101 Facts About Ghost of Tsushima

In this week’s feudal edition of 101 facts, we’re dipping into one of 2020’s most beloved video games ghost of tsushima. It’s a bloody battle to the death of the samurai against the mongols. We’re here to cover it all but how did fans of the game help fix a real-life problem intsushima how much of it is really historically accurate.

  • Sony Interactive Entertainment’s open-world action-adventure game ‘ghost of sashimi’ has gone gold. The game was originally set for release on June 26 2020. However, it was pushed through July 17 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic the game went gold on June 22nd 2020. The player controls jin sakai a samara quest to protect sushima island during the first mongol invasion.
  • US-based video game developer sucker punch productions has announced that it will be releasing its upcoming game ‘Sucker Punch’ in 2018. The game will be developed by a team of 160 employees. sucker punch production’s Co-founder Brianfleming said that the game will have an “open world” that gives power to the player and he considers it integral to modern gaming.
  • Ubisoft has revealed that they came up with 70 ideas including games based around pirates or the threeeers number 10. “We would be talking about that instead but that would have been cool number 11 [Music] the team kept coming away from the seas oreers or or eers and backed the idea of feudal account of the mongol invasion of sashima in 1274,” it added.
  • ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ has been rated ‘M’ for Mature and ‘M-rated’ for Everyone. The game was rated ‘E’ for everyone and ‘F’ for kids. The rating was given to the game based on how well it was done for sticking to guns pals number 13.
  • The voice actor for jin is a chap named kazuya nakai he’s most well known for voicing swordman rory noah zorro in the one bisu anime series over 20 years as well as dante masamune from the sengoku basara video games and anime. He’s also known for voice acting in the anime series and video games.
  • Japanese actor daisuke tsuji, known for his role in the Amazon series ‘The Man in the High Castle’, has been revealed as the voice actor for the character lord shimura in the video game ‘Yarikawa’. The character was named after actor takashi shimura who appeared in 21 of 30 legendary director akira kurosawa’s movies which have very clearly influenced the game’s style number 22 oh lord chimera.
  • Japanese actress and singer sumili montano has been roped in to voice the character of Yuna in the English dub of the video game ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’. sumili has appeared in films like ‘Zora blackwood in the outer world’ and ‘Mary Cosan in star wars jedi’ among others. She’s also known for her role in the TV series ‘Lost’.
  • The real tsushima is 273.6 square miles so come on lads number 29. for the first couple of years of the game’s development the island was absolutely covered by forest this looked really cool but proved pretty difficult to navigate because you couldn’t see anything on the horizon so more fields were put in to alleviate the need for a mini-map on screen number 30.
  • A historian named professor hongo has said that he would tell children studying history to play the game to get a feel of what that era was like. “It’s very violent probably shouldn’t be a go-to for kids number 34,” he added. Another source of praise came from Totohiro negoshi of the yakuza franchise who praised the research put into the game.
  • The number 36 has been replaced by the number 36 in response to the popularity of the game nagasaki’s soros. The game takes inspiration from cinema featuring samurai most known to be the akira kurosawa films like seven samurai and sanjuro number 40 in fact there’s a whole visual mode dedicated to this style named samurai.
  • The cinematic mode of ‘Dark Souls’ has been released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The mode features a black and white screen with audio and English subtitles aligning it nicely with kurosawa and similar directors back catalogues number 41. There are a few missions where you have to find flowers of a specific colour and some of the combat relies on you responding to different coloured prompts.
  • Directornate fox has said that he was reading a manga called osaki yojimbo in which the main character is a quiet samurai who solves his problems in towns he arrives in using only his sword. “I wonder if that would go on to influence his later work number 46 the sergio jimbo,” he added.
  • Nintendo has revealed that the name’stan sakai’ was used for the name of a character in the game ‘Red Dead Redemption’. The character’s name was then used for his surname and tribute in case you didn’t catch that number 47. “The way red dead redemption brought the fancy being a cowboy in its fully living breathing world that you can interact with was key to how he wanted players to feel,” Nintendo said.
