101 Facts About Pokemon

Pokemon is more popular than porn is the fact that a Magikarp evolved into a Gyarados a beautiful metaphor for how an utterly useless person can turn themselves into a big blue dragon if they try hard enough to utter through those questions. It’s 101 facts about Pokemon number one those pokemons first starting out in 1996 with the release of video games for the original Nintendo Gameboy.

  • Pokemon is a portable games console and not just a small lad who loves games soon after the universe became extremely popular and expanded into cards trading toys anime movies and even a musical number. The word Pokemon is a combination amalgamation of the words pocket and monsters which refers to the original Japanese title Pocket Monsters.
  • Pokemon Bank is a downloadable app for the Nintendo 3ds which allows players to store up to 3,000 Pokemon from the games in some sort of prison on the cloud. It’s not a prison it’s probably quite nice in there number nine Ash Ketchum is a mystical Pokemon that was added just two weeks before the original release of the game in Japan.
  • The main character of the Pokemon franchise his English name is a pun of the English motto gotta catch them all because catch him catch him sound similar get it sorry I had to explain to my assistant Clive earlier but he’s a blithering idiot they should have known you’d get it number 10. The Japanese name for Ash is Satoshi just like Satoshi Tajiri.
  • Pikachu, the first Pokemon, was created by Satoshi tajiri, a childhood hobby of collecting insects. He probably saw loads of meta pods hardening as a kid. The first pokeyman ever created was all of those who said Bulbasaur or Pikachu you may need to watch the incorrectness off yourselves because it was ride on it also has the highest base attack stat of any Pokemon.
  • There are 18 different types of Pokemon that can be captured using pokeballs in the game. These balls are inspired by the balls of gas upon machines these little gizmos usually contain small handheld toys a bit like a non tasty kinder egg number 19 pokeballs are used to capture wild Pokemon so you can have them for your own much like other balls they used to be the size of golf balls.
  • Pokemon Go’s odds of failing to capture a legendary Pokemon are 65536, according to a survey conducted by the game’s developer Niantic. The survey also found that there’s a 50% chance of failure to capture the legendary Pokemon. Pikachu’s name comes from pikachu the Japanese sound for electric sparks and Chu the Japanese word for squeak the two came together to form his name.
  • Japanese researchers discovered a new protein that carries electrical impulses from the eyes to the brain all done to them. Pikachu was even Japan’s mascot for the FIFA World Cup in 2014 number 30 although many people think that Pokemon are just able to shout their name quite Hodor isn’t a Pokemon there are some cases of talking Pokemon such as me Alf all Pokemon can understand human language.
  • The Pokemon Trading Card Game first kicked off in 1996 but even now 20 years later there are still World Championships of the game if only the school bully hadn’t stolen all of mine. The Pokemon illustrator card is considered the rarest in the world in factuality only 40 of them were ever distributed and it sold on eBay for $100,000.
  • As many as 635 Japanese children were admitted to hospitals with epileptic seizures after watching a Pokemon anime episode that featured Pikachu using electric shock and a missile inside of weird computer thing that caused the screen to flash blue and red rapidly. It’s never been shown since it’s not that bad, let’s give this a walk home number 38 Pokemon with Paliwal.
  • As many as 39 Pokemon theme parks were opened in Japan in 2005 and Taiwan in 2006 however both were closed the same year they were opened because they weren’t profitable enough. The 18th episode of the Pokemon anime ‘Beauty and the Beach’ was banned outside of Asia because of a scene in which James wears inflatable breasts to win a beauty contest.
  • Nintendo has released a video of a new Pokemon character named ‘young goose’, who is a palindrome. The video shows the character opening a jar of feces. “I see the resemblance but the only way we’ll know is the feces leave his mouth when he opens it number 43,” a fan tweeted.
  • The US banned the anime episode ‘dratini’ because there were too many guns shown in the episode. The US said no to guns that’s new number 47 new way the world’s smallest independent nation have coins with Pikachu on them as its currency. The hashtag now also follow us on Twitter number 48 as a real is a special little Pokemon.
  • Number 50 is a Pokemon based on a tadpole the spiral pattern on its belly represents the intestines of tadpoles that can sometimes be seen through their transparent body maybe citta she just loves intestines everyone needs a hobby number 52 fighting-type hit mom chants name is a reference to Jackie Chan hitmonlee hitmontop doesn’t refer to anyone famous number 53 Ekans is a snake that’s why did that noise there.
  • Pokemon is said to be inspired by the Bible and it’s this little springy piggie yes it said that spoink’s design was inspired by biblical phrase neither cast ye your fella before swine pearls lest lest. It’s also based on number 55 all core series professors are named after types of trees you’ve got Professor Oak professor Elm professor birch professor Rowan professor group.
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon will feature this Pokemon who looks a little familiar don’t you think well mimic you is actually a ghost type pokémon who is wearing a Pikachu costume because it wants to be as cute and beloved as Pikachu. The majority of Pokemon are omnivorous although some of them can eat things such as minerals electricity or even dreams number 61.
  • Simpson Kress hybrid is the weakest pokemon around with just a total of 180 points min Tendo 64 Articuno Zapdos and Moltres are the legendary birds of the original 150 if you look carefully though they can teach you basic Spanish the last part of each of their names are 1 2 & 3 in Spanish.
  • Pokemon type is ghosts with only four point one six percent of all Pokemon being creatures number 68 the most common Pokemontype is water with 16% of allPokemon making squirtle even more of a basic Pokemon type number 69 there have been 19 full length Pokemon feature films from the imaginative Lee titles number 70 gold and silver were considered the last Pokemon games when they were developed.
  • A video of a 10-year-old boy eating a Pokemon has gone viral on social media. The boy, identified as ash, can be seen eating a cooked Magikarp when trapped on a desert island. The video was shared by a user who wrote, “Ash is still 10 years old and still hasn’t passed the semi-finals of the Pokemon League.”
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon are the first Pokemon games to be released in Chinese. The development of the red and blue games started in 1900 making it incubation period if you like the longest out of any of them at 96 years. Marie the electrical track sheep like Pokemon is an anagram of ampair which is the measure of electrical current.
  • The tallest Pokemon you can possibly have is Wailord who’s 14.5 metres tall, while the lowest base stat total of all electric-type pokémon is 85 ptoo. If you want x-rated nicknames for your cute little creatures you may need to invest in fish instead rather than Pokemon sex-related offensive or just plain fun words are now banned from being used as Pokemon nicknames.
  • Nintendo has announced that it will be releasing a new game in Japan called Pokemon Go. The game will be available on the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS. It’ll be a sequel to Pokemon Go, which was released in 2016 for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo DS.
  • Pokemon Go has been downloaded more times than tinder within its first week. The game has been more popular than porn on Google porns probably won that battle though number 95 Pokemon Go players were able to meddle with their GPS location so that the game thinks they are actually somewhere else in order to catch rare Pokemon.
  • A reporter at a state briefing in the US was caught by spokesperson John Kirby playing the game while he was reading a report. A man named Michael Baker got stabbed while searching for Pokemon however he refused get treatment so he could carry on playing and finish his search.
  • A man in New Zealand named Tom curry became the first full-time pokémon hunter he quit his job in Auckland to explore the whole island in order to catch him all well we are 101 fact salute you Tom curry we salute you mmm that was 101 facts about Pokemon and I don’t know about you but I had a bloody lovely time.
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