101 Facts About Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 biohazard is the ninth instalment of the Resident Evil game series. The game is set in a remote European village, where the residents of the village are being stalked by a man possessed by a demon. The player will have to use green herbs and ammo to find the man.

  • Resident Evil 7 is the first full-length game to use the re engine designed by capcom specifically for this game it’s since been used for resident evils of 2 and 3 the upcoming resident evil village and other capcom games like devil may cry 5 wipe your feet please. capcom could use virtual reality development tools the vr format was available at the same time as the standard game.
  • Resident Evil 7 was directed by koshi nakanishi who also directed Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 and was a game designer on Resident Evil 5 back in 2009 number 8 in addition to Nakanishi there was a team of around 120 staff working on the game. Richard Piercy was the first western person to be a narrative designer in the franchise.
  • Artists out of actual meat which were then scanned in using photogrammetry number ten were reportedly used to develop more than half of the assets in the final game. The original scale of photo realism was actually too good creating ram issues when playing this meant that the game’s art director at the time had to remove a lot of non-interactive elements.
  • The first proper demo for the game became available on playstation plus following its e3 announcement at e3 2016. It was originally called beginning hour and acted as a prologue to the event of the full game number 16 it expands slightly on the characters from the kitchen demo as the player finds a videotape through which you play out the events of the cameraman for the show sewer gators.
  • In the latest instalment of the ‘Jack the Ripper’ series, a new playable character has been added to the game. The new character is a moulded creature that can be found in the attic of the house. It can be used to open up a few more rooms introducing a very useful pistol and the moulded creatures number 18 once out of the tape sequence.
  • A video of a ghost lady wearing a dress has gone viral on social media. In the video, the ghost lady can be seen wearing a shabby dress rather than the jeans and vest combo she wears in the full game. The demo of the game shows the same lady wearing the same dress.
  • Ubisoft’s ‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’ has won multiple awards for sound number 26. The first proper location is the guest house which players might recognize from the demo kitchen on account of the first room you enter being that same kitchen. The basement of the guesthouse leads to the main house where you find mia imprisoned in a padded cell that’s browner than a bag of chocolate buttons.
  • In the opening minutes of the game number 29 you escape into the main mansion where everything tends to go from bad to worse. You meet a police officer who’s come to investigate the mansion but his head is halved by jack and his razor sharp shovel way to go number 30.
  • Jack nicholson’s character in ‘Jack baker’ is heavily inspired by jack torrance from Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’, according to scenario director. jack baker is named after both of these jacks jack number 32 according to the director. The director added that jack actually speaks to you and can show his human side even if it comes out as not particularly right.
  • A new video has surfaced online, showing a scene from the video game ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’. The video shows the game’s protagonist, Jack, entering a house with his wife and two children. It also shows a scene in which Jack’s wife can be seen trying to escape the clutches of marguerite.
  • The first case of coronavirus has been confirmed in the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Tuesday. The virus was first detected in the UK, it added. The CDC further said that the virus has been detected in more than 100 countries.
  • According to escapist magazine, what we see in the daughter’s Dlc number 41 is a corrupted version of her maternal instinct and that everything she does to her is indicative of an overprotective mother. “Her final form if you like is spidery and insect-like with other bugs coming from a sack in her abdomen,” the magazine said.
  • ‘Bad Seed’ creator Lucas Till has revealed that he had his head checked at the hospital and lured a bully named oliver back to his bedroom and locked. He added that he also had a secret laptop in the attic. Till further said that he has some pretty horrible anger issues and also that jack is not exactly saintly either number 47.
  • The company in charge of creating ‘Evelyn’ will get there in a bit, according to emails. The emails revealed that the company actually cured evelyn of evelyn’s mould controlling him so everything he does during the game doesn’t worry he’s infected at all. He’s just doing that for a laugh guys messed up number 49 after using the tape to solve the puzzle.
  • mia was made in the lab and has been looking after evelyn since she was made. She left out the rather important part about it being for a biological weapon. mia is infected by some psychotropic mold which is infected with some psychotropic mould.
