101 Facts About South Park

YouTuber Dibby Dibby has shared 101 facts about ‘South Park’ that are “unbelievably offensive”. The facts include how many crimes Cartman has committed, how many people were allowed to watch it when they were far too young, and how many parents thought it was okay because it was a cartoon. Dibby added that the show has made fun of “literally every single thing that ever existed”.

  • South Park is an American animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and developed by Bryan Graydon for Comedy Central. It revolves around four child characters Stan Marsh Carl Broflovski Eric Cartman and Kenny mcCormick and chronicles their dark surreal satirical and strangely adult adventures around town number three.
  • South Park was developed from two consecutive animated shorts entitled the spirit of Chris which end in 1992 and 1995 both made by Parker and Stone Christmas for the way Jesus’s birthday. The first short is referred to as Jesus verses frosty and the second one as Jesus versus Santa it was the second of these short that became one of the Internet’s first viral videos.
  • South Park is an American animated television series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The show first aired in August of 1997 on Comedy Central and is credited with pushing the channel into the mainstream nonsense Parker and Stone performed the majority of the voice acting for the characters in the show themselves.
  • Actor Matt Stone, who voiced the character of Kenny in ‘The Parkers’, has revealed that he was based on the character Archie Bunker from the sitcom ‘The Archie Bunker Show’. “I was eight years old at the time,” he added. Matt further said that Archie would never be allowed on TV again as he was an eight-year-old.
  • ‘South Park’ creator Trey Parker has revealed that the show was rejected by Fox as the network refused to producer shows that featured the character of Trey’s character. “They should have just taken the rough with the poo though it was a lot more clever in my hand,” he added. The show was later picked up by MTV and Comedy Central.
  • Gaston and a small group of staff then spent three months creating the pilot episode named ‘Cartman’, which cost three hundred thousand dollars to make. The show almost didn’t make it to air that fared very poorly with tense audiences especially with women. The scene behind ‘South Park’ were able to create an episode in three weeks.
  • The season 7 finale of ‘The Simpsons’ aired at 10 pm on Wednesday. The show’s creator, Matt Groening, said, “We’re doing an episode about this video right bloody now to go out with an hour knowing them I’m screwing them over there number 28 the show has failed to meet its production deadline on one occasion just naughty boys however this was after a power failure in October.”
  • The animation style South Park is inspired by the Terry Gilliam cartoons in multiplied since flying circus of which Trey and Matt are huge fans and some it should be it great stuff but the foots coming down I love the foot another 30 most of the child characters of the same geometric shape and size when it comes to vests bigger and literally only differ in their clothes hair and skin color.
  • ‘South Park’ creator Trey Parker has revealed that the voices for babies and toddlers were performed by the actual kids of the show’s production staff in fact here’s a video of Trey Parker’s actual daughter saying ‘Oh it’s adorable Bert’s phone wrong number 36’. Isaac Hayes the active voice the character of Chef recorded his lines for the episodes.
  • Isaac Hempstead Wright, who played ‘Chef’ in ‘South Park’, has revealed that he left the show in 2006 after falling up with the creators of the’trapped in the closet’ episode in which Scientology which hate as a believer odd was the subject matter. In the episode, Isaac stated that religious beliefs are sacred and that he couldn’t support the show that disrespects those beliefs.
  • Jennifer Aniston, Richard Belzer and Peter Serafinowicz have also voiced characters on the show that aren’t them the meaning over life during the early seasons of ‘South Park’. Aniston’s hologram number 41 and Belzer’s number 41 are actually appearances in the show in the episode hashtag rehash and hashtag happy hologram number41.
  • Actor-comedian Jerry Seinfeld has revealed that he was offered to play the role of turkey number 2 in the Thanksgiving episode of ‘South Park’ but he turned it down. “I’d love to have been at chef aid from the sound of that line up slapping number 46 new metal based growls corn,” he added.
  • ‘South Park’ creator Matt Stone has revealed that the show’s theme song ‘I Like Girls With Big Vaginas’ was rerecorded after a fan complained that it was too slow. “I like girls with big fat titties these lyrics $0.01 it as it was so hard to understand in the first place or we want to go to the sauna for Lauren from the night beep,” he added.