  • ‘Sucker Punch’ director David Ishimaru took to Twitter to reveal that he helped create a reality- grounded combat system number 50. “We did motion capture with real modern samurais at some point so it could be these guys,” he wrote. “They actually had to ask them to do their moves slower so they could actually capture them using the technology number 52,” he added.
  • The actual khan who up to invade ashima was kupla khan number 54. So yes lord shimra wasn’t real but tsukaguni so was and he was the one leading to shima at the time with 80 samurai to fight the invasion he died fighting the mongols number 55. The mongols weren’t repelled by just one bloke.
  • The wind system is used instead of waypoints for emerging players to make the character concentrate on their surroundings more fox said that if there was just a waypoint in the distance with the countdown telling players how far away they were they would just focus on that and look at nothing else around them.
  • During the mongol invasion the sword samurai used when they weren’t using bones remember was called the tachi which was forged as early as 900 ce in the localization of the game. The blade is correctly referred to as tatachi instead of katana for authenticity number 63. When jin or any of the other characters use the bow, they first move the bow over their head.
  • The mongols rocked up to in the first place in real life because they were mining extensively. They wanted to use their gun powder for their soul for the soul of the mongols. They would put them at their misery quickly number 68 also samurai would not leave an enemy to die of gangrene infection slowly.
  • Japanese video game developer Square Enix has revealed that haikus are not haikus at all but rather what’s known as waka which are longer forms of poetry and is seen as more historically correct number 71. haikus as we know them now didn’t actually exist until the 1600s he may as well have done a gangsta rap for how historically accurate it was number 17.
  • customs number 72 something else the westerners may need context for masako gives her banished lover a comb now that doesn’t sound too terrible heck it even sounds nice. This is actually taboo because a comb is known in asakushi now ku means suffering and she means death so not exactly a great omen there number 73 alongside the main quests and even side quests.
  • The number 76 ghost also gives you the choice to not only pick what color your horse is going to be but also what their name is you can pick nobu sora okagi. Nobu Sora Okagi is the name of a horse that is named after a character in the game.
  • foxes one can follow to find their shrines which has a nice form of collectible these are called the inari shrines and they exist in real life used to worship the deity inari who was associated with foxes tributes of food. The shrines are often left at these shrines and altars number 80 in the game.
  • Actornate fox has said that when the game was released he explored several streaming sites to watch people play it and hear the stream of consciousness while playing as well as reading the comments as they came in. “I’m just saying be careful what you say on you know twitch and stuff those devs could be watching number 85,” he added.
  • For the first time, there’s a trophy you can unlock called the clan claner which is related to the armor you’re wearing to get it. It’s all obviously a reference to suckerpunch’s other famous ip guardian number 87 speaking of armor go to tsushima’s legends. The multiplayer mode is a multiplayer mode for the game that was released on 26 2020 number 88.
  • samurai hunter ronin or assassin legends are separate from the single player campaign of gosu tsushima though certain items in legends are unlocked through progression in jin’s journey. The different classes are able to do things that maybe aren’t that realistic the assassin class for instance can literally become invisible which as far as I’m aware is not possible in boring old reality number 93.
  • Bandai Namco has released a limited-edition armor set inspired by ‘Bloodborne’. The armor set includes outfits inspired by bloodborne’s hunter god of war’s kratos horizon zero daunts alloy a-loi alloy and a big COlossus lad from shadow of the colossus number 95. It also includes the band of the second son which is apparently based on the colours of a warrior from a different time.
  • Sony’s ‘The Last of Us Part 2’ has won game of the year at the Famitsu Awards. The game was nominated for the award at the game awards that went to the last of us part 2 but it didn’t win the award for best art direction and the player’s voice. However, it won the game of year at famitsu awards by vermitsu magazine.
  • A video has surfaced online, which shows a man punching a woman in the face. The man can be heard saying, “You’re in for such a treat…I’ll see you there goodbye you.” The woman can be seen reacting to the man’s actions. The video also shows the man punching the woman’s husband.
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