101 Facts About Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil 8 is the eighth instalment in the main Resident Evil franchise. It’s a series of horror games made by capcom that debuted it’s also the first Resident Evil game to be rated ‘T’ for Teen. Resident Evil is a horror video game series made by Capcom.

  • The director of the upcoming video game ‘ign village’, maureen masaseto, has revealed that the development of the game started six months before the release of’biohazard’ in 2017. “The development for village started…six months before biohazard was even released,” she added. “It’s a huge shock but because biohazard marked the kind of biohazard marked,” she further said.
  • The developers of Resident Evil 7 have revealed that they wanted to make the game as a direct sequel to the first one. “We wanted to know what happened to him next,” the developers said. They added that the game was written as the next part in ethan’s story number nine in addition to keeping the protagonist capcom.
  • Resident Evil 10’s developer Capcom has revealed that they kept the same weapon and healing mechanics in the sequel number 10. Capcom also revealed that the village was designed as a theme park of horror unlike previous Resident Evil games that had a more linear gameplay. The team had to spend a whole month in isolation due to the pandemic.
  • Sony has released the first demo of its upcoming horror game’maiden’. The demo is set before the events of village and new players maiden who has been imprisoned in the cellar of castle demetresque number 17 during the demo you learn about alcina dimitresk and her three daughters who inhabit the castle and you tried to escape with the help of a note left by one of them.
  • The latest trailer for the upcoming video game ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ has been released. The trailer shows the game’s main character, ingrid, who has been transformed into a maroica after she’s caught by either one of the daughters or if you’re good enough to make it to the courtyard by alcina herself who burst through the door and impales you with her claws.
  • A woman who was born crazy believed that drinking the blood of murdered peasants would stop her aging which clearly also influences demotresque’s backstory number 23 other influences on her character include the urban legend hashaku sama and angelica’s characterization of morticia adams in 1991 movie number 24.
  • The Duke can also make you meals which can have permanent effects on your health and other attributes to do this. You need to collect meat from killing various animals around the village. A couple of which are super rare varieties but it’s definitely worth seeking them out number 30.
  • During the planning stages of the game the duke was supposed to be a sith look sorry fifth lord a fifth lord can you imagine that though sith lord the duke number 31 his lordship is somewhat into that with his owl sigil that you can see in his carriage during your final journey.
  • The video game ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ has been released in the US. The game is set in the same fantasy world as the film ‘The Lord of the Rings’. It features four playable characters, a bat, a spider, a fish, and a horse, each representing one of the four lords in the film.
  • A woman named mia gets shot by chris redfield and his super army soldiers number 38. mia is in fact miranda in a shape-shifted form and chris believed he’d shot and killed her in order to use her as a vessel for the consciousness of her own daughter eva who passed away over a century earlier due to the spanish flu.
  • In the video game ‘Ethan’, a woman named miranda keeps her lab rat, ethan, alive by using him as a lab rat to teach her more about how the mould controls him. miranda says she’s using ethan as lab rat because later she says he’s going to show her how it controls him and how it will likely control or be controlled by baby rose number 43.
  • A woman named Dimitresk has created a parasite called a cadoo, which she calls a parasite formed by fusing her human-ish eggs with the mulled virus number 45. The word could do actually translates from romanian where the village likely is although we don’t actually know to gift in english now there’s another group of people who’ve referred to the mould as a gift that’s right the baker’s from resident evil 7.
  • A woman named miranda volunteered herself to be cured after she was infected with a parasite which gave her high regenerative powers and near total control over the mold’s effect on her body. The parasite also gave her vampiric tendencies. miranda’s height is also a course but i could do i know it’s basically impossible for us humans to be that tall.
  • Donna’s parents died when she was seemingly quite young her father was a doll maker and passed the trade onto her. The loss of her family caused her serious mental distress though causing her to feel scared and alone and wanting others to feel the same way number 53 originally the beneviento house was supposed to be more of a haunted house but because it was difficult to link the parasites and mould element to a bunch of ghosts.
  • A video of a beneviento-controlled hallucination has gone viral on social media. The video, which was shared by a user on Twitter, shows a man being attacked by a doll. The doll is a reference to the ring and the dolls give a sense of possession horror in fact they’re also references to resident evil 4, who is also attacked by dolls number 58 next up.
  • The monroe family seal is the mermaid as he and his family have controlled the village’s reservoirs and fishing enclaves for generations so it makes sense he’d mutate into a gross fish thing it’s also another reference to resi iv and the delago lake number 61 his character is also inspired by a creature from folklore called the kappa.
  • lords heisenberg does not adore mother miranda like he said he’s building a literal army to kill her this is because he and his siblings aren’t just experiments to her and will be abandoned by her once she finds a fit vessel in this case rose 64. Heisenberg was designed to be a set of twins that performed experiments on the brain of their mother.
  • A letter written to miranda from the creator of umbrella core in which he says that working with miranda and her research on the mold inspired the start of umbrella number 69 lady dumatresque. The umbrella logo which you can see dotted around the village in several places was also based on miranda’s ancient sigil of the four lords houses.
  • A woman named miranda, who is part of a hive mind, used a mole to experiment on the villagers which she framed as curing them of their ailments. She then used the mole to resurrect her daughter’s dna number 73. However, when this didn’t work and they created the bioweapon evelyn, miranda bailed she just got out of there however, the connections later informed her that rose existed number 72.
  • A human mold hybrid born of two infected parents that were infected with the eveline mould which was the product of the mega my seat and eva’s dna making her the best possible option for a vessel for eva number 75. She also has the dna of both ethan and mia inside her and has incredible mold powers from them in the form of eva and evelyn.
  • A new video has surfaced online, showing a character named ‘Domitresk’ from the video game ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’. The video shows her retractable claws which sliced through ethan’s wrist like a hot knife through butter number 80. The outfit she does wear though incorporates three black flowers one for each of her daughters ‘bella cassandra’ and ‘daniela’.
  • Heavy firearms manual for field combat situations written by joseph kendo rezzy fans might recognize that last name as robert kendo is the owner of the gun store from resident evil 2. number 82 the second book is a historical look into the architecture of eastern european castles and keeps by george trevor god do these titles really need to be that long anyway.
  • Resident Evil 7’s collectibles include an antique coin and a dolby beer spotted around the village just like in the baker house and in the beneviento house. There are also a couple of throwbacks to biohazard too in the creepy cave where you discover the mega my seat. The appearance of the main menu in the game also changes depending on what time of day it is during your latest save.
  • The red queen from the first resident evil movie number 19 is a reference to the 2015 movie the witch where the goat is the mortal form of satan and his name is black. Aiden wong was originally supposed to be in resident evil 8 she was featured in some concept art and was rumored to save ethan’s life at some point.
  • The theme song for Resident Evil 9 is called’yearning for dark shadows’ and it’s sung by Polish singer-songwriter ego yujima. It’s a folk tale where the witch traps a girl in a mirror and the father sacrifices himself to save his family. The weapon you can unlock when you beat all the mercenary stages at ss rank is called the ‘lz answerer’.
  • ‘luke skywalker’, a new video game, has gone viral on social media after it was released in India. The video shows the game’s achievement called ‘fast reflexes’. In the game, players have to wait until they encounter lichens that shoot them with flaming arrows and use their knife to kill them. They have to swipe arrows out of the air before they hit them.
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