101 Facts About The Outer Worlds

In this week’s intergalactic obsidian planetary planetary edition of 101 facts, we’re jetting off again but not to another country but to an entirely new celestial system the halcyon system to explore the witty worlds of the outer worlds. The game is a video game developed by entertainment and published by private division number two.

  • The developers of the upcoming video game ‘The Outer Worlds’ have said that the original’fallout’ games had so much of their personality and humor in them they’d often have to reflect about whether certain aspects of the game were to fall out number six. The game is published by private division the publishing label of the company.
  • Microsoft has announced that it has acquired the publishing rights to ‘Outer World’, an action-adventure role-playing game. The game uses a first-person perspective which is a tad annoying when you spend the first part of the game designing your character despite not really being able to see them number nine as a replica or replica you get to choose how to play this game.
  • The Outer World gives you the opportunity to have companions there are six in total and you can take any two out with you as you please different combinations of companions have varying interactions with you each other and your actions in the world around you number 12 companions also provide extra inventory space. Each companion comes with bonus abilities and perks.
  • There’s the absolute bae bavarti holgan bhavanti’s voice by birch and you may recognize her voice from games like horizon zero dawn borderlands life is strange spider-man mars morales. number 13 pavanti is a mechanic living and working in edgewater when she’s in your team she improves your player’s persuasion lockpick and engineering skills she also has the bonus perk of plus 10 to extract mods in the field.
  • Scientism believes that everyone is right where they are supposed to be and straying from that is basically blasphemy number 17. The vicar has skills and intimidation hacking in science and can therefore give your player plus 10 hacking skill plus 20 dialogue combat effect and has a perk called mad max which gives you plus 20 damage when using science weapons.
  • fallout 4 and 76 and dog from the new vegas dlc number 20. felix millstone is an orphaned box carrier working in the groundbreaker’s docking bay. He’s incredibly anti-corporate too which can cause issues with some of your more corporate affiliated crew members number 21 felix’s skills are persuasion sneaking and lock picking so with him as your travelling companion you’ll see an increase in your persuasion skill plus 20% damage to cowering enemies.
  • Number 24 nyoka possesses skills in lying sneaking in medical so having her with you gives you plus 10 in life skill minus 20 footstep sounds and plus 20 damage to creatures. She also boosts her lying and engineering skills and can help you recover 25 of your health when fatally wounded and gives 20 better healing.
  • Sam is a sanitation and maintenance auto mechanical that has been modified to help shoot acid at enemies. He can be found on your ship the unreliable but like most things on the ship he’s not really functional and your first companion quest with him is to get him running again which honestly isn’t too dissimilar for me either number 29 having sam alongside you gives better hacking and science skills.
  • Ubisoft has released a new trailer for its upcoming video game ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’. The trailer shows the game’s new ‘Tactical Time’ feature where players can slow down time to look at enemy information and target individual body parts to them in various ways. It also has a meter which runs out faster the more you move while using it.
  • Players will be able to access restricted areas across halcyon with the holographic shroud which will allow them to disguise themselves using id cartridges. The shroud will be available for a limited time before it needs to recharge. Shooting their legs mean they can’t run away and so on number 34 there’s also the hologram shroud which you can collect from captain hawthorne’s quarters.
  • The developers of the video game ‘Destiny’ have revealed that they wanted to make the game as accessible as possible for all players if they were new to video games or any kind of video game. They added that they put in the possibility of killing every single person in the halcyon system as soon as they saw them.
  • The outer world has a number of factions that you can gain a negative or positive reputation with which in turn has different benefits or consequences depending on which fruit you take these faction reputations also have an effect on your standing with certain companions. You can also gain a positive reputation by taking certain fruit.
  • The order of scientific inquiry is a reference to the show and the order got its name at a later date apparently a lot of the factions are inspired by a number of references to popular culture but trying to find any others is a ball egg. The game is set in an alternate future which diverged from our timeline in 1901.
  • ‘Rick and Morty’ creators said that they were watching a lot of ‘rick and morty’ at the beginning of development and that rick was the show’s lead character. “We were watching…a lot of rick and Morty at…beginning of development,” they added. They further said that the show was inspired by their own experience of cryosleep.
  • Ubisoft has revealed the full name of ‘phineas vernon wells’, the ‘triple easter egg’ in ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’. According to Ubisoft, the name is derived from the word’vernon’, which means ‘triple’ in French. The game’s developer also revealed that phineas’ full name is ‘phinea vernonwells’.
  • sentient is questioned throughout the game as she seems to display intelligence and emotion that goes beyond general ai systems. She displays sadness and denial at hawthorne’s death and anger towards the people of edgewater after they are complicit in his demise number 52 if you decide to question aida about whether or not she’s sentient though she will just reply with over-exaggerated shock and denial.
