101 Facts About Portal

Portal is a duo of puzzle games by the infamous triscophobia valve valve also made the video game series half-life. It’s inspired a conveyor belt of memes over the years. The original voice actor for the game was Steven Merchant, who was the original voice of wheatley. The game series also made a 101 fact about half- life.

  • The first game in the half-life series, portal, was released in 2007 for the Xbox 360 playstation 3 and pc in a lovely little bundle called the orange box. It was meant as an apology to fans for the delays of half- life 2 episode 2 when it was originally put in orange box apologizing for a game with another game.
  • Actressellen mclean played the dispatcher of the combine overwatch in half-life 2 and episode 1. The developers of valve were so impressed with her that they wanted her to do portal 2. mclean is also the voice of the sniper in team fortress 2. number nine they also wrote and performed a song together for portal 2 called the glados.
  • Singer mclean wrote and sang the song ‘Half-life 2’ with lao. The song was written and sung by mclean and lao and was provided by the clicky string pluckyy musical frick axe as opposed to still alive and once you’re gone though it’s a lot more somber number 10. shell has a voice actor she’s called mary kay irvin her voice credit is to the female citizen of Half-Life 2.
  • The amateur science weighted companion cube was originally invented as playtesters of p1 wouldn’t realize that the aperture science weighted storage cube was intended for the whole puzzle it was made unique and noticeable with glados making reference to it so players would know to take it with them number 15 sstv stands for slow scan television.
  • A video of a German chocolate cake has surfaced online, showing some of the ingredients between the code again for a chocolate cake not a black forest gato number 17. “I can’t believe they missed out a 20-foot thick clay layer,” a user wrote. “I’m looking at you an entry called how to kill someone with your bare hands,” the user added.
  • A video has surfaced online that shows the crew of ‘Half-Life 2’, which is set in the same time frame as the half-life games, having to kill the crew in order to complete the mission. The video, which was shared by the game’s official Twitter account, shows the members of the crew wearing knee replacements and carrying advanced knee replacements.
  • The sequel to the 2010 film ‘Dinosaur’ has been released on a website that allows users to translate the audio files from the original film. The website has 26 audio files that can be translated. The audio files reveal a code that’s a predecessor to the modern internet by the way if the number generated is called using bbs software in a 56k modem it’ll take you to an unpublished landline.
  • The 3rd of March portal was again updated to expand the ending instead of the original fade out shell was instead dragged back inside aperture by the party scorchbot thanking her for assuming the party escort submission position. The change of the portal ending wasn’t decided until days before the start of the arg number 26 then came a change to the bbs file dump 10 minutes before the ending update.
  • The developers of the upcoming video game ‘Drapman’ have revealed that the game’s ascii images used in the game were created in 1985. The images used the in-game aperture image format created in 1985 and are maintained by dark rattmann number 32. The source code of the images has been found and they have two file types aperture menu format and aperture picture format.
  • The two images that appeared in the video game ‘Portal 2’ have been found to be duplicates of each other. The first image was found on the 11th of March and the second on the 13th. The images themselves mentioned something called the aperture science cooperative testing initiative the verse of the two images discussing the participation of a trial phase and second stating that the cooperative trial had been completed.
  • A second following crash was in fact intended number 36 when logging into the original bbs under the backup account. It revealed that it was the aperture laboratory’s glados version 3.11 account 3.11 is a reference to March 11th the day of the game choice awards number 37 on the second error screen.
  • A comic book based on the video game ‘portal 2 lab rat’ has been released. The comic was created in-house with the lead art done by andrea vickland, who won’t valve as an illustrator until 2006 having worked on a fair few projects her talented hand also had some acting experience. It’s featured on the left for dead box art number 41.
  • The creators of ‘Portal 2’ have revealed that the game’s ending was originally going to be played by one of valve’s animatorsrichard lord number 46. However, he was actually worried about him because he didn’t audition. The game was released as a teach with portals initiative in which a version of portal 2 single player campaign and portal 2 puzzle maker were released for schools.
  • Actor JK Simmons has revealed that he recorded 16 hours of audio improvising with the lines he was given for ‘F-stop’, the prequel to ‘Portal’. “I just got it because aperture’s on cameras he was going to have a much larger role so large in fact he was Going to be the primary antagonist in early stages of development,” he added.