  • Evelyn, the old lady who’s been following you around the house, was no longer receiving medications that slowed down her rapid aging after the ship crash. She appeared as a little girl again this is through hallucination and mind control much like she was doing it to control the other members of the family number 58 back at the baker estate.
  • A custom version of the beretta 92 samurai edge was designed specifically for the raccoon city stars unit. The name is a reference toalbert wesker former captain of the stars team and later one of the most iconic enemies in the series number 60 if you wanted to you could use every melee weapon with two hands by holding the aim button or trigger depending on platform.
  • The body horror element of the game comes from old margarite and her creepy transformation into a mutant spidery lady from my worst nightmares. Similarly the zombie style comes from the infected moulded people. The paranormal horror element comes in the form of mia and evelyn not long after you find mia at the beginning she clearly becomes possessed before attacking you later on evelyn.
  • The video game ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ has been released in the US and UK. The game is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s rated ‘T’ for Teen and ‘M’ for Mature.
  • A book on a bookshelf in grandma’s room is called fighting street and not to capcom’s biggest game franchise street fighter number 17. The game takes a lot of inspiration from Sam Raimi’s 1981 movie the evil dead and the 2013 remake first off the car wreath and drives at the beginning of the game is almost identical to the 1973 oldsmobile delta.
  • During the chainsaw fight with daddy jack baker when he picks up his chains or scissor things he says groovy much like the character ash does and evil dead 2 when he dons his genuinely insane chainsaw hand number 74. The last direct influence to evil dead not counting the crazy amount of influence it clearly had on the game can also be found right at the beginning.
  • Several references to horror have been made to the video game’biohazard’. In the main hall of the baker house there’s a newspaper article titled over 20 missing in two years which is written by alyssa ashcroft number 77 in that same hall you’ll find a framed picture of the arkly mountains this location might be particularly recognizable to fans of the series.
  • trevor the man who designed the insane puzzle-filled spencer mansion from the first game number 79 has revealed that the song ‘go tell aunt rody sure a modernized version was recorded’ was recorded and it’s actually the theme of the game. trevor also revealed that he designed the half circular window which has a very similar design to that of a certain umbrella logo.
  • Michael levine’s stepdaughter mariana was originally supposed to sing the song but rayne was eventually given the lead vocals with mariana singing in the background number 84. The song for the game featured in the trailer and the credits number 83 when this spooky theme was recorded. It has some changes made by levine to omit the goose.
  • Resident Evil 7’s in-game videotapes have some serial numbers that come up when you insert them into the player these numbers are actually real-life serial codes of the first resident evil games number 87 no game can be perfect though. resc7 isn’t without continuity issues although they are minor there are files in the game that state that the e-virus mould infection takes at least three days to take hold of a person.
  • More than 85 000 people have been playing the video game’resident evil’ in virtual reality using PlayStation VR (PSVR) number 90, the game’s developer capcom said. The game has received a number of awards including best vr game at the golden joysticks the south by southwest gaming awards the game awards and the new york game awards.
  • Resident Evil 7 was reportedly in the beginning stages of development around the time that Resident Evil 6 was shipped and originally was supposed to be a similar concept. However, after rosie 6 was received so poorly their original ideas were scrapped and they started working on the masterpiece they ended up with number 96 in 2018 biohazard 7 resident evil.
  • Nintendo has released a clown version of its upcoming video game ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’. The game’s director kushinakanishi claimed that the idea of the found footage vcr tapes came from the researchers having visited and explored supposedly haunted locations around osaka while using gopro cameras number 98 during the happy birthday videotape segment.
  • Resident Evil 7 has been re-shot so that the characters of jack and marguerite look “too normal”, the game’s makers said. “We ramped up the crazy in production and re- shot it so that jack cut off lucas’ arm and yelled at margarite sounds like a standard Sunday lunch to me,” they added. Resident Evil 8 village will be released in May of 2021.
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