  • ‘South Park’ has become the highest-rated non-sports show on a basic cable in the US with over 20 million viewers. The show has also become the third-highest-rated cartoon of all time after ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Tom and Jerry’. It was also voted as the 12th-greatest TV show of the past 35 years by Rolling Stone.
  • Reacting to the controversy surrounding the swearing in the season 5 premiere of ‘South Park’, a user wrote, “I wish to make it complete a response for the controversy.” He added, “It hits the fan use the S word or an impressive 162 times without censorship or bleeped and 38 times in written form as well as a result Comedy Central receives 5,000 emails of complaints.”
  • South Park creator Matt Parker had planned on April Fool’s Day in 1998 to make fun of the word ’57’. He had planned to air an episode titled ’58’ instead of the advertised episode ’59’ to find out the identity of Carmen’s dad number 58. The episode was aired earlier than planned number 59.
  • The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has called for ‘South Park’ to be taken off the air over the show’s ‘Bloody Mary’ episode. The episode showed blood coming out of the Virgin Mary’s rear end. “I don’t mind some fun being poked at the Catholic Church but this was simply vulgar number 62 South Park,” the league’s president William Donohue said.
  • In the latest episode of ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’, Tom Cruise was seen going into a closet and refusing to come out of it. “I’m not even in a closet in the first place he’s never directly referred to,” he said. The episode also parodied the gay rumors surrounding Tom Cruise whoSupposedly demanded that any reruns of the episode should be cancelled.
  • South Park has been criticised for depicting Buddha Sultan cocaine with Jesus in its latest episode. Sri Lankan government banned the party after it was found to be in violation of the country’s anti-narcotics law. Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that the party was a “recipe for disaster”.
  • Sri Lanka has become the first country in the world to declare a state of emergency due to coronavirus pandemic. The country’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that the emergency was declared due to a surge in the number of cases of the virus in the country. Sri Lanka’s coronavirus cases have risen to over 3,300, according to the World Health Organization.
  • ‘South Park’ has won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film for the second time in a row. The series won the award in 2008 for the first time in its history. It’s also the first animated film to win an Oscar in the Best Picture category. South Park was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song.
  • ‘South Park’ creator Trey Parker has revealed that he was once told by his school counselor that he had a habit of not flushing the toilet. The story goes that his father told him if he didn’t, he’d emerge from the bowl and eat him alive. Parker added that he quit fooling around and got back to school work.
  • ‘South Park’ creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have revealed that they got their hands on the script for the show’s day after tomorrow while it was in production. “We got our hands on…script for…day after tomorrow,” they said. “It’s a day that we’ve been waiting for for a long time,” Matt added.
  • ‘South Park’ creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are planning to release a puppet film with the same script on the same day that the actual film would be released. They said they were so exhausted and tired after making the South Park movie that they can’t actually remember making the buzzy thing that sounds like a lost episode for Augusta to me.
  • An episode of ‘South Park’ mocked Kanye West for his total inability to laugh at himself after he interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. The episode titled ‘Fish Sticks Fishstick’ was played on repeat for two hours as a massive fu to Kanye. The Coast Guard recovered Kanye’s dead bloated corpse in the episode.
  • ‘South Park’ creator Trey Parker has named a character in the series after his ex-fiancée, who cheated on him with another man. The story goes that he walked in one day to find her cheating on him so he got her back by naming a promiscuous character after her football chief.
  • Tiger Woods has been given a challenge by the makers of the video game ‘Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13’. The game’s makers said that they’ll challenge the world’s number one golfer to a round of golf. They added, “We’re going to challenge him to a hole-in-one on the 13th hole of the PGA TOUR.”
  • The creators of ‘South Park’ have said that they hated the only video games so much that they became involved in the creation of the RPG game ‘Stick of Truth’. The game is the highest rated game in the franchise number 99. The creators said they achieved this by into the penalty bit putting up a picture of a koala crying.
  • The writers of ‘South Park’ had originally worked on the election episode centered around a Clinton victory and even named it to the very first gentlemen as a result in probably in a crushingly depressed mood they had to reject the entire episode in a very last-minute scramble. The episode was later rejected by the show’s creators.
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