101 Facts About Mass Effect

Mass Effect is a series of Spacey video game developed by Canadian-based game makers Bioware who also have made the Dragon Age and Star Wars. The game series has had a mass effect on all who’ve played it. It’s the first game in the Mass Effect franchise to be released in India.

  • Mass Effect 2’s project director Casey Hudson has said that the game was influenced by movies such as ‘Blade’. “The game was inspired by movies like’Blade’,” he added. Mass Effect first released in 2007 for a sort 360 PC in 2008 and ps3 in 2011 takes place in the year 21 83 in a fictional Milky Way.
  • In Mass Effect Andromeda, the player can choose the sex and appearance of their character. They can choose exactly what they look like and their history like if they lived on earth or in space and psychological profile such as whether they’re a selfless war hero or an absolute psychopath you can also pick their first name.
  • Alan Bartlett Shepard, who was the first American person in space number 11 the male Shepard’s default face was based on the face of Dutch model Mark Vanderloo. Shepard was born on April 11, 1970, which is a day that Apollo 13 launched itself into its mission. The character is full of space trivia beamed as they also named after Shepard jr.
  • Bioware has released a new trailer for its upcoming video game ‘Bioware: Knights of the Old Republic’. The trailer shows the game’s main character, Commander Shepard, who appears in the game as a pilot number 30. Bioware also released a trailer for their upcoming game ‘Baldur’s Gate’, which also features Shepard.
  • Jennifer Lawrence’s sister-in-law Cooper Lawrence has said that the video game ‘Mass Effect’ didn’t show women are being valued for anything other than their sexuality. She added that she witnessed the play through after what she said she had seen episodes of loss that are more socially explicit. The game was banned in Singapore for a little while.
  • The second game in the Mass Effect series, Mass Effect 2, has a score of 96 on review aggregator website Metacritic. The game sold 2 million copies worldwide number 24 we can’t talk about Mass Effect without mentioning the original trilogy’s ending unfortunately the game Mass Effect 3 was light enough but like if a puppy wrote a novel the ending was pretty
  • Bioware has apologised for the ending of ‘Bioware: The Taken King’ after it was criticised by fans for not ending the game with a new ending. The game’s ending was criticised because it lacked closure and had law contradictions and plot holes in fact fans were so god damn rolled up and mad and their jimmies rustled that they made an Internet campaign to demand new ending number 25.
  • Bioware CEO Ray Masika has revealed that the ending of Mass Effect 3 was different from the endings of the previous two games in the series. Masika said, “The endings were in their words somatically quite different from each other so there wasn’t an illusion of choice number 28 regardless of this.” He added, “I listened to the fans feedback and in April 2012 a free DLC was released number two.”
  • The script for ‘Mass Effect 3’ contains 40,000 lines of dialogue, according to a report. The script was sent out into space before it’s released so that those fans on Uranus could grab a coffee, the report added. The report further said that the script contains a GPS tracking device which could be followed on the official website.
  • The asari, the female only race of the world, have blue skin and are considered attractive to all races. They are some of the longest-living species in the galaxy with lifespans of up to 1,000 years. They’re also perceived by other races as similar for their own. Morden solace believes that the attraction is nero chemical.
  • A video of a sex-burning robot has gone viral on social media. The robot can be seen doing the robot dance when the player stands near it for long enough. The video shows the robot burning the player’s penis during sex. It’s not clear how long the player was standing near the robot before it started doing the dance.
  • During the assassination of Julius Caesar, Julius Caesar said, “I’m not a great phrase to be shouting around really Shepard number 43 if you go down to the Normandy basement today.” He added, “During…assassination of Abraham Lincoln, I wasn’t afraid of a sheltering the assassination. I was afraid of being shot in the head.”
  • The number 46 in Mass Effect 2 is a reference to tax reasons. The AI mirror says it looks like you’re trying to restore this facility would you like help this is Amos number four seven at one point in the game. The shifty-looking cow is also referenced in Dragon Age Inquisition trespasser DLC when an NPC can be heard saying sometimes the cow number 50 okay time for a little law.
