and was sung by Norwegian musician Alexander Rybak.
  • Though they don’t take the saddles very well also I’m too big now and cats can’t fly yet anyway there’s always the future maybe some scientists can genetically engineer cats to fly. Maybe those same scientists can resurrect my cat giggles from when I tried to ride him off a roof when I was 9.
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