101 Facts About Nintendo

Nintendo is the best-selling video game company of all time, according to the NPD Group. The company’s games have sold over 100 million copies worldwide. Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, who founded the company in 1983, is the only person to have won an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his role in ‘The Legend of Zelda’.

  • Nintendo’s net sales in 2016 stood at four billion four hundred and sixty-four million dollars. Its total assets stood at eleven billion dollars. Nintendo is so rich I can afford a yearly loss of a quarter of billion dollars until 2050 before going bankrupt. Nintendo has sold more than four billion of their lovely games of theirs number eight.
  • Nintendo is due to sell most of its shares in the Seattle Mariners in August of 2016. Nintendo was established as your Maui Nintendo Inc Oh in 1933 number 11. It started mass manufacturing plastic playing cards in 1953 so you could spill lot of no mayonnaise or whatever liquid is on them and still play number 14 Nintendo were even allowed.
  • Nintendo has revealed that it started manufacturing video games in the early 1970s. The company said it started making video games after it signed a deal with the Walt Disney Company to print Disney characters on their cards due to a nice deal with them. Nintendo also sold cereal systems and ran a chain of ‘love hotels’ where guests would go to have their Donkey Kong’s barrel rolled.
  • Nintendo developed a laser shooting game literally called laser clay shooting system which was played in converted abandoned bowling alleys number 21 however, an oil crisis hit Japan in 1973 which may transporting these massive new systems around pretty difficult. This led to many canceled orders because of which Nintendo with an in debt by 64 million dollars or maybe they should have stuck to cards and sex number 22.
  • Nintendo released the coin-operated video game Donkey Kong in 1981 which was designed to break the North American market this game features an appearance by little fat man named mr. video who was later. Nintendo also released the computer Othello based on the popular board game of the same name and not the Shakespearean play about racists.
  • Mario had to be designed with white gloves and red overalls not just because it looks bloody fabulous but also too you could see his arms actually moving within the limited pixels number 31 he also had a mustache and a hat to hide the fact his mouth and head didn’t move very clever.
  • Nintendo released their Famicom family computer in Japan in 1983 and it was launched in America as the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES number 36 in the 1980s. Nintendo was experimenting with a knitting machine peripheral for the NES it was even demonstrated at the 1987 Winter Consumer Electronics Show and was subsequently dropped.
  • The directional button on the original Super Mario Brothers game on the NES was the best-selling Nintendo game of all time until 2008 when it was usurped by the gaming Titan. Nintendo also released a peripheral for the NES in 1989 known as the power glove. Only two games were compatible with the glove and it tanked more than Brad Pitt.
  • The most calls about number 44 they had to cap the calls at 7 minutes long to stop call us using the hotline as an actual counseling hotline to talk about you know real life problems not a vain matter just bottle it all up and then explode in you in forties that’s why I say number 45 Nintendo even had a director consumer magazine called Nintendo Power.
  • Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak was banned from Nintendo Power magazine because the editors got bored with printing his name every month. He was also banned from submitting one last high school as Yvette’s canes ow that Steve Wozniak backwards by the way number 53 in 2015 a company managed to build the Gameboy.
  • Nintendo released their brand spanking new 16-bit console the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991 and it was one year after the birth of my precious Jennifer Lawrence just say number 55 in South Korea the snare is known as the super convoy. Nintendo was experimenting with playing the lottery for a special modem the Super NES system which was effectively bringing gambling into the family home.
  • Nintendo 64 was launched in Japan in 1996 it sold more than half a million units in its first day. The 64 was named after its central processing unit which was 64 bits the Xbox one was probably named for similar reasons. The n64 logo has 64 sides to it the more you know Nintendo 64 hey the Me’s these smug little gits we live on.
  • Nintendo 64 was the last video game console to ever use cartridges the last cartridge ever made was for Tony Hawk’s Pro skater in 2002 a Nintendo 68 the weird analog stick in the middle was actually the first time a stick like this appeared in all the video game history. Nintendo 69 for mini game fest and relationship destroyer game Mario Party.
  • Orders for these gloves cost Nintendo 80 million dollars number 71. The Game Boy Color was introduced in 1998 along with the Game Boy printer and Game Boy camera the combination of which would haunt your nightmares for many many years after its release number 72 next in 2001 the was born into the world despite the name it’s not actually a cube at all.
  • Super Smash Brothers has been named the world’s best-selling video game of 2019 with seven million copies sold worldwide. The game was originally called Dragon King the fighting game and featured no Nintendo characters whatsoever the developers decided to include them to make the game more unique and to make it easier to keep track of just who the hell you actually are.
  • Nintendo’s Wii motion control technology was invented and developed by a man named Tom Quinn number 81. This technology was initially pitched to both Microsoft and Sony before Nintendo both of them said thanks but no thanks or at least I hope they did because you know that’s polite number 83 apparently when pitching to Nintendo a heated debate started but they eventually accepted the offer in September of 2001.
  • Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata told developers that the console shouldn’t be thicker than two DVD cases to make it sexy and discreet and mobile and sexy. He added that the Wii is only twice as powerful as the Gamecube so there’s a lesson for you sexy can come at a price of 89.
  • Nintendo’s Wii U gamepad which looks like a gadget from an 80s sci-fi movie was flawed and interrupted the users gameplay number 98 during the first three years of the Wii U it’s only sold 9.2 million units. It’s considered the worst selling Nintendo console ever. Nintendo also offered ten free Nintendo games and 10 free Game Boy Advance games to anybody who bought a 3ds at its launch.
  • A video of a woman wearing a Super Smash Brothers t-shirt has gone viral on social media. In the video, the woman can be heard saying, “I just want to be recognised as the love of Toad’s life.” The video has been viewed over 2 million times and has been nominated for best gaming moment at the joystick Awards number 101.
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