  • The Mass Effect trilogy may start in 2183 but the story begins over a billion years before the first race to dominate the galaxy with the Leviathans and Somali do would make lesser species pay tribute to them Vulcan posted number 51. The LeviaThans notice that lesser species also known as rcent or other biological life would consistently evolve to the point where they could develop synthetic life.
  • The intelligence turns on its masters the Leviathans and uses their genetics to create the first known carbon jerk Reaper. The intelligence also designs and constructs constructs must relays across the galaxy to both speed up the development of organic civilizations and to harvest them with greater efficiency like a big technological courage leading us to the slaughter like donkeys wait we don’t harvest donkeys do we we certainly shouldn’t anyway.
  • Humanity discovers a small cache of alien technology containing the secrets on mass relays and biotic abilities such as telekinesis and firing shockwaves all over the body shop number 58 within a decade. Within a decade the Human Alliance military began to expand into Citadel space and unknowingly break Citadel laws this accidentally started a war with the Tyrian.
  • NASA has released a new video showing the inside of the Normandy space station, which it claims is the largest space station in the Milky Way. The video shows the space station’s interior in terms of in-game size and textures and technically speaking it’s far far bigger than the outside number 62 in 2017 when NASA tweeted about the discovery of a new signal from the Andromeda galaxy.
  • turians are descended from birds good for them. They have to eat special food because eating human aura sorry food will result in one of two things either starvation through lack of nutrition or a potentially fatal allergic reaction. They are often adorned with facial marks and tattoos which make them look at the kids say hella dope in fact a Geryon without any kind of facial markings is considered untrustworthy.
  • The Hun are a jellyfish-like race that evolved in water originally but then pulled an aerial and now live on the surface they’re known for being extremely polite. The drell are a reptilian race who were rescued from their dying world upon first contact with the very polite jellyfish on our. The dweller assassins and soldiers for the Hun are demonstrating extreme loyalty to their rescuers.
  • Reaper known as sovereign offered them technology in exchange for aid in capturing the Citadel basically in a space government and ushering them into that new harvest. The majority of the Geth rejected this offer and continued to live peacefully however a small group took sovereign up on their offer and became the primary enemies of Mass Effect 1 number 34 in the original games.
  • ‘Mass Effect 3’, which is set to release on November 15, will feature a new playable character named Jeff Joker, who is voiced by Family Guy’s Seth Green. The character will be based on Jeff’s character in the first three games of the series. The game will also feature new playable characters named Miranda Lawson, Edie and Jeff Joker.
  • Yvonne Strahovski, who played Miranda Lawson in ‘Mass Effect 2’, has revealed that her name was originally going to be Miranda Solheim which is Norwegian for son home indicating that she was from Earth. She also revealed that the character of Miranda Lawson is genetically engineered to be perfect which makes her in Bioware’s eyes the perfect human.
  • A video has surfaced online, which shows a character named ‘Diana Alice Alice’ in ‘Mass Effect 3’ being in a homosexual relationship. The video shows the character being voiced by actress Jessica Chobot, who is known for her role in ‘Nerdist’. In the video, the character can be heard saying, “If it’s a male stargazer that’s speaking he’s voiced by none other than famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin.”
  • Pirates of Penzance song number 89 Creoles is a drill trained in the art of assassination and espionage. Creoles’ last name Creole can mean either male sheep or battering ram in Greek. Gareth the carrion is a very popular boy indeed first off he ranked first in PC gamers companions companions from worse Tibet so well done Gareth number 91Secondly apparently the ability to remand him came from a rabid fan reaction to allow him to be with Shepherd.
  • A photo of Miss England 2005 and former Miss England contestant Ally Rosemarie Leo has gone viral on social media, showing her face under the mask of Bioware’s Mass Effect Andromeda game. The photo was taken by her mother, who also starred in the film ‘Miss England 2005’. The game was released in March of 2017 and is owned by Bioware.
  • Mass Effect Andromeda, the latest entry in the Mass Effect franchise, has been rated 71 out of 100 on Metacritic. The game is set hundreds of years after the first Mass Effect trilogy specifically in 28:19 it’s also set in a completely different galaxy to the original – in the you guessed it Andromeda galaxies are not the Milky Way.
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