  • In ‘F-stop’, the relaxation chamber is shown to be a relaxing holiday getaway before a few screen walls pop up the ocean around you gets drained away and a few lights flashed. The relaxation chamber was shown as a relaxation chamber in the first portal. In the second portal, it’s shown as an ai which always ends well right in alva testing.
  • A Reddit user has revealed that the ending of ‘Portal 2′ was a painted illusion. The user added that the code to stop glados’ reactivation was a b c d g h and if wheatley was allowed to continue his system of guessing the code he would have gotten the code right after at least 10 million tries.
  • Many chicken nugs one could consume in that time number 56 except plot twist the long form of this number is 27 followed by 45 zeros which is 274 quarter or decillion years and since the sun will explode in seven billion years i don’t think that’s accurate fans have taken a closer look at the other containers in the extended relaxation center.
  • A giant potato plant has grown right into the ceiling of the bring your daughter to work day exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, DC. The plant was made by someone called shell. The main protagonist is called shell but that’s probably not right number 60.
  • The number 62 glados became a potato because it was the most humiliating thing that developers could think could happen to her this was so her and shell would cohesively work together to stop wheatley number 63. The working together thing was originally envisioned as a buddy cop type deal where you work together with a partner you bicker with but damn it just works.
  • The borealis is an aperture science research vessel that disappeared suddenly with parts of its dry dock originally introduced in half-life 2 episode 2. The ship was introduced in the second episode of the series. It was designed to be dropped to a lower level to then be unpackaged and disassembled.
  • The first episode of ‘Portal 2’, which was released on February 1, featured a scene in which a man can be heard saying, “I’m going to jump into the pit. I’m not going to come back if I don’t.” The scene was taken from the second episode of the series, which aired on February 2.
  • Portal 2’s stalemate button was destroyed in the original lending of the game and the stalemate associate needed to say yes at which point shell would however this took players out of the immersion and so was scrapped number 74. It was scrapped because it gave playtesters motion sickness number 72 hover turrets exist in Portal 2 but only in the game files it fires a beam similar to the thermal discouragement beam.
  • A song that plays upon shells is sent to the surface at the end of the game. The song is actually with lyrics such as my dear my dear child and to my little girl it makes you wonder if the developers are hinting that caroline is shell’s mother number 75 or maybe not because when mclean was asked to make up some words to put in the song she did so.
  • ‘Portal 2’ director jay bingerton has said that there would be no cake in the game as once something becomes a meme it belongs to the world. “They could hear people’s eyes rolling if they went back to the cake number 80,” he added. He further said that the competitive multiplayer was planned to play like speed ball mixed with elements of portal 1.
  • The co-op mode in Portal 2 has been replaced by the competitive mode which is apparently not as chaotic. The game will automatically assign ps3 players as the host so pc players can’t use the console number 82. It’s possible to play cross-platform but the game won’t automatically assign pc players as host.
  • The Aperture Science material emancipation grill is intended to destroy any aperture science material to pass through it but in co-op if one player stands in the grill and the other player passes them an object it should pass through completely unharmed number 85 if you tamper or remove audio files instead of a broken audio clip or no noise at all.
  • The second downloadable content (DLC) for Portal 2 has been released. The second dlc released on the 8th of May 2012 and it is free to use it’s basically a level editor. It also confirms that there’s a multiverse in the portal and half-life games the whole plot is that cave is scanning other apertures in other universes to create test chambers.
  • Cloudhead Games has released a new portal game called ‘portal 91’. The game allows players to rotate a held object in three dimensions move and rotate placed portals and alter the size and shape of a special scaling cube. It was created by developer justin roiland who also created ‘rick and morty’ and ‘portal 92’.
  • A second vr game, aperture hand lab, lets players control their in-game hand using their htc vive or valve index. The game is free so if you’ve got the right tools you may as well give it a go number 95 elder scrolls v skyrim exists. There’s a mod for it called fall of the space core in which the spacecore that love space crash lands on tamriel.
  • Scientists have developed a handheld portal gun that can turn a person’s blood into gasoline and peanut water. The device, developed by aperture science, was tested on a person who had a blood clot in his lungs. The blood clot was then turned into gasoline by invisible lasers that turned it into peanut water by turning it into gasoline.
  • A new study has found that people who drank peanut water were less likely to get cancer than those who didn’t drink it. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of California, San Diego, found that those who drank the water had a lower risk of dying from cancer than people who did not drink the water.
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