Smash Ultimate Facts You Never Needed To Know

When every character is put to sleep in ‘Super Smash Brothers’ they get a little snoring sound effect just for that little extra ambiance you know most characters just do a casual little snore and you’d think that was the same for richter but it’s not richter actually sleep talks during his sleep animation dracula being the primary antagonist.

  • The voice line of richter in ‘Smash Ultimate’ doesn’t actually appear during gameplay. The game loops the snoring sound effect to just before richter says ‘dracula’ so the result is just a constant of Richter snoring if you dive into the sound test mode of the game. This is where the dracula line is actually found so for some reason the devs had Richter’s voice actor say that line.
  • A new feature has been added to the assist trophies in smash run on smash for 3ds metroid’s. The metroid will immediately turn blue and freeze in place allowing you to defeat it without fear of being latched onto this attribute for the metroid trophy. It’s born out of metroid series where their only true weakness is samus’s ice beam.
  • A new easter egg has been found in the latest entry in the Pokémon franchise. The easter egg is a picture of a cat that spawns in the background if you move the camera in a certain way. It’s clearly not meant to be seen during normal gameplay but it’s a neat little easter egg nonetheless many people used to think that this image was director Masahiro sakurai’s cat.
  • A Twitter user shared a picture of a cat in the game ‘Smash’ and wrote, “It’s my cat.” However, the user later clarified that the picture was of a stock photo of the game’s internal clock. The user also shared a screenshot of the internal clock on the switch console.
  • A video of a broken clock tower in ‘umbra’ has gone viral on social media. The video shows the clock jumping to whatever the new time is if you pause the game mid-battle and wait a few minutes and then unpause the clock. The stage itself is of course a broken apart clock tower so this will also match up with your system time.
  • Nintendo has released a new feature for its upcoming video game ‘Wii U’ that lets players play banjo and kazooie. The ‘rapid jab’ sound effect comes from the intro to’banjo and Kazooie’ and the tempo of the sound effect is from’banjo’ and ‘Kazooie [Music]’ as a banjo fanboy.
  • The stage of the upcoming ‘Smashfest’ will be made up of different colors of ink that will be chosen from colors that were used in previous’smashfests’. Each team had a specific colour as well that couldn’t be changed resulting in various ink color combinations like purple versus orange for art versus science.
  • A video of a black van driving recklessly through a town has surfaced online. The video shows a message board warning people that the van can drive by and hit them in the actual smash stage. It also shows a rice ball hidden behind one of the bushes on the onet stage. The rice ball was present in both melee and brawl.
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