  • mathematician ada lovelace she was so crucial in the early stages of computer programming that computer programming language was also called ada in honor of her number 55. Ada’s voice actor is none other than courtney Taylor who’s pretty prolific in the voice acting world she’s voiced many characters in tv shows but in video games she has voiced another ada ada wong in some of the resident evils.
  • The time go number 58 parallel gorgon was announced with a cryptic message on the outer world’s website. The name of the new asteroid players travel to to learn more about adrena time a new drug that gives users increased speed both movement and melee attack number 59 however like all drugs kids there is a downside a come down if you will.
  • The second and final questline of ‘eredanus’ sees players head off to the gas giant planet of eridanos. They’re tasked with solving the killing of halcyon helen a superstar actress diagnosis murder number 62 to help would-be space sleuths solve said slaying stranger’s spanking new science weapon the discrepancy amplifier is essential as you explore eredanos.
  • A slug-like parasite is used by Rizzo as part of its morale improvement program when you kill the happy but dead inside infected. It even spews bright pink bright pink over all over the infected. The game also features a couple of the unreliable cows in the hold of unreliable cows that’s a not to firefly 2 since captain malcolm reynolds and co transport bovine can’t go around the galaxy.
  • Musical weapon easter eggs too out in the monarch wilderness in the c3 barracks there’s a unique assault rifle with slightly better stats this gun is called thunder and can be legitimately claimed from birth old fox after completing the mandibles of doom mission. The first line of the song is just a young gun with a quick fuse similar to the weapon’s description number 67.
  • The outer world on monarch has a location called sundered rock and between two boulders you’ll find a massive hammer that goes by the name of the hammer of olympus its description even includes heifestos the greek god of metal working who shows up in god of war 3.
  • During the distress signal mission, the boy genius can only utter the line du framage number 71. You’ll bump into a character called anton crane and you’ll set off on a quest over in the roseway luxury apartment building on terror 2. on entering take the door on the right and you will stumble into a room with a book on a desk.
  • There’s a secret ending for the outer world in ‘Destiny’ and you need to follow a few simple steps to unlock it when creating your character at the start. The end result is that you get to the end as a dumbass who thinks they know a lot about science spoiler you don’t at the end you’ll be able to skip the hope manually.
  • ‘Destiny 2′ has references to the first game in the series,’fallout 1′, as well as the second game’fallout 2’. The first game’s intro indicates that the hope was found drifting along its merry way on the 23rd of the same day as the nuclear great war that ended life on earth.
  • A video game based on the TV series’futurama’ has gone viral after it was shared on social media. In the game, professor farnsworth uses the phrase ‘well torn into shreds’ twice after learning a friend and his wife have been well torn into Shreds instead of dying. The consumable item purpleberry crunch takes inspiration from purpleberry puffs from season seven’s episode’saturday morning fun pit’.
  • ‘ futurama’ characters Philip J fry and professor farnsworth’s navigation terminal features a round black eye with a red pupil or more accurately a replica of hal 9000 the evil ai from the film number 82. It’s also a nod to 2001’s space odyssey on the bridge of the unreliable navigation terminal. The team hid 17 white chocolate bars in co-director tim kaine’s office.
  • A new video has surfaced online that shows a character from ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ saying, “If there are self-made purgatories then we have.” The video shows the character talking to a ground breaker on a station floating around the halcyon system. The video was shared by the game’s official Twitter account.
  • ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ fans have shared a list of references from the original series. The list includes a quote from ‘Spock’ from the series number 87 and a schematic dotted around some errors of the outer world which appears to be identical to the schematic for the water chip from fallout 1 and 2.
  • A video has surfaced online that shows how it’s possible to beat the entire game in a little over 10 minutes. The video shows the overhead sign at the entrance to the settlement that once said terror. The speed run clocking in at 10 minutes and 32 seconds to be exact without load times is a world record.
  • The game ‘Halcyon’, which was released in 2019, has sold over 2 million copies worldwide. The game was released at the end of 2019 number 96 in fact the game was also a smash hit with critics sitting pretty on an 85. It sold more than 2 millioncopies worldwide by 2020 the gamer sold a whole expletive ton by 2020.
  • The game ‘Outer World 2’, a sequel to the outer world creatively named the Outer World 2, is in development number 100. The game trailer doesn’t reveal a release date or anything just that the game will happen eventually and that it will be an Xbox and PC exclusive because of that bloody acquisition.
  • The official Twitter account of the ‘Star Trek’ franchise has shared a few facts about the outer world. The tweet read, “We’ll be going beyond the halcyon system with some new companions and who knows maybe even a new protagonist.” It added, “Those were 101 facts about…outer world or fallout.”
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